Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator – Service Cloud Applications Part 4
May 25, 2023

8. Case Feed Overview – Lightning vs. Classic

Let’s talk about the case feed. Now, I am in my service console with my home page and if I’m in an actual case, which I can click on a case here from my home page and that takes me to that case tab. The case feed is this area here and you’ve got feed and then you’ve got details. Now, when you look at the feed, you see the Chatter publisher where you can do a Chatter post and mention someone, for example. And so there is a lot of functionality that is available inside of Lightning Experience, but there’s some functionality that is not available in Lighting Experience quite yet. So you have to do some customization in the case feed and some of those things that you need to do have to do with sending emails from your case feed and being able to close cases. Now this is inside the console.

Let’s look at a case outside the console. And so if we switch over just the service application, not the service console one, this is the non console service application. And here if we go into cases and click on a case, this is the case page layout for cases outside of the console. And here we’ve got the case feed in the primary section, the two thirds of the screen. So there’s more real estate here. So I want to look at the case feed outside of the console context, if you will, because we are going to be making some customizations here. And so in addition to posting to Chatter, for example, you can post polls as well. And then you have your activity management items here in the case feed, such as recent activities, call logs, text posts and status changes.

So unfortunately, there’s no options or buttons here for closing case or sending an email. Now, if you look over here, we’ve got options for changing record type cloning, et cetera, but we don’t have options for closing the case, which seems kind of obtuse and kind of limited for lighting experience. But what I want to do is I want to switch over or bounce over to Classic because you may not have a lot of experience in Salesforce Classic. And if you do, then you’re familiar with a lot of the more robust functionality that is available in Classic and probably wondering, well, how do I do this or how to get to this enlightening experience? And I’ll show you that starting the next lesson. But before we do that, I want to show you Classic. All right, so now we are in salesforce.

Classic Ohio. Misty. And so I’m going to click on the Cases tab and click on Case 1002 and you see the case feed now from inside of Salesforce Classic and you see that there’s an option to log a call here and that was not in Lighting Experience. There’s a lot of other options here as well that have not been configured or set up in Lighting Experience. But then as well, another thing to draw your attention to, well, a few things actually is you can tap over to the details here and this gives you the details screen with a related list as well for the case. And then if you go back into the feed, you see that you’ve got your activity history.

The updates on the case are recorded here and displayed. And then as well, what I wanted to show you was if you go back into the details is this closed case button so you could close a case and there’s a whole different screen that comes up for the case closure screen. Now, what I want to show you is how to bring the same type of functionality into Lighting Experience, giving you the ability to close cases and then customize that page layout and as well the ability to log a call.

So another thing I wanted to show is not only can you log a call here from the Chatter publisher, but over in details under Activity History, you can log a call. And this is more traditionally where you see in classic logging of a call is in Activity History as well as sending an email. So this functionality is not readily available or readily apparent, at least inside of Lightning experience. So we need to make some customizations. And so to recap app and to prepare us for the next lesson, what we’re going to be tackling and then we’ll probably do this over several lessons is we’ll do further customization in the case feed inside of lightning experience so you have the ability to send an email, to log a call and finally, last but not least, to close a case. So let’s start down that path of case feed customization and Lightning starting in the next lesson.

9. Case Feed Customization in Lightning Experience – Log a Call Quick Action

Back in Lightning Experience and we’re going to look at creating different quick Actions in order to bring functionality to Lightning that is in Salesforce Classic. So I mentioned previously that we don’t have the ability to log a call inside of Lightning Experience. In the case feed, you see call logs here for underneath the most recent activity in my Chatter feed. And clicking on that, you see here that there’s no call logs. There’s also not a log call button or a new call log entry button there. There’s nothing here to log a call. There’s nothing in the details here and there’s. Well, for related lists under Activity History, you click on that and it’s just a list view of any activities that have happened. But there’s no option here to create or log a new call. For example, what we need to do is we need to create a quick action and make that action a log a call action. So what we’ll do is we’ll go into Object Manager and set up and we’ll select cases. And so what we need to do is create a new action under Buttons, Links and Actions. And you see here that we already have a log a call.

