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PMI PMI-RMP Exam - PMI Risk Management Professional

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Question #1

You are the project manager of the GHY project for your company. This project has a
budget of $543,000 and is expected to last 18 months. In this project, you have identified
several risk events and created risk response plans. In what project management process
group will you implement risk response plans?

A. Executing

B. Planning

C. Monitoring and Controlling

D. In any process group where the risk event resides

Question #2

Holly is the project manager of the GHH Project. During risk identification and the
subsequent risk analysis process she has identified a risk with a high probability and high
impact for her project. She and the stakeholder agree that the project management plan
should be changed to eliminate the risk threat entirely. What risk response has Holly used
in this instance?

A. This is the risk mitigation response.

B. This is the avoidance risk response.

C. This is the transference risk response.

D. This is a scope change and not a risk response.

Question #3

You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You have to communicate the causes of
risk events to the stakeholders. Which risk diagramming technique you will use to
communicate the causes of risk events to project stakeholders?

A. Project network diagrams

B. Process flow charts

C. Ishikawa diagrams

D. Influence diagrams

Question #4

You are the project manager of the GHE Project. You have identified the following risks
with the characteristics as shown in the following figure: How much capital should the
project set aside for the risk contingency reserve?

A. $142,000

B. $41,750

C. $23,750

D. $232,000

Question #5

Which one of the following is the only output for the qualitative risk analysis process?

A. Enterprise environmental factors

B. Project management plan

C. Risk register updates

D. Organizational process assets

Question #6

Linda is the project manager of the NAB Project. One of the risks her project team has
identified is too dangerous for the project team to manage internally so she has hired a
vendor to complete this portion of the project and to manage the identified risk. What risk
response has Linda used in this instance?

A. Transference

B. Avoidance

C. Contractual

D. Mitigation

Question #7

Which of the following documents is described in the statement below? "It is developed
along with all processes of the risk management. It contains the results of the qualitative
risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis, and risk response planning."

A. Risk management plan

B. Project charter

C. Risk register

D. Quality management plan

Question #8

You are the project manager of a large construction project. This project will last for 18
months and will cost $750,000 to complete. You are working with your project team,
experts, and stakeholders to identify risks within the project before the project work begins.
Management wants to know why you have scheduled so many risk identification meetings
throughout the project rather than just initially during the project planning. What is the best
reason for the duplicate risk identification sessions?

A. The iterative meetings allow the project manager and the risk identification participants to identify newly discovered risk events throughout the project.

B. The iterative meetings allow all stakeholders to participate in the risk identification processes throughout the project phases.

C. The iterative meetings allow the project manager to discuss the risk events which have passed the project and which did not happen.

D. The iterative meetings allow the project manager to communicate pending risks events during project execution.

Question #9

You are the project manager of a large, high-profile project in your organization. You have
realized that politics within your company may affect the true identification of risk events
within the project. You decide that you'd like to use a method to identify risk events through
an anonymous process. Which one of the following risk events will allow you to collect and
distribute risk information without the stakeholders knowing what other stakeholders are
communicating about the project risk events?

A. Surveys

B. Monte Carlo Technique

C. Checklist analysis

D. Delphi Technique

Question #10

Your project spans the entire organization. You would like to assess the risk of the project
but are worried that some of the managers involved in the project could affect the outcome
of any risk identification meeting. Your worry is based on the fact that some employees
would not want to publicly identify risk events that could make their supervisors look bad.
You would like a method that would allow participants to anonymously identify risk events.
What risk identification method could you use?

A. Delphi technique

B. Isolated pilot groups

C. SWOT analysis

D. Root cause analysis

Question #11

Donna is the project manager of the QSD Project and she believes Risk Event D in the
following figure is likely to happen.
If this event does happen, how much will Donna have left in the risk contingency reserve if
none of the other risk events have happened?

A. $35,000

B. $41,700

C. $14,000

D. $6,700

Question #12

You are working with your project stakeholders to identify risks within the JKP Project. You
want to use an approach to engage the stakeholders to increase the breadth of the
identified risks by including internally generated risk. Which risk identification approach is
most suited for this goal?

A. Delphi Technique

B. SWOT analysis

C. Assumptions analysis

D. Brainstorming

Question #13

Harry is the project manager of the MMQ Construction Project. In this project, Harry has
identified a supplier who can create stained glass windows for 1,000 window units in the
construction project. The supplier is an artist who works by himself, but creates windows for
several companies throughout the United States. Management reviews the proposal to use
this supplier and while they agree that the supplier is talented, they do not think the artist
can fulfill the 1,000 window units in time for the project's deadline. Management asked
Harry to find a supplier who can fulfill the completion of the windows by the needed date in
the schedule. What risk response has management asked Harry to implement?

A. Mitigation

B. Acceptance

C. Avoidance

D. Transference

Question #14

Adrian is a project manager for a new project using a technology that has recently been
released and there's relatively little information about the technology. Initial testing of the
technology makes the use of it look promising, but there's still uncertainty as to the
longevity and reliability of the technology. Adrian wants to consider the technology factors a
risk for her project. Where should she document the risks associated with this technology
so she can track the risk status and responses?

A. Risk register

B. Risk low-level watch list

C. Project scope statement

D. Project charter

Question #15

You are preparing to start the qualitative risk analysis process for your project. You will be
relying on some organizational process assets to influence the process. Which one of the
following is NOT a probable reason for relying on organizational process assets as an input
for qualitative risk analysis?

A. Studies of similar projects by risk specialists

B. Risk databases that may be available from industry sources

C. Review of vendor contracts to examine risks in past projects

D. Information on prior, similar projects

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