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Avaya CallPilot Maintenance
Avaya CallPilot Maintenance

Questions & Answers for Avaya 7304

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Question #1

A block can be added to an Application Builder Application to allow editing of recording
from a remote location.
What is the Application Builder block for this purpose?

A. Customer block

B. Remote Location block

C. Custom Recording block

D. Voice Item Maintenance block

Question #2

You are setting up the dialing translation definitions for your customer's Avaya CallPilot
How do you set up the dialing translation definitions for a location that has codes that
contain both local and long distance directory numbers?

A. Associate the group having the most number of exchange codes with the defined prefix.

B. Associate the group having the least number of exchange codes with the defined prefix.

C. Associate the group having the least number of exchange codes with the last four digits in the directory number.

D. Associate the group having the most number of exchange codes with the last four digits in the directory number.

Question #3

An administrator will use Application Builder to re-design an application for callers. The
application needs to be exported to reuse functionality.
Which requirement must be satisfied before the application is exported?

A. There is no requirement.

B. The application must be complete.

C. The application must have a pink border.

D. The application must contain a continue block.

Question #4

Your customer is concerned about security of Voice Form responses and wants password
protection. The customer asks you how passwords are created and changed.
What is your explanation?

A. The administrator creates and changes a password in the Voice Forms Details Page.

B. The transcriber creates and changes a password from the Avaya CallPilot Features tab In My CallPilot.

C. The administrator configures the Mailbox Class to allow the transcriber to create and change a password.

D. The administrator creates the password in the Voice Forms Details Page, and the transcriber changes it from the Telset or My CallPilot.

Question #5

You have created a Voice Form and attempted unsuccessfully to enable it. What can
prevent you from enabling the Voice Form?

A. The Voice Answer fields are not recorded.

B. You deselected the Transfer to Attendant Allowed field.

C. The transcriber field separator is not selected as Field Name.

D. You must try again later, because voice forms maintenance is in progress.

Question #6

You are using Application Builder to create an application for your customer.
Which block provides the primary way to play a voice recording within an application?

A. Start block

B. Rotary dial block

C. Announcement block

D. Language Select block

Question #7

The Avaya CallPilot Voice Item Maintenance (VIM) and Fax Item Maintenance (FIM)
services must be defined in Avaya CallPilot before remote application maintenance
services will function. The VIM and FIM must have a number defined in a table on the
system. table contains the definition?

A. SDN table

B. VIM Service table

C. FIM Service table

D. Remote Service table

Question #8

Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs) are used to signal users that new messages have
Which statement regarding Message Waiting Indicators is true?

A. MWIs can be triggered by new or urgent messages.

B. Up to 15 MWI DNs can be configured by the administrator.

C. My CallPilot users cannot keep their associated MWI from displaying on their telset.

D. The mailbox owner can change their MWI DN once it has been assigned by the administrator.

Question #9

Personal Distribution Lists (PDL) can be used by Avaya CallPilot users. In which place can
authorized users access PDLs?

A. My CallPilot

B. Mailbox links

C. Avaya CallPilot Manager

D. Static Shared Distribution Lists

Question #10

A company recently purchased a CallPilot system and wants to use the Message
Which statement about the Message Forwarding Rule feature is true?

A. If Avaya CallPilot receives a Non Delivery Notification for a message that it forwards, the user's Message Forwarding Rule is disabled.

B. Avaya CallPilot can forward a single message multiple times.

C. The Message Forwarding Rule applies to messages that arrive both before and after the rule is enabled.

D. Users cannot enable their message forwarding rule from a telephone.

Question #11

The Maximum Channel Settings is used to limit the number of channels that the Service
Directory Number (SDN) can use at any given time.
Which is a true statement about channel settings in the SDN table?

A. If you set the minimum number of channels allocated to a service at zero, no channels are available for this service.

B. To limit how many channels an application can use simultaneously to a specific number, add a check mark in the Use Default maximum box.

C. If you want to guarantee that a service has access to a certain number of channels at any one time, type this number in the Minimum Channels box.

D. To allow dynamic channel allocation based on available resources for a voice media type ' application, enter the number 1 in the Minimum Channels box.

Question #12

The administrator will use Application Builder to design an application so callers will have a
choice between billing and accounts receivable. The system has six blocks In the Basic
Block Palette that will be used.
Which block from the Basic Block is available?

A. Start

B. Begin

C. Rotary

D. Call Transfer

Question #13

You are adding several new mailbox owners.
On which page in Avaya CallPilot Manager do you set password prefixes for the new
mailbox owners?

A. Mailbox Classes page of the User menu

B. Dialing Information page of the Messaging menu

C. Security Administration page of the Messaging menu

D. Messaging Management page of the Messaging menu

Question #14

Shared Distribution Lists (SDLs) are created and maintained by the system administrator,
but are accessible by users.
Which statement about creating SDLs is true?

A. Static SDLs contain a set of criteria.

B. SDLs can be managed from My CallPilot.

C. Other SDLs cannot be included in an SDL.

D. Static SDLs can include local mailbox owners.

Question #15

Which statement is correct concerning the Mailbox Class?

A. The pre-installed Mailbox Classes provided by Avaya Cal/Pilot cannot be customized.

B. Administrators must set the user's remote notification schedules in the Mailbox Class.

C. A change to a setting in the mailbox class can be applied to a select group of the members rather than to all members within the class.

D. To restrict the number that a user can call back, the administrator must apply a Restriction Permission (RPL) to the External Call Sender.