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Exam Code: 350-501
Exam Name: Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR)
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Free VCE files for Cisco SPCOR 350-501 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps are uploaded by real users who have taken the exam recently. Download the latest 350-501 Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (SPCOR) certification exam practice test questions and answers and sign up for free on Exam-Labs.

Cisco SPCOR 350-501 Practice Test Questions, Cisco SPCOR 350-501 Exam dumps

About Cisco Certifications

1. Cisco Certification Updates - FEB 2020

Okay, the next thing we'll see is that the major updates like the three certification tracks remain the same. Now, Cisco has made changes to all three certifications. As previously stated, when it comes to certification changes, such as when we used to have a Cisco, let's say Cisco updates the CCNA security to a new paper. Alternatively, when Cisco updates the service for a paper (or possibly a CCNP), they may add one additional paper. Or they'll take out one paper and replace it with another, or they'll release a new version like five, like that five, or maybe a six. So in general, most of the time when any changes occurs, they will make changes mostly on selected tracks time to time. But this time the change is going to impact all three certifications and, of course, all the tracks. So it's not just limited to one certification track; it applies to all beginning February 24, 2020. So that is a time limit for when these certifications will start. Okay, so the major changes, like all the tracks and the levels, will get affected by these changes. So all the changes will affect every track and every level of the CCI. And the main certification tracks remains the same. Like the main tracks will be like CCNA, CC and PCCI the same. And there are no more CCNA specializations in general.

So CCNA specializations will not be offered any more. Basically, as I said previously, before, means up to February2023 you will be having still you have the specialization papers in CCNA now, this is gone now. So basically, you don't have this. So there will be only one CCNA common for technical, the normal CCNA, and we don't call any name for that, just a CCNA which covers foundations of all the tracks. Normally basically, mainly like virtualization concepts, you get an idea, some security basics. Also you cover in the CCNA as well as you also get some idea about the other tracks as well. So it's like one common CCNA. Now, if you want to specialize, then you can directly jump into the CCNP security or CCNP Enterprise or whatever the track specialization, you can directly jump into that. Furthermore, if you want to do some automation, there is a software track for CCDA Cisco called ASCO Certified Associate Certifications.

So there will be only two CCNA tracks. One is for the technical side, and one is for the software side. And again, as I said, the tracks will be consolidated at the CCNP and at the CCL level itself. Which means if you want to specialize CCNP security, then basically you will be directly jump into the security CCNP security. There's no longer a need to have CCNA; there's no more CCNA security offered now. Now, one more major update is that entry-level certifications have been removed. If you haven't already done so, the CCEM is an entry-level certification. For example, if you want to get your CCNA-like before February 24, 2000. Then, basically, you can either pass this one exam—this is one exam, generally speaking—or you can pass these two exams.

And if you pass this one exam, I'll send you one. Then, in essence, you will receive an entry-level Network Technician certification. So this is going to be retired. So basically, that will expire, and there's no replacement for this. Now, if you want to get your CCNA certification, then you need to pass this one exam, and there will be only one exam. Now, that is the new CCNA 200 and 301, and it's going to affect everyone on February 24, 2020. So you have to take only one exam now. So everywhere it will be one exam, and there are no more patterns like what we had earlier. So apart from that, let's see some more changes, like CCNP certifications. Other options, like CCN certification, are no longer prerequisites for your CCNP certification, if you want to get your CCNP certification. So the first exam you have to pass is your CCNA, right? So you pass your CCN exam, and then you need to jump into the CCNP. Then of course, you have multiple papers. Like in some CCNP tracks, we have four papers; in other tracks, we have two, three, or four papers, depending. So you have to pass all the papers in order to get your CC and be certified. And, if you're planning on taking the CCI exam, you can do so directly. Normally, there is no need for CCNA or CCNP exams, so this concept has been removed, and there is no longer a prerequisite. If you want to pursue a career in security, you can begin with a CCNP security, okay? And if you want to make your carrier in CCNP Enterprise, which is a replacement for your routing switching track, you can directly jump into this.

So there's no more predicted certification required. Of course, knowledge-wise, you need to have CCNA. You still need to have a foundational knowledge of CCNA 201 or 301, and then you can directly jump into the CCNP certifications. Now, in order to get your CCNP certification, you have to pass any one of the core exams. There is one core exam and then there will be one concentration exam, which means basically there will be one core exam in all the tracks. In terms of enterprise, we have CCNP Encore, which is a paper code. You have to pass this exam. And now that you've passed this exam, it's a requirement for the next one. So if you want to get your CCNP certification, you have to choose any one paper from this list. Out of these papers, you have to choose any one. So we call them concentration exams. Concentration exams.

