Start Your Career in 2020 with Top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications
May 13, 2020

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in ensuring our privacy, freedoms, rights, and even physical safety. There are fears that in 2020 there will be increased attacks on our personal or business infrastructure. There’s an increased frequency in digital attacks and data breaches that include leaking of personal information. This opens up many opportunities for those individuals who are looking for a career in cybersecurity.

The organizations across the globe are currently looking for the qualified specialists, such as cybersecurity analysts, cybersecurity engineers, systems engineers, and more. This should help combat the threats that are now becoming a challenge for the businesses. That’s why you need to know about the leading certifications that are designed to prepare the professionals for their vital role in the industry. So, what are the top 5 cybersecurity credentials? This post is intended to help you find the answer. But before this, let’s find out if a certificate in this realm is what you need.

Are Cybersecurity Certifications Right for You?

We believe that you already have your career goals clearly spelt out. But if a career in cybersecurity isn’t one of them, you need to reconsider. The frequent vector attacks have forced the companies to pursue proactive ways of solving these issues. This means there’s a high demand for those specialists who can react to these attacks in real time. To position yourself properly for these opportunities, you need to be ready with proper qualifications. Apart from the organizations recruiting more security professionals, the job market has also become more competitive. This means it’s possible to be edged out during a job interview if you have no certification. More specialists are now pursuing the IT credentials to stand out with skills.

Another reason why you need to have a cybersecurity certificate is the value that comes with it. According to the report by Global Knowledge, its value cannot be denied. In fact, 93% of the decision makers around the world agree that the employees with the certifications bring more value to their employers. This is because they’re able to close existing organizational skill gaps. Another thing is that the certified applicants are more qualified to increase productivity, meet client’s requirements, reduce troubleshooting time, as well as complete projects faster.

Top 5 Certifications for Your Professional Success

Now, let’s find out the best cybersecurity credentials to boost your career in 2020.

 1. (ISC)2 CISSP

CISSP, or Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is one of the most sought-after certificates today. Offered by (ISC)2, this vendor-neutral certification validates the specialists’ technical and managerial competence, knowledge, skills, and credibility in designing, engineering, implementing, and managing information. It is an advanced-level credential recognized globally due to its high-standard levels. The candidates will be required to cover 8 domains. Some of them are asset security, security architecture and engineering, security and risk management, and security assessment & testing.

2. CompTIA Security+

Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification designed for the security professionals. Those individuals who have already earned it are well-known for their advanced technical knowledge, expert skills, and expertise in the cybersecurity field. Before you obtain this credential, you need to have not less than two years of experience in IT administration. You also should be a holder of CompTIA Network+ before taking the Security+ exam. To become a security specialist, you should explore the following topics: threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, technologies and tools, securing network architecture, risk management, and more.

3. EC-Council CEH

CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, is one of the top cybersecurity certificates these days. It is designed to help the professionals gain the relevant skills and abilities so that they can identify loopholes in computer and information systems. Their work is to hack these systems using the tools similar to those used by the malicious hackers. Once they have identified weaknesses, the next task of these qualified specialists is to offer solutions that will help prevent any future attacks or neutralize any existing threats. This EC-Council credential is ideal for every forward-thinking professional who wants to have a flourishing career in ethical hacking. To earn this certification, the students should pass one exam. By doing so, you demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable in specific aspects of hacking, such as scanning networks, viruses, system hacking, social engineering, sniffers, Trojans, session hijacking, enumerators, and cryptography, among others.

4. Isaca CISM

CISM, or Certified Information Security Manager, is offered by Isaca and validates the professional’s skills in information security. The areas covered include IS governance, incident, risk, and program management & development. This credential is designed for the IT experts interested in high standard levels the following domains: security, control, and information systems auditing. These are specialists who perform security functions for the enterprises.

5. Isaca CRISC

CRISC, or Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, is offered by Isaca. It validates that an individual has the expertise to identify and manage IT risks for the enterprises. The certification also proves that the specialists can implement and maintain controls for information systems. If you want to get instant recognition, then this is the best certificate to pursue as it can help you boost your IT career. Before you earn it, you should pass the exam, which comes with a number of topics. The objectives include identifying IT risk, assessing IT risk, response and mitigation of risks, and control monitoring & reporting of risks.


These are the most popular cybersecurity certifications for those professionals who are serious about getting into the field with high potential. Proving your expertise in cybersecurity requires a credible way to do this. And this is what these credentials do. By pursuing any of them, you prove your readiness to provide security-based solutions to the enterprises and other organizations across the world. And thus, you will gain not only a certification badge but also an opportunity to improve your career path and your knowledge.

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