Golden Ten: Java Blogs That Can Be Useful for Both Beginners and Professionals
December 29, 2019

Java is one of the most popular languages in the programming world. It is also becoming more popular day by day. In case you are into programming, you will need authentic resources to learn more about it. According to the leading software quality company, Java holds a position of the most preferred and most popular programming language. It is used in various fields, such as application writing, system development, APIs, web apps, and so on. Java is widely used for business applications, and more importantly, in every financial service and institution. These include portals, trading systems, online banking, and market engines. Some of the most popular companies that use Java are:

  • Netflix;
  • Amazon;
  • E-bay;
  • Google.

All this interesting information makes Java a programming language to consider. In case you are in pursuit of a career in programming, you first need to get some basic information about Java. And, of course, you can learn about it from the blogs.

10 Java Blogs for Newbies and Specialists

There are so many Java resources out there. The Internet has become flooded with lots of information and training materials about this programming language. The big question is how will you find the best Java resources to offer expertise and wonderful experience? You do not have to worry about this anymore because we are going to provide you with the ultimate list of Java blogs where you will get suitable and reliable information. Let’s start.

1. Info Q

It is important to note that this blog is not all about Java but it contains a ton of information about software development. What makes it our top list is the excellent Java presentation from the best IT experts. The Java section in this blog is awesome and makes it stand out.

The Java resources on this platform are founded on topics, such as AI, Data Engineering, Architecture, ML, DevOps, program culture, and so on. There are also so many materials, such as the latest news, book reviews, podcasts, guides, and others that you don’t want to miss.

2. Oracle Blog

As the top known company in the Java world, Oracle offers a comprehensive platform where you can get lots of resources and services related to this language. You will get the latest insights and updates on Java OpenJDK and Java SE.

It covers information on the latest Java technology and Java IoT. You will get tutorials, FAQs on Oracle Java SE updates. In this blog, you will find a series of articles on ways to set up Cloud development of modern days. For a successful career in Java, this playform is your best partner.

3. Javarevisited

For detailed Java study materials, Javarevisited offers all you need. This includes the programming basics, design patterns, frameworks, architectural styles, APIs, and many more. You will also find links to online courses and books along with various Java certifications from online courses from Whizlabs, Udemy, and Pluarlsight.

The best thing about this blog is the organization of resources. You will find explanations, detailed articles, samples, and FAQs on all Java topics.

4. Java World

This is among the top Java blogs owned by the International Data Group (IDG), which is the best media technology company. It offers in-depth content, reviews, news, glossaries, tools, and applications related to Java programming. The other important thing about Java World is that you will find the latest updates on careers on Java.

5. Adam Bien’s Weblog

In case you are in search of the best Java blog for the developers, especially those who specialize in enterprise software, then the Adam Bien’s Weblog is the best place for this. Adam Bien has received both Java Rock Star and Java Champion titles because of his great achievements in programming, leadership, and community management on the Java language. He is a seasoned author, and the blog has over 1500 articles on various topics related to Java.

6. JOOQ Blog

The Java Object-Oriented Querying or JOOQ SQL programming model enables writing SQL queries in the safest way by the use of powerful API. The blog offers an extensive library that has specialized resources and topics on Java. You will find step-by-step guides, best practices, tutorials, and tricks.

7. A Java Geek

For the programmers, this is the best and the most popular blog for various crafts in Java programming. The founder, Nicolas Fränkel, offers in-depth diagrams, explanations, log management, and many more. He has also been proved to be an expert in various Java technologies, such as Java EE, spring framework, Internet application, etc.

8. Baeldung by Eugen

Baeldung offers extensive resources for the programmers at different levels. Eugen is an engineer who has a passion for tutoring and web apps. He has a course available in the blog, which provided detailed training on Java development. You can get a certification on this course to further improve your skills in Java.

9. Vlad Mihalcea’s Blog

Vlad is blogging from 2013. He offers expert training on high-performance date access, database system, and software architectures. The owner has also received titles, such as JPA expert, Java Champion, and top Hibernate ORM Commuter.

The blog offers an in-depth guide and resources related to Java, especially in Hibernate framework. You will also find features, such as JOOQ, SQL, and Spring Framework. The quality of the content in this blog makes it one of the best in Java programming.

10. Thoughts on Java

Similar to the blog by Vlad Mihalcea, this one specializes in Hibernate framework in Java. Here, you will find workshops, YouTube videos, blog posts, training, tips and tricks on Hibernate. Most of the video content on this platform is narrated by its author Thorben Janssen.

Here, your level of expertise doesn’t matter when it comes to Java programming. This blog offers resources for the entry-, intermediate-, and expert-level learners on Java, Hibernate, and related technology.


In conclusion, the above list offers in-depth information on the most popular Java blogs. They will provide basically all the resources that you need to kick start or improve your Java knowledge. All these are for both the beginners and the seasoned Java experts. So, just bookmark these blogs for quick reference to your Java needs.

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