More specializations on one specific technology or selected technologies where you learn more about that technology in depth. Like we have some advanced routing options and then we have HDM option and we have some wireless papers, we have some automation papers as well. So you can opt for any one of the papers. So it's up to you. So basically, the more papers you add, the more skills you generally possess. So, if you pass any of these exams, you will receive this specialist certification in general, okay? So if you pass this exam, then you'll be called advanced routing" switching engineer," or some such thing. So if you pass this paper, then basically you will be called a SD band specialist, and you can take the exams in any order. There is no prerequisite. Like you have to compulsory do this exam. It's not like that. So any exam you can write, and let's say I want to write this exam, you can pass it and get the specialist certification as well. And later on, to complete your CCNP, you'll have to pass this core exam. So you can go in any order, it's up to you. So there are no prerequisite orders. Like you have to compulsory do CCNA or code paper.

There is nothing more like that. So in any order, you can write the exams. So the more exams you pass, basically, you get more specialist certifications. However, in order to obtain CC and B, you must pass this one exam as well as any other exam from this list. So these are the two options. These are the two papers you need to pass in order to get your CCNP certification. Any track? It's common again, okay? So the same core exam is also required to pass your CCNP as well as your CCI certification. Again, if you see this code paper here, that is the security code paper. The diagram shows you how So this is your course paper in security tracking. Likewise, it appears that we have an encore here. We now have two options if you pass this code paper. Either way, if you want to get your CCNP certifications, you must pass any one example from this list, whatever list you have; of course, this list will vary in each and every track. And let's say you want to go for CCI certification.

Then again, this is a prerequisite. So you have to pass the score exam, and then you can schedule your lab, and you can prepare for your CCI lab exam. So, like previously, if you want to go for CCIE, then basically you have a written exam, the CCI written exam, that you have to pass until February 23, okay? And then you need to book the CCI lapse. So you can book the CCI Lab Exam. Once you pass this with an exam, you can schedule the lab and appear for the lab. And once you pass the lab, you get CCI certified. But now it's no longer like this.

So we need to pass this core paper. CCNP core paper. So again, the core paper will vary. In security, it is called a security core. In enterprise core, we call it M core. And if you're using a service portal, we call it a service portal core. So depending on the track, now you have to pass this exam. Now this passed exam is also eligible for your CCI schedule. This is more of a prerequisite for your CCI exam, but if you don't want to go for CCI but still want your CCNP certification, we'll need to pass anyone your concentration exam. So if you pass any one concentration exam, then you get CCNP certification, and you don't want to go for CCNP. Let's say you want to go for CCI, then you can also schedule your CCL lab in the future. Then the court paper is like covering the core technologies in an overview.

2. Cisco Re-Certifications

And the next thing is, like, recertification. The certification is valid for three years for all, including your CCNA, CCNP, CCI, or all your specialist certifications. So previously, CCNA and CCNP certifications were valid for three years, and your CCI certification was valid for two years. and there will be one year. There is something called certification. It will deactivate. In general, if they do not deactivate, it will be as if they are in sleep mode.

3. CCNP Certifications

So the next thing, like CCNP level, is the URL where you'll find the professional level certification updates. Now, again, the CCNP As I said, there will be six tracks. CCNP Enterprise CCNP Data Center: Basically, this enterprise is going to cover both your wired as well as your wireless networks in that there will be two specific models that focus on wireless. So, if you want to specialize your carrying on in wireless tracks, you basically need to cover the code paper in that and then.

4. CCIE Certifications

If you go to the Expert Level Certifications page, like I did with this URL, "Cisco Expert Level Certification" is the first one. So this is your first one. Now, here again, you have six different tracks. DevNet will be returning for this CCI. So we have six tracks again from the CCNP. Enterprise CCNP encore So once you prepare for this CCNP encore, you can go for either Enterprise Infrastructure Now, this is more CCI on your wide track. And again, this is for Wireless Track. Now, this Enterprise is again split into two separate CCIs. One is for wide, one is for wireless, and other tracks are the same, like the CCNP Data Center will take you to the CCI Data Center, and then CC MP Security takes you to the same base service provider as well as collaboration tracks. So, if you're going with Enterprise Wireless now, you're on the right track. So, if you click on this Enterprise Wireless Again, you'll be able to see the information. The exams again, the exams, as I said, even if you're going for CCI, any CC exam, so the perquisite exam will be your end goal. So this is the same paper for both CCIE Enterprise infrastructure as well as the CCI Enterprise wireless track. However, if you choose another path, let's say CCI Security, then you basically have two options.

