Should You Go for Python Certification in 2020?
December 29, 2019

If you search for the Python certifications, you will be surprised that there is some information about them. So, the real question arises. Are the Python certificates worthless or just hard to come by? When it comes to an IT career, getting a credential can be an impulse decision. This is because a lot of employers are currently looking for people who are certified in the field. However, when it comes to the programmers whether a certification is important or not is still a question that needs an answer.

However, we believe that obtaining a programming certification does matter, this is because there is no point in listing down the programming languages you are interested in. You should just mention the language that you actually know. So if you are someone who is a Python developer, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of credentials that will be perfect for you. This is exactly what we will be shedding light on in this blog article.

Overview of Sought-After Python Certifications

If you think that your resume requires a little improvement, going for an IT certification is a great way to make a difference. If you are thinking about pursuing a Python credential, you need to bring a few things under consideration. One of the first points that you need to consider is your experience. If you are completely new to programming and want to find a decent job, going for the Python certificates will be quite helpful. And if you already have some knowledge, the enhancement of your skills will be beneficial.

Let’s review the top five Python certificates that deserve your attention.

Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

This certificate is also known as PCEP. As the name suggests, this is the starting point when you are looking for a Python certification. This is the credential to go for when you are completely new to programming and don’t have a lot of experience in the field. If you are thinking about taking PCEP, you will learn procedural programming concepts and become savvy with the language syntax and runtime environment in Python. The certification exam costs only $59, and the topics that you will need to study are as follows:

  • Functions;
  • Basic Concepts;
  • Evaluations, Data Types, and Basic I/O Operations;
  • Flow Control, including conditional blocks and loops;
  • Data Collections along with dictionaries, tuples, and lists.

This is the only exam that is available in the OpenEDG Testing Service. Three others that we will mention below are available in the Authorized Pearson VUE Testing Centers.

Certified Associate in Python Programming

The next Python certification that you need to know about is PCAP. While it only deals with procedural programming, the credential introduces you to an object-oriented one. It also covers objectives, such as loops, filing, and comparison operators. After you have earned the PCAP certificate, you will be able to start programming right away, you will not be required to take any additional training. The certification exam costs $295, which shows that it is much more expensive as compared to PCEP. The topics that covered in this test are mentioned below:

  • Data Aggregates;
  • Control and Evaluation;
  • Functions and Modules;
  • Classes, Objects, and Exceptions.

Certified Professional in Python Programming 1

PCPP 32-1 is one of the two PCPP certifications, and it takes a closer look at specific applications for GUI environments. This credential requires you to have a clear understanding of OOP concepts, and it is mainly designed for those applicants who are interested in developing high quality applications using Python. The main topic areas of the PCPP 32-1 exam are as follows:

  • GUI Programming;
  • Python Improvement Proposals;
  • Match, Science, and Engineering Tools;
  • File Processing and Communicating with a Program’s Environment;
  • Advanced Perspective of Object-Oriented Classes and Programming in Python.

All these different sections make up a certain percentage of the exam and that is why you need to make sure that you prepare for all of these areas properly. This certification test costs $195. You also need to know that PCAP is a prerequisite for PCPP 32-1.

Certified Professional in Python Programming 2

PCPP 32-1 is more developer-focused, but this situation changes when you come to PCPP 32-2 because its main focus is leadership. This certification is all about developing Python applications for any enterprise. The individuals who choose this credential should be able to create multi-thread software, perform database transaction, and more. Just like the PCPP 32-1 certification exam, the PCPP 32-2 test costs $195. The main objectives of the exam are as follows:

  • Design Patterns;
  • Interprocess Communication;
  • Python Network Programming;
  • Python-MySQL Database Access;
  • Creating and Distributing Packages.

Certified Expert in Python Programming

The thing about the CEPP certification that sets it apart from other credentials is that you are not required to take any exam to earn it. If you pass PCAP along with PCPP, you can get this expert-level certificate.


These were some of the main Python certifications that you can go for. Each of them is a bit more complex than the previous one, and that is why you should start your battles carefully. There is no need to go for all the certificates quickly. Instead, you can take down each of them after some time. If you are going to choose any of these credentials, you will need to pass an exam or two. This is why you need to make sure that you prepare for the tests properly and don’t leave any stone unturned. Python is a very powerful language, and if you have completed the mastery over it, it will make you a great asset for your company.

So, should you go for a Python credential? We definitely recommend that you pursue it. Of course, everything depends on your preferences and current skills. But it will certainly be useful for your career path.

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