5 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word: What Are They?
February 5, 2020

Most people are not familiar with numerous programs that can replace Microsoft Word. Everyone needs an excellent word processor, and MS Word is one of the best options. It’s true that this software supports many formats, integrates with many office applications, and extends a range of higher quality templates. However, you’ll need to spend some cash to benefit from these features. The best part is that there are other impressive software substitutes to Microsoft Word that you can use without spending a dime. Here are the top 5 free tools that are the best alternative to MS Word.

1. LibreOffice Writer

Are you looking for the best alternative to Microsoft Word that doesn’t cost you anything? Then LibreOffice Writer is the best option. This is the perfect open-source Word alternative that comes with regular updates to incorporate new features and fix bugs. If you are OK with the older version of MS Word, then this will be the best option for you. The interface of this software is the same as Word before the introduction of the ribbon. This means if you’re familiar with the old interface, you’ll like this program. You might take more time to understand it if you’ve been using the latest versions of Microsoft Word. Nevertheless, menus and icons are intuitive and straightforward.

LibreOffice Writer is compatible with MS Word documents and other text file formats. This means that it allows you to share your documents with other users with ease. Furthermore, the software works perfectly with other tools in the LibreOffice suite. So, you’ll import spreadsheets from Calc or graphs from Charts quickly. This tool has a huge community of users and developers, and that’s what makes it stand out among other programs. This community includes a pack that creates scores of plugins and templates. It doesn’t have Cloud support, but you can sync your files with OneDrive and Dropbox.

2. WPS Office Writer

This is a great program that comes with numerous features that assist you in performing your daily duties in an easy and fast manner. It’s one of the greatest free substitutes to the current versions of Microsoft Word. If you like Office 2007, you won’t have problems switching to WPS Office Writer. The software comes with tabbed browsing for several documents and opens any of them in any format. Furthermore, this tool features a proprietary file format. However, in new file documents, the .docx format is used by default, which makes it easy for the users to share MS Word. WPS Office Writer comes with in-built Cloud support with free storage of 1GB for synchronization and backup.

3. Apache OpenOffice Writer

This is one of the best open-source alternatives to Microsoft Word. Together with LibreOffice, this software is offered by Apache. These two tools use a similar codebase. Apache OpenOffice Writer has excellent compatibility with MS Word documents. It works seamlessly with linked spreadsheets, databases, and presentation apps. Further, the program comes with an excellent MS Office format platform with a vital sidebar that allows you to format your options. The software provides minimal templates than LibreOffice. Nevertheless, it comes with a great range of formats that can be downloaded.

4. AbiWord

This program is another word processor that can easily replace MS Word for daily editing and writing projects. However, it becomes more useful if you don’t rely on the advanced features offered by Microsoft Word. Since it’s an open-source project, this tool is less demanding compared to other alternatives we’ve already discussed. This makes AbiWord an ideal low-powered notebook. The software comes with the best format support such as .docx and .doc, which provides excellent options for sharing documents.

5. SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker

This is a great software that can replace Microsoft Word. However, it can be more useful if it allows its users to save file documents in the .docx format. It comes with a less cluttered interface compared to many free MS Word alternatives. However, it doesn’t have many tools and settings. SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker admits you to create interactive documents with bookmarks and fields that are saved as PDF. Although the software doesn’t have many templates, it offers enough for your needs. It allows you to access documents in the .docx format. If you want to share them with other users, you’ll need to stick to other options.

Other Alternatives

  • Apple Pages. This is a free word processor created by Apple. It comes with a keynote, a presentation program, and spreadsheet application numbers. Even though Apple Pages can’t compete with MS Word in terms of functionality, it outsmarts this popular Microsoft program when it comes to design and usability.
  • Google Docs. This is among the products in the web-based software office suite from Google. Irrespective of the web-based nature of Google Docs, it’s accessible as Google Chrome on PC and mobile apps. The program supports collaborative editing and search functionality that is enhanced by machine learning. It also opens .docx and .doc file documents.
  • Notepad++. This is a text editing software that serves as a substitute to notepad. Nevertheless, since it supports tabbed editing when working on several documents in one window, most people like to use it for writing drafts and proofreading. Notepad++ comes with other useful features that make it more than a text editor. This includes autosave, line bookmaking, support of plugins, and macros.
  • Scrivener. This is a unique word processing software used by the screenwriters, professionals in academia, and novelists. It comes with a ring-binder metaphor that allows you to simplify your texts into manageable parts and combine them as you want. This may not seem essential if you rarely work on large pieces of writing. Scrivener is accessible for Linux, Windows, and macOS. The macOS version enjoys first-class support. The Linux and Windows versions are somehow behind. You can use this tool for 30 days for free. This is enough time to write your school essay or short story.


These Microsoft Word alternatives will help you complete your daily tasks with ease. Furthermore, you’ll have a chance to save, as they’re free. Their range of features and robust options will help you do your writing and editing work as in MS Word.

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