5. Cisco Certification Migration Options

Okay, the next thing we'll talk about is something called the "certification migrations." Like, what if you have already passed the existing CCNP certifications or CCI certifications? And what will your certification status be? For example, if you obtain any of the certifications before February 24, you will automatically receive the equivalent new certification after the 24-day period. For example, if you pass your CCNA certification in, say, routing and switching, you basically get your new CCNA certified status. And if you pass this exam, say, in 2019, your certification status will be valid until 2022, a three-year period. So, if you've already passed the CCI security, you'll get the CCI security certification status again, on the same track. Of course, the routing and switching may show some kind of enterprise track now, so that's the status. So even now, you don't need to worry about the existing certification status. And every three years, you have to recertify for all the tracks, including the CCNP and CCI tracks.

Okay, so what if I have passed the CCNP certifications before this? And let's say you have passed any one of these exams. So Cisco has a migration tool you can search for. CCNP Migration Tool Cisco CCNP Migration Tool You can use this URL to find information based on the track you choose; for example, if you are already certified in CCNP Routing and Switching, you can use this URL and click on these options. These are the current tracks. What's present now for the CCNP before this coming Sunday? Now, if I have already passed the CCNP route exam, then after February 24, what do I have to do? So, if you've already passed this exam, you basically need to pass these exams to get your CCNP Enterprise certification; you need to pass this one exam, as well as any other exam on this list. And what if I have passed two papers?

Let's say you just take these two options, and they will show you the options. If you have passed these two papers, then you'll be getting the specialist certification. You will receive this. Just go get certified as a specialist, and if you want to get your new CCNP Enterprise, then you have to pass any one of the exams. You need to take any one of those exams. Normally, for any exam, you have to pass. So what if I have passed all three? Now? If you have already passed all three, then your certification status will be changed to Cisco Certified Specialist in the Enterprise Core and then Cisco Certified Specialist in the Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation. Again, you can just take this option that you may have passed over and switch. Then basically, you get this certification status. Like you get this. Cisco Specialist Certification for Enterprise Implementation And also, if you want to get your CCNP, then you have to pass this exam. So depending upon the tracks you have passed, you can choose this option. The same thing is applicable for any other tracks.

If you're already certified in some of the papers of the CCNP Security, then you can take these options, and depending upon that, you can see clearly what certifications you will be receiving. And if you want to get the new CC and the certification, then basically, what are the exams you need to appear for and pass in general? Okay, so this is your CC and the migration tool. With the help of this tool, you can figure out that this is more applicable for the people who have already passed some of the exams and who want to figure out what their certificate status will be after February 2020. And if you have any active CCI certifications, the validity period will be three years. Like previously, it will be like two years plus one year. It will be in a suspended state.

Suspended sounds like you will not get the benefits of the CCI-certified options. That is a difference. And now it will be no more. It will be valid for three years, normally. So every three years, you have to recertify the next thing. What if you have passed the CCI in writing? Let's say I have already appeared for my CCI written exam, and maybe I have also appeared for the CCI written routing and switching track or any other track. And if I'm unable to schedule my lab exam before February 24, 2020, The same return is valid for scheduling the next lap based on the new track, which means whatever the relevant track is. similar to routing and switching You can use it for CCI Enterprise too. But make sure that whatever the valid period is, it is within that period of time. In general, the valid period is 18 months for this written exam. So make sure you don't miss that deadline. So if you cross this particular date, then, basically, that's not going to be valid again.

6. CCNP SP Exams

Okay, so the exams for the CCNP are now, again, before February 24, and you need to pass three, four, or five papers depending upon the name track. You have to get your CCNP certification. It's no longer like that. So if you want to get your CCNP certification, you have to pass one exam that is your core, and you have to pass any one exam from your concentration exams. So basically, the core paper or the technology The core exam covers the foundation knowledge and most of the common concepts, which means that mostly all these concepts you generally find here are the common concepts, but not in depth. We can say, like, "you still learn routing and switching," probably in the core. However, if you want to go deeper, there is a track that is specialized over there. You get some knowledge of automation, or foundations, basically, here. If you want to go deeper, there is a separate track or a concentration exam for that. So generally, the CCNP certifications have a concentration exam. Each paper specializes in a deeper dive into that particular technology. But whereas the core exam is like foundation knowledge and generally covers all the common concepts you need to know, As I said, again, this core paper is a prerequisite to getting your CCNP certification. So if you want to get your CCNP certificate, you have to pass this core exam and any concentration exam from this list in the case of CCNP Enterprise. These are the six options we have. If you want to go for the CCI, you can pass this core exam and schedule your lab for the CCI exam. Like here, you can see the list of papers. I'll give an overview of this code paper here. But individual papers—as you can see, these are the individual papers. Like the first paper here, you can see the advanced routing services. And then this is more into SDWAN, Cisco's Demand Solutions, and designing your enterprise networks. And then these two papers are about designing your wireless networks.



