Top 3 Security Certifications: Which to Choose in 2018?
September 12, 2018

One can never halt the inflation of modern advancements in a progressive world. And in the case of information technology, security certifications are one of the most imperative add-ons that every IT professional should not neglect. Security certifications aren’t just pieces of recognition but rather a reputation to uphold, especially that modern entities are continuously facing numerous security threats. And these security threats are more devastating than you could ever imagine.

From systematic hacks to data breaches, learn how to prevent as well as counterattack these threats by equipping yourself with latest security certifications. So, delve into the list of top security certifications in 2018 that will positively build your profile and polish your career.

CompTIA Security+

To begin the list is the ever-popular CompTIA Security+. A renowned credential from a globally-renowned organization, the CompTIA Security+ is considered the entry step for newbies wanting to delve into the realm of network security. As a notable entry-level certification for security professionals, this helps candidates create a reputable profile that attracts companies.

Job Opportunities

This certification is not just considered as a springboard to many job opportunities but also a study tool for other intermediate security validations. The career demands for professionals with CompTIA Security+ is way illustrious than those with no international credential at all. Plus, you can work in the government as the certification is validated by the U.S. Department of Defense.


As soon as employers get a sight of Security+ on your CV, you are bound to have a notable advantage among the pool of usual applicants. Remember, taking the exam is also considered an investment, and soon you’ll enjoy the return on investment when you apply for a job. Not only that, most security managers, specialist and administrators with CompTIA Security+ credential are favored with a higher annual salary ranging up to $86,000.

Exam/s to take

Before earning CompTIA Security+ certification, you should first take and pass either one of the two equally challenging yet fulfilling examsㅡSY0-401 exam (to be retired on July 30, 2018) and SY0-501 (latest). Both are 90-minute exams with 90 questions and passing mark of 750 out 900 or 100 scales. To be able to take the exam, it is recommended that you are equipped with at least two-year work experience in systems administration, particularly in security focus. The cost of the exam is $320.

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

For beginners in cybersecurity, EC-Council Certified Hacker certification works like a charm. Backed up by the ever-eminent organization, EC-Council, this credential endorses one’s knowledge and ability to handle security risks in a lawful manner within a specific infrastructure.

Job Opportunities

Without a doubt, earning EC-Council Certified Hacker certification provides you with cybersecurity fundamentals and practical skills required by most companies. With the increasing security threats in the virtual world, entities need certified ethical hackers that can comprehend and solve different security issues. And it’s no surprise that many security-related jobs do require CEH-type credentials. As a top-of-the-line security certification, one could land a job as a network administrator and security manager with expertise in ethical hacking as well as penetration testing.


Of course, a company would choose an applicant with a notable addition to his profile. And one prominent credential that attracts employer is EC-Council Certified Hacker certification. Earning the status means that you have successfully acquired the needed expertise for most cybersecurity jobs and you are more than ready to put your skills into full action. With this certification on hand, you have mastered the five important stages of ethical hackingㅡ Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks.

Exam/s to take

Many would say that CEH exam is way challenging as it features 125 questions to be completed in 4 hours. Hence, candidates with at least two years’ background in a security-related job and have completed the official training resources are suitable to take the exam. A multiple-choice test format, you need to score 70% of the total scale. The exam cost is quite pricey at $850.

(ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

A globally recognized security certification to suit up the changing demands of the IT industry, (ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) recognizes your in-depth capacity to lead and implement different cybersecurity strategies. Professionals with CISSP certification has proven experience in identifying, developing and managing the security department of an entity.

Job Opportunities

As CISSP is designed for experts and high-achieving professionals alike, you can never limit the job opportunities on the loose for people with this kind of security validation. Seriously, the options are extensiveㅡ you can be a security consultant, director of security, IT director, security analyst, security systems engineer, network architect and chief information security officer.


The recognition of CISSP is beyond what is added on your profile. Not only will you gain knowledge but also earn a living and even more out of your IT profession. Remember, top companies are willing to recompense those with in-demand credentials with the likes of CISSP.  Further, CISSP easily catapults your career and allows you to be part of an elite community of experts.

Exam/s to take

To be able to qualify for the exam, you need to have five years or more paid experience. Further, expertise of at least two of the eight important domains revolving around the (ISC)² Common Body of Knowledge is a necessity. The 3-hour exam featuring 100 to 150 questions in a mix of multiple-choice format and advance questions costs $699. The passing score is at least 700.


Every year is welcomed with different milestones as well as challenges. Accordingly, the IT industry is continuously evolving, and hackers are, unfortunately, expanding their range incessantly. That is why experts are always in demand to uphold the integrity of the businesses. But companies don’t just settle for less rather, and one of the most vital things to keep you on top of the game is by having a distinguished security certification on your profile.

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