Cisco DevNet Arrives: What to Expect?
May 2, 2024

Ready to kick your tech skills into high gear? Cisco’s DevNet is already shaking up the tech scene, providing a dynamic platform for tech wizards like you who are eager to dive into the world of network automation and application development. Whether you are aiming to smooth out network kinks or bring new innovations to life, DevNet is your backstage pass to the latest in Cisco tech. This isn’t just another program — it’s a direct line to boosting your career with cutting-edge tools and community support. Curious to see what all the hype is about? Let’s explore what Cisco DevNet can do for you and why you might just love being part of this tech revolution!

The Big Deal with DevNet Certifications

Today’s networks are complex entities, blending hardware with software applications, and they demand advanced automation to operate efficiently. This is your chance to step up. Earning a DevNet certification demonstrates to the industry that you have mastered the skills necessary to manage and enhance advanced network solutions. This isn’t just a boost for your resume — it’s a declaration of your capabilities in streamlining, optimizing, and pioneering the future of network environments. With this certification, you position yourself as a proactive, forward-thinking professional, capable of addressing the complexities and challenges of modern IT landscapes.

Why Bother Getting DevNet Certified?

Why should you consider getting certified? Here is why DevNet should be on your radar:

  • Industry Trends: By 2025, almost every network will use automation. Getting a DevNet certification puts you ahead of others in this shift, giving you the skills to lead and make changes.
  • Growing Market: The DevOps market is expanding quickly, expected to grow by 20% from 2020 to 2026. With a DevNet certification, you are well-prepared for opportunities in this growing field.
  • Boost Efficiency: DevOps teams spend a lot of their time on repetitive tasks that take too long. With DevNet training, you learn how to automate these tasks, saving time and making you the go-to person for solving efficiency problems.

So, getting certified in DevNet can make a big difference in your career by keeping you relevant in a fast-changing industry, helping you tackle new challenges, and making your workday more efficient.

Scaling the Cisco DevNet Certification Ladder

Let’s unpack the four levels of Cisco DevNet certifications — Associate, Professional, Specialist, and Expert — each designed to boost your network development skills.

Starting with Associate, you’ll learn the basics of network automation and app development. Progress to Professional to dive deeper into app development using Cisco’s platforms and APIs. Specialist certifications let you specialize in areas like enterprise automation or security protocols. Finally, Expert certification crowns you as a leader in network development.

It’s like climbing a ladder — each step takes you higher in the IT world, making you a true master of network development.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification

The Cisco Certified DevNet Associate certification is the starting point for diving into the world of network automation. With this credential, you show you are skilled at automating tasks across different tech areas like network, security, collaboration, and computing.

What’s great about it? Well, it’s like having a backstage pass to creating applications that run on Cisco platforms — from writing code to making those platforms work.

But here’s the kicker: This certification isn’t just a shiny award. It’s your ticket to implementing network applications on Cisco platforms and automating IT tasks across the board. Plus, it opens doors to jobs like network automation engineer, software developer, and system integration programmer.

To get certified, you’ll need to ace the 200-901 DEVASC exam, which covers software development, APIs, security, and automation.

Worried about studying? No need to stress! Cisco provides numerous resources to assist you, ranging from guided learning to self-study options. After achieving your certification, it lasts for three years. However, you can keep it current by earning Continuing Education credits or retaking the exam.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification

Level up your app building game on Cisco with Cisco DevNet Professional. Basically, it’s a certification that shows you are a pro at coding Cisco apps, making them run smooth, and keeping hackers out. Perfect for those NetDevOps jobs that mix networking and development.

Check out the awesome things you’ll discover:

  •  Create apps that can handle lots of users without breaking a sweat. Get skilled at making apps that work really well.
  • Learn about special codes (APIs) that help your app talk to Cisco stuff. Use these codes to make your app do amazing things.
  • Forget about doing everything by hand! Become an expert at making things happen automatically.
  • Ensure user information stays secure. Learn how to safeguard it and keep hackers out.

Experience isn’t officially required for the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification, but many candidates have already spent 3-5 years building apps on Cisco platforms and have some Python coding skills.