1. CCNP SP Certifications

Now, basically, for the CCNP exams, as we already discussed, you need to go through one core paper and one technology course paper, which covers the foundation and the most common concepts that are covered in all three other papers. But typically, you still see some routing concepts here. However, the more in-depth routing concepts found in this paper, and you can still see some VPN foundation knowledge here. But then you go deeper into the VPN services with some implementations, probably in this VPN paper, and you still see some of the automation options here. But we will be getting more deeply into the automation options in those individual papers here. So the core paper covers the foundation and the common concepts in all the papers generally. However, unlike the concentration exam paper, these three in the case of the service portal will delve deeper into the individual technology, and you can take any exam in any order. There is no kind of prerequisite here. which means I can directly write this exam without also writing the course paper also. However, if you are writing this course paper, this will essentially be your eligibility for your CCNP. So to get your CCNP, you have to add any one exam from these three. And if you want to go for the CCI, then you can pass this exam, and then you can schedule the lab for the CCI. So this exam is a prerequisite to getting your CCNP Service certification as well as your CCIE. So it's got a certificate here. Again, as I said, the core exam focuses more on the core technologies. Like, I'll just come to this code architecture, services, networking, automation, QS, security, and assurance, and this core exam is also the prerequisite exam you have to pass to schedule your CCI service for our lab exam. Of course, you can include any concentration exam paper here, whether it is on advanced routing, VPN services, or automation concepts. So the main concept here is to add or update the certification, much like software in networking has become more common in today's network. Essentially, most service providers must leverage automation to scale their networks while also securing their infrastructure. Again, most service people or engineers must have a diverse set of skills in order to take advantage of the latest technologies and automation options.

2. CCNP SPCOR 350-701

We are now coming to this CCNP code paper. The Code Paper is like a foundational overview of all the topics here. As a result, it will put your knowledge to the test in terms of implementing the search for technologies, including some networking concepts. Now, basically, networking concepts relate to all your routing concepts. We can say routing-related things like implementing some OSPF ISS protocol and running some BGP; these kinds of options include some MPS services. Okay, so typically the core architecture The core architecture here will be running in a dual stack environment, with IP version four and IP version six options available. So here we'll be seeing these options. And inside the services, I'll just come to this individual's likely services, which probably include network service-related options and the quality of service and even some of the security and network assurance. Assurance is more about implementing some of the services, diagnostic tools, and automation. Okay, so we'll go one by one in each section. I'll just explain on the next slide. And again, this encore exam is associated with different certifications. Sorry, so it's part of what's associated with your specialist. If you pass this exam, you will receive a special certification, or if you add one concentration exam paper, you will basically receive.

