In-Demand Technical Skills in Information Technology
September 12, 2018

Computers range from supercomputers such as the Nebulae located at the newly built National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, China, to mobile phones we use every day. Thus, it can be seen, that computers have a very wide range both in type and in use. A computer can be a laptop, desktop, supercomputer or even a simple mobile phone. It can be used to carry out deep mathematical research while at the same time it can be used to send out messages to our colleagues.

The diversity both in type and in use of computers leads to the creation of a wide range of technical skills. The technical skills are essential in the production, maintenance, and repair of the computers and the particular services they are providing. From one point of view, technical skills in information technology can be viewed to be divided into two parts.

The first part can be seen only to professionals that deal with the hardware (tangible part of a computer) while the second part deals with the software (intangible part of a computer). That definition is seen to be very shallow because as much as it contains smaller units in which people can invest in. The software part can be divided into different fields such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Programming
  • Computer Security
  • User Experience

The skills in the fields named above are among the most highly required abilities in the Information Technology sector.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence expertise is one of the most in-demand skills right now. The advent of automation that is currently sweeping the globe has led to the rise in the use of computers – robots that require very little or no supervision at all. Artificial intelligence is concerned with the development of computers that mimic human intelligence. According to artificial intelligence is used in the development of Tesla cars – self-driving vehicles. The use of robots in the automation of industries also requires the touch of an artificial intelligence expert. One of the most relevant examples of the work of AI experts in today’s’ world is Google Voice Help. To be an artificial intelligence expert, you have to go to school to study it because it is a very wide field.

Web Development

Web development is another service that is on the top of the industry. Web development is crucial because in the world of today more than 65% of all the transactions are carried out on the web. More than 85% of the world’s leading companies have enormous websites which require constant maintenance and updating. This leads to a very high demand for web developers. The art of web development can be split into two parts.

The first part is Front end, and the other is the Back end. The Front end web developers are mainly concerned with the appearance of the website. Front end developers are responsible for the satisfactory appearance of the site which is used by clients. It is proven that aesthetically appealing websites garner more users. Back end web developers deal with data that is stored on a website. Their job is to ensure that data is secured and correctly moved from one point to another. Both Вack end developer and Front end developer usually work together to ensure that the website is up to the standards required by an organization. From that point of view, it seems like there are two services but it is considered as one. This is because a Back end developer can do a Front end developers job and vice versa.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the ability of computers to learn from experience. Individuals who specialize in machine learning work on giving special instructions to the computer so it could learn on its own. Machine learning helps to boost user experience. This skill is mostly required in research and deep space exploration. This is because it deals with unknown, thus the need for computers to learn is very high.


Programmers are the individuals that are responsible for coming up with programs to be used in computers. Programming makes the abilities of computers to be endless. With the correct programming language and enough skills, one can develop a program to do anything virtually. This skill has fallen a bit due to the rise of the Web-age. Desktop developers use programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and VB.NET to come up with applications. A desktop developer can also go as far as developing a desktop operating system. To be a desktop developer the candidate has to grasp the particular programming language that he/she is ready to work with.

Computer Security

Computer security skill implies that an individual is responsible for the overall security of any computer or a networking system. A person whose job is to protect data, databases and networking systems from cyber-attacks is also called a security engineer. Unlike other technical skills in the field of IT, a security engineer must undergo rigorous testing and have very solid credentials. This is due to the fact that they handle very sensitive information which must be protected.

User Interface designing

This is a skill that is becoming very huge in the rapidly developing technology world. As different brands fight to provide the same services such as Microsoft and Linux, each service or app should be up to the user’s taste. It’s a rough competition, where the most flexible and user-friendly wins. The aim of Interface design is to ensure that the interface is very easy to use and meet user’s needs.


The world of information technology has really grown and we are far from the end of its growth. A career in information technology seems very profitable. So take your pick and welcome to the jungle that is called Information Technology.

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