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IBM M2180-651 Dumps

IBM PureApplication System Sales MasteryTest v1
IBM PureApplication System Sales MasteryTest v1

Questions & Answers for IBM M2180-651

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Question #1

Which patterns are packaged for virtual environments, includes automated deployment of
middleware topologies, and offers the traditional administration and management model?

A. OS Images for Existing Software Patterns

B. Virtual Application Patterns

C. Virtual System Patterns

D. Hybrid Patterns

_of_WAS_deployment_with_IBM_Workload_Deployer.pdf(slide 9, virtual system patterns)

Question #2

Which one of the following can be created in the IBM PureApplication System, exported
and imported for sharing across systems, and is available in two types - virtual applications
and virtual systems?

A. Virtualized infrastructure services

B. Customized scripts

C. Software application patterns

D. Scaling policies

Question #3

Which one of the following is NOT a business demand that the IBM PureApplication
Systemhelps enable customers to address?

A. Capturing business opportunities more quickly

B. Increased business innovation

C. Leveraging technology more strategically

D. Increased business process control

Question #4

When discussing Expert Integrated Systems with clients, which of the following best
characterizes the current environment the systems are designed to help?

A. An environment of accelerating change, increasing business risk,and IT complexity

B. An environment of constant change, simplification, and reduced business risk

C. An environment of managed change, frequent communication issues, and IT complexity

D. An environment of managed change, IT complexity, and constant upgrade demands

Question #5

Which one of the following is NOT a capability of the IBM PureApplication™ System?

A. Database management

B. Web application serving

C. Java application server platform

D. Process portal platform

Question #6

Most IBM PureApplicationSystem whiteboard conversations will have unique outcomes,
but the most desired and logical next step in the sales process is which of the following

A. An agreement to move forward with a PureExperience offer

B. A purchase order

C. Another whiteboard discussion with the line of business leaders

D. An Express Business Value Assessment (BVA)

Question #7

Which one of the following capabilities of the IBM PureApplication System includes
deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system?

A. Built-in expertise

B. Integration by design

C. Simplified experience

D. Automation control

overview-2012-0410-v1(slide 6)

Question #8

What best describes the cumulative business value of the IBM PureApplication™ System?

A. Resource utilization rates that consistently run in high double digits

B. Significant improvement to an organization’s business agility

C. Ability to meet all service level agreements

D. Significant reduction in unplanned outages

Question #9

According to the IBM PureApplication System whiteboard, what is the average
percentage of IT budget spent on maintenance and operation costs?

A. 50%

B. 95%

C. 70%

D. 35%

Reference:http://www- 2,
first bulleted point on the left)

Question #10

Which one of the following options offers users built-in expertise, integration by design, and
a simplified IT experience?

A. Real-time systems

B. Support management systems

C. Expert integrated systems

D. Mainframe systems

the first three bulleted points on the page)

Question #11

Which resource can you use to prepare for a client discussion to better understand the
issues that they are facing that the PureApplication System can address?

A. Gartner’s Competitive Analysis

B. Business Value Assessment Workshop

C. The IBM most current annual report

D. The IBM most current CIO study

Question #12

Optimized, deployable application patterns from over a hundred leading Independent
Software Vendor (ISV) partners can bedownloaded via the ______________.

A. IBM PureApplication™ Management Console

B. IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool

C. IBM Partner Profiling System

D. IBM PureSystems™ Centre

Reference: slide, see
the text in blue)

Question #13

Which of the following is NOT a capability of the IBM PureApplication™ System?

A. Includes all the infrastructure and middleware application services needed for web applications

B. Enables dynamic customization for seamless growth

C. Has built-in workload elasticity to handle changes in demand

D. Runs transactional databasesin native mode

Question #14

According to the IBM CIO study, innovation-driven CIOs believe ____________ can have
the highest impact by creating new revenue sources.


B. New customers

C. Contract renegotiations

D. Cloud computing

w_webcast_slides.pdf&token=MTM0MzE1ODg4MjAzNw==&locale=en_ALL_ZZ(slide 2,
see the sentence with the blue background)

Question #15

Which statement best describes the “consolidate” customer initiative, or use case, of the
IBM PureApplication™System?

A. Workloads from hundreds of applications can be consolidated, which significantly reduces the total cost of IT operations.

B. Resource utilization rates run routinely in the single digits.

C. Business applications are available even during platform upgrades.

D. It provides dynamic resource allocation to better meet service level agreements.