3. SPCOR Contents - PART 1

Basically, you can see the list of topics here. In general, if I just click on the URL you'll find, or even if you just search with some videos, some options like Cisco CCNP Service Order, basically the new you can find the details directly from here, you'll find the details. Because we are still in January, you may still see some of the CCNP old papers until February 23. These are the current papers, but our focus will be on the exams based on the new one. So if you click on this option here, now from here you can see the different exams, you can click on this exam, or you can see the overview of these prerequisites. Again, there is no prerequisite; as I said, you can directly jump into the CCNP certifications, and these are the papers. So currently we are going on this SP core. So if I click on this, you'll find the overview, the overview topics, and if you just want to see the topics, your exam topics you can see here. In these exam topics, Again, we have different sections. Now we have something like Architecture section and the Networking and MPLS and the segment routing and the Services services. You can see these are the options under "Services." And then we have something like automation and assurance covered in one section. So I probably just separated them to make it more like the Cisco Blueprint. But again, you will find some topics here in this. So I have just separated the topics into individual ones, like initially starting with something like OSPF. So we'll initially start with routing protocols. Initially like running OSPF for IPversion four and IP version six. So if you remember, I said we'll be running some kind of dual stack architecture where we'll be running IPV Four and IPV Six at the same time because probably the service portal might be connecting to some customers; they might be running IPV Six, so they need some IPV Six support. And also, you have existing IPV4 customers, so your network should support both. So we'll be running both IP version four and IP version six. So initially, we'll be starting with routing concepts, with OSPF routing and ISS routing. So basically, these are the two routing protocols commonly used inside a network. So we still have EHRP and RIP? Now these are no more part of the service for Silvers probably you don't not really use. So we'll be seeing these OSPF and ISS routing protocols implemented with both IP version four and IP version six options. So apart from these two, OSPF and ISS will also be covering the BGP. PGP is obviously the main protocol used inside the service, especially when connecting to the Internet. As a result, you will have the option of implementing BGP for both IP version 4 and IP version 6. Okay? And then also, we'll see some troubleshooting again to some extent in this court paper, which will limit this concept a little bit, but probably we'll get into more depth or go deeper. We'll probably get into this paper for the implementation of service models and routing; this paper is probably what the code is; I believe it's 350. So we'll probably go over routing topics in greater depth in this paper. The service part of court papers is like an overview foundation. So we have some limitations here. We'll be stopping at that limitation. We'll also see protocol troubleshooting for all three protocols. And also, we'll try to see the routing advertisements. Now, one thing we'll be doing here is that all of these implementations will be done not only on Cisco iOS routers, which are mostly used on access level routers or on the customer side. But you'll also be seeing something like iOS XC and iOS XR. Like the ASR 9000 series routers, these will be running Cisco iOS XR. You'll be running iOS XE on some of the Cisco ASR 1000 platforms. So we don't get into individual platforms like hardware platforms very often here. This is more specific to the iOS operating system, and the configuration hierarchy will differ between operating systems. So we'll be seeing the differences. We'll try to compare these three operating systems, and then we'll also see the configuration examples with respect to these different IBIS options. Okay, so the next thing we'll see are some high availability concepts. Nonstop forwarding, graceful restart, nonstop routing, and something called BFT bidirectional forwarding detection in the OSPF and ISIS protocols are all examples of high availability. So basically, these high availability options are generally used if your device fails or the processor fails. So we want the device to still forward the traffic, which is kind of nonstop forwarding. We'll try to understand how these various concepts differ and how they provide you with the high availability option. We'll talk about those options. And apart from that, we'll also see some of the multicast services. This is like IP multicasting. We'll look at some multicasting concepts, such as implementing a pin sparse mode, pinsource facing multicast mode, and bidirectional pin. In addition, some IGMP versions 1, 2, and 3 are being implemented, as well as multicast discovery. This is specific to learning the IPV six multicast neighbors. Okay, so this is more of a multicasting topic. And then we'll also see some of the IPV six transition mechanisms. Now this IPV six transition mechanisms, again as I said described, means we don't get into complete configuration implementation part. So we'll try to understand the technology concepts in today's network. like you generally connect to the Internet. Now this Internet supports your IP version four and IP version six. Now, basically, you need to use some kind of concept that will allow you to interoperate between the IPV phone and IPV communication. So we got various concepts, such as Nat 44, Nat 64, and six Rd Map DSLite. These are all the different options. Now these options will allow you to transition your network to support IPV 4, along with IPV 6 options V 4 and V 6. Both options. So next thing we'll also get into some kind of MLSconcepts implementing the basic MPLS core network with the help of LDP and we'll also see some LDP options to configure and also we'll try to configure some of the l two VPNsas well as some of the l three VPNs. So there will be some MP3 concerts and then some L3 VPNs within the same year, as well as some L2 VPN options. What are the different options with two VPNs? And those options will most likely try to be configured as if we have eight, not two one eight, of these options, as there is something called Q and Q Tunneling. We'll talk about that Q and Qtun link, and then we have eight dots one ah, which is more into provider backbone features, or is also called Mac in Mac options. And then we have something like G 832, which is a kind of Ethernet ring protection switching mechanism. Aside from that, we'll see something like Ethernet OEM. OEM actually stands for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance. So this is a kind of protocol, or protocols, for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting your Ethernet networks. And there are also some other options, like VLAN tag manipulations. This VLAN tag manipulation is now more about manipulating the VLAN tags, especially when providing the layer for VPN connections between customers over the existing service product infrastructure, essentially changing the tax. So this is similar to our MPLS concepts. Again, we'll be getting deeper when we get into the BPI paper.


Cisco SPCOR 350-501 Exam Dumps, Cisco SPCOR 350-501 Practice Test Questions and Answers

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Study Guides available on Exam-Labs are built by industry professionals who have been working with IT certifications for years. Study Guides offer full coverage on exam objectives in a systematic approach. Study Guides are very useful for fresh applicants and provides background knowledge about preparation of exams.

How can I open a Study Guide?

Any study guide can be opened by an official Acrobat by Adobe or any other reader application you use.

What is a Training Course?

Training Courses we offer on Exam-Labs in video format are created and managed by IT professionals. The foundation of each course are its lectures, which can include videos, slides and text. In addition, authors can add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.

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