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Cisco 350-060 Exam - CCIE SP Operations Written

Questions & Answers for Cisco 350-060

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Question #1

Certain tools conduct ongoing polling of a network device or managed system to determine
its status and availability, and they generate an alert (event) for any exceptions that require
a response or action. According to ITIL v3 framework, which type of monitoring do these
tools perform?

A. passive

B. active

C. reactive

D. proactive


Question #2

A rollout plan from engineering has been sent to the NOC for review. The plan approves
deployment of a new router model at the customer premises for all new service
activations. The certification lab has fully tested the new router and found no issues. As a
NOC engineer, you review the plan for completeness. An item is missing from the plan to
deploy the new routers.
Which missing item should be your biggest concern?

A. product data sheet

B. plan to replace existing customer premises routers with the new model

C. listing of new syslog messages and SNMP traps

D. environmental compliance statement

Question #3

Refer to the exhibit. The figure shows a service provider network that has MPLS TE tunnels
that originate from GSR1, GSR2, and GSR3. While GSR1 and GSR2 have multiple paths
to the core network, the GSR3 has a single path into the core. For GSR1 and GSR2, the
purple links are the preferred paths, but because they are multihomed to the core, they can
also take the black, less-desirable path. The less-desirable black paths need to be retained
for certain operational reasons. GSR3 has a single path into the core network, and a TE
tunnel originating from GSR3 must be able to use this path. It has been noted that if the
network encounters multiple link failures or link transitions, the TE tunnels originating from
GSR1 or GSR2 can preempt the TE tunnel originating from GSR3, thus causing a lack of
MPLS connectivity. The operations team does not want the TE tunnel originating from
GSR3 to be preempted unless this tunnel is administratively shut down.
How should this situation be mitigated?

A. Change TE config on GSR3 to include "priority 4 4."

B. Change TE config on GSR3 to include "priority 6 4."

C. Change TE config on GSR3 to include "priority 6 6."

D. Use affinity and link coloring.

E. Use the "exclude" options on the explicit paths of GSR1 and GSR2.

F. Lower the signaled-bandwidth of the GSR3 TE tunnel.

Question #4

According to ITIL v3 framework, which operational management process is characterized
by an unplanned service interruption, reduction in the service quality, or failure of a
configuration item that may eventually impact a service?

A. incident

B. change

C. problem

D. event

Question #5

Your company provides a VoIP service. Customers are informing your call center that they
are not getting a dial tone. You are able to establish a Telnet session into the primary call
manager across the network. From the primary call manager, you are unable to ping the
CPE. You are able to ping the CPE from the secondary call manager.
After failing over to the secondary call manager, which three items should you focus on to
resolve this performance problem? (Choose three.)

A. routing problems in the network between the primary call manager and CPE

B. bad network port in the primary call manager

C. DoS attack on the primary call manager

D. syslog in the secondary call manager

E. syslog in the primary call manager

F. maintenance changes to either call manager, the network, or CPE configurations

Question #6

According to ITIL v3 framework, which component of incident management is
characterized by taking into account both the urgency and the level of impact when
entering the incident into a trouble-ticketing system?

A. category

B. priority

C. elapsed time

D. resolution

Question #7

According to ITIL v3 framework, which type of incident escalation is characterized by
escalating an incident to a second-level or third-level support group if it is clearly known the
expertise to resolve the incident is not at the current level?

A. functional

B. hierarchic

C. internal

D. external

Question #8

The service provider that you work for decided to offer its business customers a new,
hosted unified communications service. This service will allow the service provider to
maintain in its data centers all the call managers and related hardware and software so that
businesses can outsource this function to your company. Engineering has crafted a rollout
plan for this new service. From the NOC support perspective, what are the three main
considerations to take into account to support the new service? (Choose three.)

A. The SP data center has adequate power, heating, and cooling capacity.

B. The documentation is complete.

C. The network bandwidth to each customer site is sufficient.

D. The service desk has received proper training.

E. The troubleshooting procedures are established

Question #9

While evaluating a new hardware rollout plan before deployment, which standards should
you review to ensure that the hardware met certain environmental design guidelines?






Question #10

According to ITIL v3 framework, which type of service operational management process
monitors the network infrastructure to identify and escalate abnormal operational

A. problem management

B. incident management

C. event management

D. request fulfillment

Explanation: source:

Question #11

According to ITIL v3 framework, which type of availability management technique
contributing to the continual service improvement process is used to identify single points
of failure within a network?

A. fault tree analysis (FTA)

B. component failure impact analysis (CFIA)

C. service failure analysis (SFA)

D. technical observation (TO)

Question #12

A service provider offers video services on its DSL network. This service provider has
multiple multicast-enabled edge routers that are connecting to its DSLAMs. Video is being
delivered both as unicast and multicast. An operations engineer is faced with a
troubleshooting scenario where the engineer wants to query a large number of edge
routers to ensure that they have PIM neighbor relationship with upstream routers. The
operations engineer also wants to check that one or more of the edge routers are IGMP
queriers on the interfaces that are connecting to DSLAMs. These tasks need to be
accomplished without logging into each of the edge routers. Assume that the entire network
is part of the same IGP and PIM topology.
Which Cisco IOS show command or utility will achieve the needs of the operations








Question #13

An ISP has an MPLS LDP core with redundant paths. The core is BGP-free and core
routers do not participate in BGP protocol. Several Internet customers reported that they
are not able to reach some Internet sites any more. The set of sites reported as having
reachability issues depends on the location of the customer. What is the most likely root-
cause for this problem?

A. Either a core link or an OSPF adjacency on a core link is down.

B. An MPLS LDP session between a pair of routers in the core is down.

C. An IBGP session between a pair of PE routers is down.

D. Some EBGP sessions to some peers are down.

E. Some core links are heavily congested.

F. A denial of service attack is in progress

Question #14

According to ITIL v3 framework, which incident ending step involves the validation of the
initial incident record parameters to ensure that they are accurate prior to the final incident
record entry?

A. user satisfaction survey

B. incident historical documentation

C. ongoing or recurring problem determination

D. closure categorization

Question #15

According to ITIL v3 framework, which type of redundancy is characterized by integrating
different types of assets with a common service capability thereby being more resilient to a
single cause of failure in the network?

A. passive

B. diverse

C. active

D. homogeneous

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