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Latest HRCI PHR Certification Exam Dumps, Practice Test Questions
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Download Free HRCI PHR Practice Test, PHR Exam Dumps Questions

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Free VCE files for HRCI PHR certification practice test questions and answers are uploaded by real users who have taken the exam recently. Sign up today to download the latest HRCI PHR certification exam dumps.

HRCI PHR Certification Practice Test Questions, HRCI PHR Exam Dumps

Want to prepare by using HRCI PHR certification exam dumps. 100% actual HRCI PHR practice test questions and answers, study guide and training course from Exam-Labs provide a complete solution to pass. HRCI PHR exam dumps questions and answers in VCE Format make it convenient to experience the actual test before you take the real exam. Pass with HRCI PHR certification practice test questions and answers with Exam-Labs VCE files.

Human Resources Core Knowledge - Skills, Concepts, and Tools

2. PHR and SPHR Exam Considerations (2)

The next factor to consider is which certification is right for you. The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification focuses on the technical and operational aspects of day-to-day human resource functions and the related federal employment laws and regulations. The Senior Professional in Human Resources, or SPHR, focuses on the strategic and policymaking aspects of strategic HR management. With that said, the decision on which certification you should pursue should be based on your experience and responsibilities, not how long you have been in HR. And I stress that it's not based on how long you have been in HR. Honestly, this is the greatest issue with the SPHR certification. I've seen some excellent tactical HR professionals decide to take the SPHR exam based on the length of service in HR and Del Eggos. Please don't make that mistake. If you honestly don't know which exam is right for you, HRCI has counsellors available to talk you through your decision. Okay? And with that out of the way, let's look at a few specifics or a few basic facts about HR certification. First, what score is required to pass the exam? Well, a perfect score is 700, and I don't know anyone who has received a perfect score. A minimum passing score is 500. So, how many questions is that? Well, it depends. Each time, the PHL and SPHR exams have multiple versions, and each question is weighted differently. Also, keep in mind that the PHR and SPHR exams cover the same body of knowledge. However, the focus is different in each of the six key areas covered. That means the number of questions related to specific topics will be different on a phrase versus an SPHR exam.

3. PHR and SPHR Exam Considerations (3)

Let me explain that a little further. a few basic facts about HR certification. There are six key areas covered by business management and strategy. 11% of the PHR questions and 30% of the SPHR questions. Workforce planning and employment are 24% of the PHR questions and 17% of the SPHR questions. Human resource development is 18 of the PHR and 19 of the SPHR. Compensation and benefits are 19% of PHR and 13% of SPHR. Employee and labour relations are 20% of PHR and 14% of SPHR. And risk management is 8% of the PHR and 7% of the SPHR. But remember, every single question counts. Now, there are two testing cycles per year, usually May 1 through June 30 and December 1 through January 31. Each exam contains 175 questions; 150 are scored and count, 25 are experimental, and one counts toward your score. You will be under strict testing conditions with a maximum of a three-hour time limit, which is continuous. Now, you'll be able to leave the testing room and use the restroom stretcher whatever, but the clock keeps running. As a general rule, the year-over-year PHR pass rate is between 64% and 68% of the people taking the test. The SPHR pass rate generally runs between 55% and 58% of the folks who take the test. Now remember, those are the average pass rates for first-time attempts. Pass rates usually decrease with multiple attempts. But why is that? Well, I'm not sure, but I believe it's because people don't put as much time into studying the second or third time around. And it's definitely the wrong approach. If someone doesn't succeed the first time, brushing up for a second attempt will fall far short.

4. PHR and SPHR Exam Considerations (4)

HRCI, or Human Resources Certification Institute, does provide some clear requirements for individuals who are looking to earn certification. For PHR. They must have a minimum of four years of demonstrated exempt-level professional experience in HR and be someone with a master's degree. A minimum of one year of demonstrated exam level, professional experience in HR is required for SPHR candidates. Someone with less than a bachelor's degree or no degree at all must have a minimum of seven years of demonstrated exam-level professional experience in HR, compared to someone with a bachelor's degree. A minimum of five years demonstrated "exam level" professional experience in HR and someone with a master's degree A minimum of four years of demonstrated Exam level professional experience in human resources is required, but remember what I said earlier in the profession—this is only one factor. not the deciding factor for which exam is right for you. Now, for some test-taking tips, first read each question carefully and completely before attempting your answer. Remember, the question or material may sound familiar, but it only takes a minor change to one word or phrase to completely change the meaning of the question. Look for keywords or phrases that will tell you exactly what the question is asking. Exam questions are infamous for containing extra words or phrases unrelated to the core of the question. So use the keyword or phrase to help you focus on the core of the question and determine exactly what the question is asking.

5. PHR and SPHR Exam Considerations (5)

Let's say you have absolutely no idea what answer is best. Well, you can mark the question without answering it and return to it later. not something I recommend. But if you run out of time and can't get back to answer any unanswered questions, they are wrong. You can answer the question and mark it for later review; that's a much better option. You can also narrow the potential answers by eliminating two that you believe are incorrect and then selecting the best answer and moving on without looking back. That's what I did. And pace yourself. You have 180 minutes to answer 175 multiple choice questions. That's an average of 61 seconds per question. Now, I know that doesn't sound like a lot of time, but if you are prepared, you'll be just fine. Don't rush. but don't spend unnecessary time on any questions either. Use the marking option to go back to questions if you have time left at the end. Okay. If you don't remember anything else, remember and practise the next three tips over and over because they could be the difference between success and failure on your exam. First, once you have answered the questions, do not change your answer. Now that you hear me stress this, do not change your answer. Research shows that your initialanswer is almost always correct. However, if you somehow realised that you misread the question or if you are 101 percent sure you answered the specific question wrong, then you can go back and change it. Secondly, look for the best answer, not the right answer. Now, I know that sounds crazy, but there will be times when you are convinced none of the available choices are right, and that may be true. Take a deep breath, reread the question carefully, and choose the best answer based on the information provided, and then move on. All right. I saved the best for last. Never, under any circumstances, leave a question unanswered if you are running out of time and you can't thoroughly answer the remaining questions. Yes. That's right. I said yes with the remaining answers. Even when you guess at an answer,you have a one in four chance. That's a 25% chance of being correct. But unanswered questions are wrong. 100 percent of the time.

