EC Council CEH 312-50 – So Your Ready To Take Your Test
July 4, 2023

1. So your Ready To Take Your Test 1?

Okay, so the moment of truth is arrived. So you think you’re ready to take the test? First, let’s discuss the test you’re taking. Most likely you’re taking the certified ethical hacker test from Ethy council. There are actually several things you should know before you’re taking advantage of. One, there are several tests that or ethical hacker tests that you can take. One is the Cpts test for mile two. It’s priced a little bit more effectively, but it doesn’t have nearly the following. Another one is the Gsec test from Sands, or more precisely, from Giac, considered to be the Cadillac of the tests. And my gosh, just like a Cadillac, they are proud of it. They want $1,500 to take that test.

The test is really not that hard, but boy, I tell you what, they are proud of that test. So a lot of people elect to go with the Easy Council test, but you may elect to go with the mile two Cbts test. Each one of the tests have pretty much the same information on them. So do your research and find out exactly what is popular in your area. The Cpts is extremely popular down in South America and in Spain. The EC council test is popular in most other places north America, Africa, Europe. Sand, as I said before, is the Cadillac, and it is more challenging in some regards. But one nice thing about it is it’s open book. So there are several things you should know about the EC Council before you are taken advantage of. So let’s go ahead and get into those right now.

Here are some things that EC Council won’t tell you. In order to sell their certification to the US. Government, they must adhere to what’s called ansi certification. Now, anti certification is probably the largest certification membership in the entire world. And the US. Government buys more certification tests than anybody else in the world. And everyone wants to be anti certified. Previous to being anti certified, a company could say, well, if you want to take our test, you must take our class from our authorized training company. Now, Easy counsel for the longest time made you do that. As a matter of fact, the only holdout to doing that is VMware, and I’m still not really quite sure where they are at.

But Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia, pretty much everyone else is anti certified. And what anti certified means is it allows you to prepare however you wish for your exam. You may self study. You could use this course. You could go to an authorized EC Council ATC, which of course, is what they want, but it’s not required. In addition, they cannot charge you more if you do not take the course from EC Council ATC in order to obtain a testing voucher. Unfortunately, they are currently doing this. They are charging an extra $100 as an enrollment fee, which is a 100% violation of Ansi regulations. So what can we do about it? Well, unfortunately, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will take several complaints to get this changed.

But I’m happy to provide you the email address of the person to complain to and the URL that you can plug into your browser to lodge a complaint. Naturally, the more popular this course is, the quicker this will get changed. I will venture to say it will take only a matter of months. The gentleman is a very understanding man by the name of Ij Krishna and he’s the Senior Director of Personnel, Credentialing and Accreditation Programs. This is his phone number and all of his information. Let’s talk about a few more things you’re going to need to be aware of taking your tests. As far as EC Council is concerned, there are three ways to take your test. You may buy a Prometric Prime voucher, there’s a $100 up charge and you are able to go to any Prometric Prime I’m sorry.

You’re able to go to any Prometric View Prime in the world to take your exam. You may buy an EC Council voucher from an ATC and take the exam at any EC Council ATC worldwide. You can use the new proctor for you service. There’s a $100 up charge. This actually is kind of a nice feature. This service will work with you to set up a camera in your home and monitor you while you take your test without you having to go to a testing center. This is very convenient for individuals who are not close to a testing center. A wise man once told me the key to preparing for the Ethical Hacker exam is using test prep questions. Now, I’m not a fan of brain dumps.

Yes, you can cheat and put far less work into preparing for this career, but you’re only cheating yourself. A wise man once told me that if you study hundreds or even thousands of test questions and if you’re not real careful, you’re going to learn the material. As you can imagine, when you’re going through these test questions, you’re going to be learning the material. I can guarantee you one thing right now. If you simply go through all the slides and go through the practice tests and expect to go out and pass the tests, unless you have a lot of experience, you will not be successful. You’ll will need to study the test questions. I will have a tremendous amount of test questions available for you.

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