So rather than creating this, it’s already available to us. But if for whatever reason you don’t have this available, you can create your log a call action by just following along with what is entered here. We’ve got the icon and I may have set this up previously and I’ve already forgotten, perhaps, but just give it a label of log a call relationship field is related to the action type is logging the call object is case. Now the target object is a task. When you log a call, that creates a new task record. And then the predefined values that are entered are the who ID, which is a lookup for the case that this call is being logged for. It looks up the ID of the contact record that this case is associated to. So what we need to do now that we’ve got our action in place is we need to add it to the page layout.

So if we go into page layouts on the case object for case page layouts, we’ve got four different page layouts here. So what we need to do is we’ll look at this page layout, which if we click Edit Page, we can figure out which one this is by clicking in the details in the lighting app builder, which details are over here on the right, clicking on that refreshes here and it’s the previewed one. So it’s case layout. We’ll click on that, that brings up the enhanced page layout editor for the page layout that we selected. And so now what we’re looking for is under Quick Actions. Now you see log a call is appearing under Salesforce Classic Publisher. Now we’ve got a log a call here which we want to have appear in the mobile and lighting experience actions. And so what happens by default is that for lighting experience, it inherits the predefined actions based on what’s in classic and some of these are not available though in lighting experience, such as the standard Log A Call action. And so you can override the predefined actions and so I’ve overridden the actions. For the Case page layout here, let me click Save. It has log a call already in there. There’s a secondary log of call. This is a little confusing because there’s two different ones here. The second one that is not selected already in the page and hasn’t been added to the page layout, it is not associated with Case.

It is just more like a global action where you log a call not associated with the case. It creates a task. You see the target object in that yellow pop up. But this one here, if you hover over this, you see that the name is Case Logic Call. So it’s associated with case. And so once we overrode the defaults and have this appear here, let me go ahead and move Logic Call to the left of post and let me click Save. Let’s see if we can get Log a call to appear inside of Lightning experience. So I’m going to back out of this and leave that. So now the Log A Call action appears in the chatter publisher. So now if we click on that, if we’re on the Log of Call tab, we click on that. Let me show that again. Clicking on Log A Call, you have the subject defaulted in. Or you can select from the list here, but it defaults to Call. You can enter comments about what you did. And then here is where that predefined value from. That who ID from the case contact is being pulled in from the contact on the case.

Now if I click Save, it’ll create a new task record. Task call was saved. So now you see that all updates, you’ve got the log call. And if we just look here under call logs, you’ll see it there as well. They can view the call from inside the call logs. That gives you the detail screen for the task. And a log call is simply a task record. You can make comments on this. And so I started off saying we were going to create that quick action for Logo call, but we actually had that quick action. So now let’s look at our page layout again and just make sure that I’m not overlooking any other quick actions. But let me go into Edit Object to go to the object manager for Case and then I know that it’s Case layout for page layout and we overrode the defaults and inherited these.

And then we have the logo call. What I want to do is I want to move this to the right of post because I think in the chatter publisher post is best to come up by default. If you want to log a call, I think it’d be good for users to have to click on that because it’s a little confusing there. But then I wanted to look to make sure that we don’t have well, we do have a closed case button here, so let’s drag that up here by close a call and let’s click Save. And now let’s refresh. And I think that this gets kind of confusing with these actions. So that Close Case action button is found under the Mobile and Lightning actions list here. Not just the quick actions, which would be for the Salesforce classic options, but for the Mobile and Lightning actions, we do have a closed case standard button. And so in the next lesson, we’ll go more in depth on this closed case Lightning action, and we’ll get this working so that you can close cases from inside your case feed inside of Lightning experience now that we’ve added the ability to at least log a call. So next lesson will get case closure working. So I’ll.

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