6. Key HR Skills and Concepts (1)

Key HR skills and concepts in the topic Two key HR skills and concepts Our focus will be on communication skills and strategies such as presentation, collaboration, and sensitivity. Then you'll be introduced to some fundamental leadership concepts in the ritual function. It is a fact that effective organisations communicate effectively. for that and many other reasons. Communication should be a core concern for you as an HR professional because without effective and regular communication between management and employees, organisational objectives are often unclear and meeting those objectives is unlikely at best. Remember, employee engagement and productivity rely on the effective and timely transfer of information to establish this type of environment. Organizations often develop a communication strategy that outlines how various types of messages are communicated. This can happen from the top down, from the bottom up, and laterally. But regardless of the direction, the main objective of communication strategy is to ensure the smooth, continuous flow of information. The benefits of well-developed communication planning can result in good employee relations, increased employee involvement, reduced misunderstandings due to miscommunication or grapevine information, and clearly defined objectives that everyone can share. Understanding how communication, of course, is also an essential tool for HR professionals, As mentioned before, communication flows through an organisation in several directions. Downward communication flows from higher to lower levels within the organization. Information conveyed this way includes organisational values, strategy, goals and measures, and policies and procedures. Upward communication flows from lower to higher levels in the organization. This type of information includes status updates, employee suggestions, group reports, and employee issues and complaints. Lateral or horizontal communication flows among peers, within a team, or across functions within the organization. This type of flow is necessary to coordinate organisational functions. Network communication flows along predetermined channels through an organization, such as an email list or scheduled meetings. And as mentioned earlier, gravevine communication conveys information informally, generally through unstructured networks, and often includes opinions, suspicions, and rumors. There are a number of interpersonal skills and techniques that can be helpful to effectively communicate information: empathy; tact and sensitivity; fairness and openmindedness; good listening skills; effective and sensitive questioning techniques; and clear writing skills. Further, communication is far more than just words. A good communicator is aware of his or her own nonverbal behaviours as well as those of others from the speaker's side, maintains good eye contact and a relaxed open posture, avoids distracting movements, and uses carefully placed silence to allow the other person to reflect and explain important points. It's.

7. Key HR Skills and Concepts (2)

TO make a presentation interesting and memorable. Each person should feel like you are talking directly to them, and in order to make that happen, you will need to know some things about the audience. First, who is your audience? Next, what's the general level of knowledge about the topic? Then what are the audience's needs regarding the topic? And finally, try to anticipate questions and responses to the presentation. In addition, there are four primary steps that can help you create and organise a presentation. First, determine how much time you have. Always be realistic about how much information you can cover in your allocated time. The level of detail depends on how much time you have available, and if you want to take questions at the end, allow at least ten minutes. Next, define a purpose. A successful presentation must have a central message. Plan your presentation with the end in mind; that is, what do you want your audience to walk away with? Or what specific action should your audience take as a result of your presentation? Third, identify supporting facts without overwhelming your audience. Too little substance will bore them and toomany facts, and you will lose them. Every fact you include should help illustrate, support, expand on, or back up your purpose. And finally, choosing your approach, you may decide to compare and contrast specific points, present the material in a question and answer format, or tell a story. However, whichever approach you choose, make sure it's appropriate for your message, your personal style, and your audience. Technology has also had a significant impact on how we communicate. Text messaging, smartphones, and social media tools play a big part in today's communication and can't and shouldn't be ignored. For example, many companies are using social media for customer service, marketing, and a number of other purposes. Therefore, it is vital for HR to understand the available technologies, accept that they permeate our society and our workplaces, and take the lead in developing guidelines that clearly identify acceptable and unacceptable uses for those powerful tools. Email, texting, and instant messages, or IMS, are the most commonly used platforms for business communication. However, while all three are extremely useful at work, they can be misused and lead to severe consequences for both individuals and organizations. Employees and managers should be trained and reminded that privacy and discretion are never guaranteed when using electronic communications, and deleting something does not mean it can't be found in the future. Because of the risk associated with electronic communications, virtually every company should develop policies and best practises for the business use of these tools. Policies will indicate what is and isn't acceptable, and best practises will further explain how to safely and effectively communicate electronically. For example, policies and best practises may include limits on the personal use of company-owned equipment and networks, forbidding the distribution of offensive materials, avoiding the use of disparate comments, and eliminating the expectation of privacy.

So when looking for preparing, you need HRCI PHR certification exam dumps, practice test questions and answers, study guide and complete training course to study. Open in Avanset VCE Player & study in real exam environment. However, HRCI PHR exam practice test questions in VCE format are updated and checked by experts so that you can download HRCI PHR certification exam dumps in VCE format.

HRCI PHR Certification Exam Dumps, HRCI PHR Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers

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