10 Trusty JavaScript Test Tools to Use Today
February 5, 2020

We bet you understand how necessary it is to test JavaScript code. Doing so is the right way to make sure that everything is working properly inside your browser. When we talk about testing JavaScript, there is a plethora of test tools that you can use. From very simple programs to broad testing frameworks, we will show you the proven tools that will keep your JavaScript free of bugs. Here are ten of the most reliable JavaScript software that you can use today. Let’s explore them in detail.

1. AVA

This is a great tool for testing JavaScript, and you can find many reasons for this. It can be used in testing Node.js code. This program comes with a short API, besides providing support for new languages. There are a lot of other benefits of AVA. The testers love it as their JavaScript tool of choice as it offers wonderful speed. Due to its excellent speed, it allows them to run multiple tests simultaneously. What is more, this tool also has a very simple test syntax.

2. Enzyme

This is one of the most popular and trusted JavaScript test tools available today. Enzyme is a program for the React .js UI library. It provides the developers with the ability to simulate and adjust runtime based on the output. The API of this tool is very similar to those which is used by jQuery for DOM or document object-modeling, traversal, and altering. You can also use this JavaScript program to test the features of React Native.

3. Cucumber.js

This is another popular JavaScript test tool among the developers. This program basically runs on recent web browsers. Besides, it also runs on Node.js versions. What makes Cucumber.js a great tool for testing is that it offers timely and very easy communication between the members of any team. This JavaScript tool is also popular among the IT specialists because it provides them with the option to launch automated JavaScript tests in a plain language. In other words, it is extremely easy to read, and any person engaged in the testing exercise can do it. Even though this communication is great, it can be improved so that it becomes even much better. Cucumber.js is a file that is easy to execute, it can be used to conduct testing, and this tool doesn’t work if it is globally installed.

4. Karma

This is a very great JavaScript test tool that is trusted by many developers and used across the industry. One of the reasons why Karma is popular as a testing program is that it allows you to execute JavaScript code in a number of browsers, even in those that are used on mobile phones. What makes Karma stand out as the go-to test tool is that the developers don’t have to install a full pack of various configurations. This is actually its greatest advantage. Instead, you can create the code and immediately receive feedback from testing.

5. QUit

This is a unit test tool for projects that usually use jQuery. John Resig, a jQuery investor, is behind the creation of this JavaScript testing framework. This program is not only easy to use but also quick, and it can be utilized with an API extension, which you can use to test any JavaScript code. If your test fails, this tool will provide you with the expedient as well as comprehensive and in-depth feedback so that the problem can be resolved immediately or as soon as possible.

6. Protractor

This is a very comprehensive framework to test Angular and Angular.js. When using this tool, you need to perform tests against applications in the browser when Protractor interacts with the app in the same way as a regular person.

7. Mocha

This is another JavaScript test tool you can choose. This program offers many features that can be successfully run in browsers and on Node.js. Most importantly, Mocha gives you the ability to test the asynchronous code in an easy manner. Among the reasons for this is that the tests are conducted serially, which usually provides flexible and accurate reporting, while at the same time being able to display undetected or missed exceptions.

8. Luna

This is a well-known JavaScript test tool that is widely used by many industry professionals. There are a lot of different opinions concerning Luna, as it offers a wide range of advantages such as the opportunity to quickly run unit testing in no time. Luna also includes code coverage reports even without the need to actually install any kind of extra modules, and configuration is not required. This tool doesn’t offer transpiling, which means that you can’t use it with TypeScript or CoffeeScript and also doesn’t support older browsers.

9. Jest

This is a comprehensive JavaScript debugging tool that is very popular among the industry professionals. Actually, this program doesn’t even require any configuration. Besides, you will also use it straight out of the box. Jest is also compatible with Vue, Babel, Node, Angular, and many other popular JavaScript. It is also possible to perform many tests at the same time.

10. Jasmine

This JavaScript test tool is in no way dependent on any other JavaScript program and doesn’t require modeling of a document object. Its syntax also makes it very easy to test, and Jasmine is great for custom website programming.


No matter which JavaScript test tool you choose, it is advisable to ensure that all the individuals can use it easily and comfortably. The programs should be convenient for every team member because just one bug, which goes unobserved during testing and unknowingly sent to the users, can be extremely destructive for your product. Be sure to perform manual and automatic testing, because a bug may exist in many places. Thus, it is desirable that the human testers are also deeply engaged in the process.

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