PMP Certification – Everything You Need to Know
September 12, 2018

PMP certification or Project Management Professional certification is a rigorous journey. Over 40+ hours of studying is recommended to pass the certification exam. We will discuss everything you need to know about PMP certification, how to prepare for the exam and free study materials to ensure that you pass.

What is a PMP Certification?

A PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is highly valued amongst project managers. Becoming PMP certified demonstrates that you have the education, experience and ability to direct and lead projects. The certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Project management leaders are always in demand. Obtaining a PMP certification boosts your value to prospective employers and clients. When searching for a project manager, a PMP certification places you ahead of the competition. You have the advanced knowledge and skills. Finding jobs as a project manager will become easier as opportunities increase for PMP certified project managers.

Studies show PMP certification holders have a higher earning potential rating by 20%. The large increase in PMP salary is a common reason why project managers study for the exam. Being a PMP certified project manager allows for higher income, efficient decision making skills and leadership. Being a PMP certified project manager provides for more opportunities.

As a PMP, you can work location independently. This is a globally demanded skill that can be used in any industry. Thus, giving you a skill that is sought after internationally.

Employers benefit from hiring PMP certified job candidates. Hiring a Project Manager that is PMP certified will cause organizations to complete their projects on time, within a budget and meet goals that are set. PMP certification signifies that you understand the growing language of project management. You will quickly gain international connections with professionals, organizations and experts.

Being a PMP certified project manager makes an asset to your employer and the project.

What are the requirements for PMP certification?

There are several pre-requisites before taking the PMP exam. Each of them is divided into two groups. Both groups of pre-requisites have 3 requirements to take a PMP certification exam.

Pre-Requisites A:
• Four-year degree (at a higher education institution).
• 35 hours of project management education.
• 4,500 hours as project leader/director.
Pre-Requisites B:
• High school diploma (Associates degrees and any of its global equivalent are also accepted).
• 35 hours of project management education
• 7,500 hours as project leader/director.

While the requirements appear rigorous, they can be achieved. A great deal of effort must be taken to become a PMP certified project manager. Once reaching the requirements, a passing PMP exam score is the last step in being awarded the certification.

How to take the PMP certification Exam?

The PMP certification exam is a timed, computer based test.

The PMP certification process is as followed:

• Meet eligibility criteria
• Complete the application
• Payment
• Schedule an exam appointment

First, PMP candidates should be eligible to take the exam (see pre-requisites above).

Next, we recommend to gather important information (domain experience, domain education etc.) to apply for PMP testing. The application takes 5-10 days to be reviewed. After the application is accepted, you will be given an eligibility number. Make sure to pay the exam fee by setting up payment. Lastly, schedule an exam appointment via PMI’s website.

The website will display test locations, dates and times. Find the time that is most suitable and prepare for the exam! There are 200 multiple choice questions.

PMP certification exams are prolonged exams. Each candidate has over 4 hours to complete the exam. Pace yourself throughout the exam to answer all PMP exam questions correctly.

25 out of the 200 questions are sample questions. These questions are used to determine the precision and difficulty of the exam. Additionally, the sample questions will not count for or against a test taker’s score. Thus, a PMP candidate must show proficiency in 175 test questions.

The questions are difficult and will require an immense amount of studying. Create a study schedule to ensure that you study to prepare for the exam.

How much does PMP certification cost?

PMP exams vary in cost. For the average PMI member, the test costs $405 (USD). For non-members, the test costs $555. The difference between the two prices is $150 is enough to pay for a year of PMI membership. PMI members gain access to free study materials.

Importantly, the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide comes free with membership. This book is a set of standard guidelines and terminology for project management. It is a must for the PMP examination and is an effective way to study.

Therefore, we highly recommend you apply for a PMI membership!

What are the topics covered in project management professional (PMP) exam?

The PMP test is divided into five performance domains.

• Initiating the project (13%)
• Project planning (24%)
• Project execution (31%)
• Leading and managing the project (25%)
• Closing the project (7%)

Each performance domain holds tasks.

Tasks are aspects of the project that need to be managed properly.

Knowledge in all 5 areas is a must. Understanding how to effectively lead and manage a project and proper studying habits will give you confidence during the exam.

Where can I find free PMP certification study guides?

Of the options available, most are flooded with pricey requirements, questionable validity, and sparse assistance. Exam-Labs offers certification study guides for the very low price of free. You can find the latest and most up-to-dated PMP exam certification questions here.

We have the best source of practice exams that will fully prepare you for the PMP exam. Exam-Labs practice questions are 100% real. Meaning that you will receive genuine and accurate questions that will be shown on the real exam.

How to prepare for the PMP certification Exam?

• Satisfy requirements for examination. Your credentials will be examined during the application. Make sure that you have enough experience and hours as a project manager.
• After getting accepted for examination, search on PMI’s official website for test dates, locations and time to take the exam.
• Study with Exam-Labs FREE practice exams. These exams are proven to help you prepare for the exam.

Exam-Labs is the leading professional certification practice test system. Our quality practice exam questions and detailed diagnostics of your performance can aid in your study.
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