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Cisco LCSAWLAN 650-621 Exam - Lifecycle Services for Advanced Wireless LAN (LCSAWLAN)

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Questions & Answers for Cisco 650-621

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Question #1 - Topic 1

Which of the following service components are not included in the WLAN optimize phase?
(Select one)

A. Operations Assessment

B. Technology Assessment

C. Incident Management

D. Security Assessment

Question #2 - Topic 1

Which of the following WLAN service components all occur in the prepare phase?

A. High-level Design, Proof of Concept, Technology Strategy Development

B. Proposal Development, Customer Education, Service Assurance

C. Security Assessment, Security Administration, Staging Plan Development

D. System Requirements Validation, WLAN wired Network Integration Assessment, Operations Readiness Assessment

Question #3 - Topic 1

"In the wireless design phase, which service component includes developing and
documenting the test case(s) used to verify that a deployed infrastructure meets the
operational, functional, and interface requirements?"

A. Systems Acceptance Test Plan Development

B. Implementation Plan

C. Detailed Design Development

D. Business Plan

E. Staging Plan

Question #4 - Topic 1

Which two service components are performed during the wireless implement phase?
(Choose two.)

A. Configuration Management

B. Site Readiness Specification

C. Wireless Readiness Assessment

D. Project Planning

E. Systems Acceptance Testing

Question #5 - Topic 1

Which service component in the implement phase is typically performed prior to the
handover of a wireless solution to the customers operations organization?

A. Wireless Check

B. Systems Acceptance Testing

C. Project Close Out

D. Systems Integration

E. Skill Assessment

Question #6 - Topic 1

Which wireless service component addressees issues related to originating, evaluating,
and scheduling change?

A. Change Management

B. Configuration Management

C. Acceptance Test Plan

D. Incident Management

Question #7 - Topic 1

Which three wireless service components belong to the operate phase? (Choose three.)

A. Incident Management

B. Operations Implementation

C. Operations Assessment

D. Operations Plan

E. System Monitoring

F. Security Administration

Question #8 - Topic 1

Developing a comprehensive detailed design that meets business and technical
requirements involves which of the following activities?

A. Ensure All Necessary Hardware and Software Products Are Included in Design

B. Correctly Implement Customer¡¯s Wireless Policies in Wireless Solution Configurations

C. Identify Process to Follow if Issues Arise During Implementation

D. Document and Design Infrastructure, Architecture, and Interfaces to Third-Party Applications

Question #9 - Topic 1

You are a help desk trainee. As much as you know, which one of the following activities will
not occur in the problem management service component of the wireless operate phase?

A. Classify Groups of Known Incidents as Problems

B. Conduct Post-Change Evaluations

C. Provide Hardware and Software Support to Resolve Incidents

D. Document Issues Encountered During Software Upgrade and Methods Used to Resolve Issues

Question #10 - Topic 1

Select two activities that are included in the wireless detailed design development service
component in the design phase. (Choose two.)

A. Design WLAN Infrastructure

B. Perform Detailed Analysis for Intrusion Prevention System

C. Present Low-Level Design to Customer

D. Create Detailed Staff Training Matrix

E. Develop Detailed Design for Intrusion Prevention System

Question #11 - Topic 1

Within which phase does the WLAN service component assess the customers
business and technical requirements and includes a solution value assessment?

A. the prepare phase

B. the design phase

C. the operate phase

D. the plan phase

Question #12 - Topic 1

Which service component within the prepare phase provides a technology-focused and/or
business-focused demonstration of the wireless technology solution to highlight the
features and benefits?

A. Proof of Concept

B. High-Level Design Development

C. Proposal Delivery

D. Customer Education

E. Technology Strategy Development

Question #13 - Topic 1

Which of the following best describes the purpose of using lifecycle services for deploying
an advanced wireless solution?

A. Provide a consistent, repeatable, and proven method to ensure the network solution that is deployed delivers upon the customer's goals for reliability and availability.

B. Create a more effective sales strategy for partners.

C. Reinforce customer confidence in partners selling products.

D. More clearly define the roles of account managers, systems engineers, and field engineers.

E. Maximize the number of services required to support advanced technologies.

Question #14 - Topic 1

Which service component in the plan phase identifies current infrastructure modifications
required to support an enterprise WLAN?

A. WLAN Wired Network Integration Assessment

B. Planning Project Kickoff

C. Operations Readiness Assessment

D. Voice over WLAN Assessment

Question #15 - Topic 1

Which service component within the prepare phase recommends the appropriate wireless
technology to address a business requirement of the customer?

A. Account Qualification and Planning

B. Technology Strategy Development

C. Proof of Concept

D. Business Case Development

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