Microsoft and Cisco: Top-Rated Vendors That Can Greatly Boost Your IT Career in 2022
November 10, 2021

The IT certificates are always in demand due to their popularity on the market, so every year different companies try to update their certification programs. It helps them convince the interested IT specialists that they will be able to gain the relevant knowledge and learn the skills that will be useful for them now and in the future.

Microsoft and Cisco are two popular vendors that are going to have some changes in their programs in 2022, so you should know these details because they can be connected with the path you want to go for. Let’s take a closer look at these changes:


The biggest change everyone is waiting for is the retirement of the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification track. The company has been thinking about this change for a long time, and now the final date is very close. You have to know that after June 2022 the track will not be available for taking and you won’t be able to sit for the qualification exams of the following certificates:

  • MTA: Software Development Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Security Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Java;
  • MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Networking Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Database Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Mobility and Device Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals;
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript;
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python;
  • MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS.

The certification exams were available for purchase until June 30, 2021, so if you are one of the candidates who made a purchase, you have a year to take the test and get certified. For those individuals who are interested in these changes and want to know what the vendor can offer them in return, it is recommended that they pay attention to the Fundamentals certificates. This is a great place to start as well as validate your understanding of foundation concepts, mixed concepts, and applied learning of Microsoft technologies. The track is part of the role-based options and covers the following areas: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics, AI, Power Platform, Data, and so on. The new version of the Microsoft certification program will be fully based on the idea of helping the students build their technical skills that will help them keep pace with the industry and succeed in emerging jobs.


Step by step, Cisco is developing its new DevNet certification track and adding new levels to allow the candidates with any levels of expertise to follow the path they want. Thus, the company is now offering the expert-level option that grants you the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certificate. The path contains two exams (written and lab), and the first test is already available for taking. To proceed with the lab exam, you can register for it in May. The first test is on May 2, 2022.

The potential applicants should also be aware of the changes that will take place in the CCDE certification path. Since November 2021, new versions of the written and practical exams have been introduced, and the old versions are no longer available for taking. This means that the 400-007 test and the CCDE practice exam will be offered to the interested individuals throughout 2022. This is the third version of the CCDE certificate since its launch.

In addition to these major program changes, the vendor will also change some of its specialist-level paths and the Partner/Channel exams. For example, the 500-440 and 500-450 tests from the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist certification are no longer available in 2022. Moreover, the 700-820 exam is now replaced by Cisco 700-821 as well as the 700-825 test is replaced by Cisco 700-826. It is also important to be aware of the changes in 700-840 and 700-845 because they are now replaced by Cisco 700-841 and Cisco 700-846. It is recommended that you visit the official website to see if any of these changes will affect you and your current set of skills, certificates, and goals.


Having those IT certifications that are updated to the latest technologies and concepts is a surefire way to boost your IT career and become a valuable and in-demand professional in 2022. Thus, it is important for many IT professionals to monitor any changes that are undergoing in the market and explore how they can affect you. Even if it doesn’t affect you in any way, you may find some of the changes to be worth your attention. They can push you towards new opportunities, and maybe you will think about changing your current job by earning some new certificates.

It is also vital to understand that any vendor can make some changes that were not previously announced on its site. That is why some of the websites provide the interested individuals with the function of subscribing to the news of the company. You can subscribe to several platforms and then just check your email to see if there is any news about the program you were exploring or to understand when you need to retake your test. You can also visit the community forums to get answers to your questions or discuss some changes with other specialists. There are many options that you can use to keep yourself updated with the industry.

Cisco and Microsoft are the most popular vendors in the field, so it doesn’t hurt to check the details of its certification programs from time to time. Especially if you are a specialist who works with technologies that are associated with these companies or are developed by them. So, you need to stay up to date and be ready to enhance your career with some changes that are taking place in the industry. The more relevant you are to the current technologies, the more chances you have to improve your career.

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