This certification is awesome for:

  • Network engineers who want to automation superpowers
  • Developers wanting to jump into automation and DevOps
  • Solution architect folks looking to work with Cisco systems
  • Developers who build secure production environments

To earn your certification, you’ll tackle two exams: one main and another of your choice from a selection. There’s a wealth of resources available to aid your studies, including online courses, practice exams, materials, and labs. These resources can also help renew existing certifications. Exams can be taken online or at a testing center, with results typically available within 48 hours. The main exam, 350-901 DEVCOR, evaluates your proficiency in software development, Cisco technologies and APIs, application deployment and security, as well as automation skills.

With this certification, you’ll excel in both networking and development roles. Here are some positions you could snag:

  • Senior network engineer: Expert in crafting and automating wired and wireless networks.
  • Senior automation engineer: Master of coding for automating network setups and deployments.
  • Senior infrastructure architect: Ace in planning and managing tech systems behind the scenes.

This certification remains valid for three years. Keep it fresh by taking additional courses or retaking exams before it lapses.

Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist certification

The Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist certifications act as specialized workshops within Cisco’s realm, focusing on areas like network automation, data centers, and security. Each certification hones in on a distinct skill set. For instance, if you aspire to excel in automating enterprise networks, there’s a certification tailored just for that purpose. Here’s a closer look:

  • For Networking Automation Gurus: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability (300-435 ENAUTO)
  • Data Center Automation Masterminds: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Data Center Automation and Programmability (300-635 DCAUTO)
  • Security Automation Superheroes: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Security Automation and Programmability (300-735 SAUTO)
  • Service Provider Automation Aces: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Service Provider Automation and Programmability (300-535 SPAUTO)
  • Collaboration Automation Rockstars: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Collaboration Automation and Programmability (300-835 CLAUTO)
  • General Cisco DevNet Champions: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Core (350-901 DEVCOR)
  • DevOps Masterminds: Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevOps (300-910 DEVOPS)

To earn these certifications, just pass the exam for your area of interest and become a specialist in Cisco’s technology.

Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification

The Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification proves you are a pro in network automation and programmability. It’s like showing off your superpowers to potential employers! With this badge, you can snag your dream job, whether you are into servers, network security, or software. Think of it as your ticket to becoming a top-notch leader in the tech world, using your skills to meet business needs in today’s fast-paced IT world.

You’ll learn how to design and develop network automation solutions from start to finish. From creating software and troubleshooting to deploying and optimizing, you’ll be a master of it all!

And guess what? There’s no need for fancy qualifications. Most professionals who tackle this certification already have about five to seven years of experience playing with NetDevOps technologies. It’s perfect if you are gunning for a senior role or aiming to lead the pack.

To earn your certification, you’ll need to ace two exams: the 350-901 DEVCOR v1.0, known as “Developing Applications Using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs,” which assesses your proficiency in crafting software, utilizing APIs, deploying applications, ensuring security, and implementing automation on Cisco platforms. This costs US$400 and lasts for 120 minutes. The second is the Cisco Certified DevNet Lab Exam v1.0, an immersive practical assessment evaluating your capability to strategize, create, build, evaluate, implement, and uphold software solutions within intricate network configurations. This exam costs US$1,600 and runs for 8 hours. But fret not, there are plenty of resources available to help you prepare, from study guides to online forums.

Once you’ve got that shiny badge, you’ll be set for roles like network engineer, network automation expert, or DevOps guru. You’ll be the go-to person for connecting, securing, and automating networks like a boss!

Skyrocket Your Career: From Novice to Expert with Cisco DevNet!

Ready to turbocharge your IT career? It’s not just about earning certifications; it’s about arming yourself for the future of tech. They shout, “I’m equipped to tackle any network challenge that comes my way!” Level up your tech game like a pro! Start your journey by mastering the basics with the Associate level, then ascend to Pro status and become a legend in Cisco app development. Specialize in your obsession with automation or security through Specialist certifications, or strive for mastery in network automation by achieving the pinnacle: attaining the DevNet Expert certification. Don’t limit yourself to just climbing the career ladder — aim for the skies with DevNet! The realm of network automation is waiting for you, and it’s asking for your expertise. Join the revolution, and together, let’s transform the future of IT!

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