How To Prepare For APICS CSCP Certification Exam?
September 12, 2018

It is often asked “how to prepare for APICS CSCP certification?” and what is this for? The APICS CSCP certification is a benefit for those in the supply chain profession. CSCP certification is available from only two organizations, the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). There are two types of certifications that are offered by APICS. They are CPIM (Certified or Certification in Production and Inventory Management) and CSCP which deals in supply chain management. Other than CSCP, one of the key certifications offered by ISM, is the Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) certificate, which is mainly geared towards procurement.

APICS CSCP certification student memberships are given for free while professional memberships cost $200 annually. However, those with APICS membership are given a discount off the learning system of approximately $330. For those with friends that have an interest in studying, they can get a discount. This is available if you purchase more than one course, but the purchases have to be made at the same time.

Job Opportunities

The CSCP certification offers a range of different opportunities in the employment industry. With this certification, one can get many opportunities in supply chain management. The certification helps those who have obtained it to tackle problems in supply management. There are many MBA programs that promote the CSCP certification, even among their current students.

Certification Cost

Although the cost is high, this investment in getting the certification is worth it. The total investment for individuals to earn APICS certification through self-study differs between North American regions and regions outside North America. The estimated cost of the CSCP learning system and the exam for those in North America is $1690 for members and for non-members, it is $2255. For those outside North America, the charges are $2,045 for members and $2,640 for non-members. However, costs may vary slightly due to tax or currency variance.

Learning System and Study Materials

The CSCP certification study materials are not cheap. However, for those who are employed, there are employers who are happy to chip in with the cost of studying the course. The majority of employers allocate between $1000 and $2000 to support employees undertaking the course.

One can study for CSCP certification through a local or online class. The other method to study is to walk into an APICS learning system group that will help you to make several consultations. However, you should be careful and find a group that does not charge more than that charged using the book based course. It is important to go to classes since they help one find motivation. However, for those who are brilliant and feel that they can pass the exam using free study materials opt for Exam-Labs and other online resources instead of going for classes, and prefer to follow that route.

In order to get the APICS CSCP certification, it is best for individuals to adopt the self-study form of the learning system. When undertaking the test many people have confirmed that the study material is really important to earn this certification and their system teaches what is tested.

Timescale for Studies

It takes about three months to complete the APICS learning system. For those who manage to read more than one hour a day, they can complete their studies and be ready for the exam more quickly. When one passes the online quizzes with at least 80%, one is assured of passing the exam.

Method of Studying APICS CSCP Exam

Taking a pretest is important so as to get an idea of what the questions in the actual exam will be like. If one does not get over 80% pass, one should consider retaking the test so that they read up on the questions missed. The CSCP certification exam content manual also provides very good guidelines for exam preparation. The Exam Content Manual has a content outline that is divided into major topic areas and each of these topics is emphasized in the manual by a percentage figure which indicates its importance and the weight attached to it. In order to provide learners with knowledge of supply chain practices, APICS provides the best educational resources for certification exam preparation.

It is vital beforehand to master definitions and terms in the APICS dictionary and Application. The APCIS dictionary is regarded as the most comprehensive reference point for operations and supply chain terminologies.


The APICS CSCP Certification test is straightforward and it is similar to other standardized tests. However, it is worth knowing that the CSCP exam is often limited to particular locations depending on the number of students within that region.

Final Words

It is important for students undertaking the APICS CSCP test to be aware that it is a certification that could improve their careers so they should take it seriously. Moreover, they should prepare well beforehand for the tests and ensure they read the right sections, the sections on which they will be tested. So get the right material and consult Exam-Labs website.

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