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Juniper JN0-561 Exam - Juniper Networks Certified Internet Assoc(JNCIA-SSL)

Questions & Answers for Juniper JN0-561

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Question #1 - Topic 0

Two resource policies cover the same resource. The first policy resource definition is not as
specific as the second policy.
Which resource policy takes precedence and why?

A. The first policy takes precedence because it is the first match in the rule list and first match stops processing.

B. The second policy takes precedence because it is most specific and the system works on longest match.

C. The second policy takes precedence because all rules are always evaluated and the last match it finds controls the action.

D. The second policy takes precedence. Unless you specify that the first rule is marked to stop processing, the system continues to check for matches until it reaches the last match and it takes that rule's action.

Question #2 - Topic 0

Which log contains information about service restarts, system errors and warnings, and
session timeouts?

A. Event log

B. System log

C. User Access log

D. Admin Access log

Question #3 - Topic 0

Which two types of Digital Certificates are used by the IVE? (Choose two.)

A. Client Certificates

B. LDAP Certificates

C. Server Certificates

D. RADIUS Certificates

Question #4 - Topic 0

Which two combinations of Authentication Servers and Directory Servers are valid?
(Choose two.)

A. Authentication Server: IVE Directory Server: LDAP

B. Authentication Server: LDAP Directory Server: AD/NT

C. Authentication Server: RADIUS Directory Server: LDAP

D. Authentication Server: AD/NT Directory Server: RADIUS

Question #5 - Topic 0

Which Web Policy feature under Resource Policies provides you with the capability to
prevent PDF files from being stored on your local drive (even temporarily) when being
downloaded via the Web?

A. Caching Policies

B. Caching Options

C. Selective Rewriting

D. Web Proxy Policies

Question #6 - Topic 0

You receive an IVE from the factory.
To which address do you browse, if you want to initially configure the device via a browser?





E. You cannot initially configure the IVE from a browser. You must have console access.

Question #7 - Topic 0

You create a set of role mapping rules. You select "Merge settings for all assigned roles."
The first role mapping rule has the "Stop processing rules when this rule matches" option
selected. A user logs in that matches the first three rules.
What happens?

A. This is not a valid combination. The system displays an error message and does not update the configuration.

B. The merge settings override the stop processing option. The user matches all three roles and merging follows the standard merging criteria.

C. The Stop rule prevents any more rule matching after checking the first rule. The user matches only the first rule and permissive merging does not occur since there is only one matching role.

D. The merge settings still merge all three roles, but the first role now overrides the standard merging criteria and uses its own values for all conflicting values found in subsequent roles.

Question #8 - Topic 0

You are using the IVE to provide access to Terminal Service Applications.
Which statement is true about Windows Remote Desktop and Citrix ICA Terminal Services

A. The user must have the client application installed.

B. The user is provided the client on-the-fly from the IVE.

C. The user must use Network Connect to secure the traffic.

D. The user must use the Secure Application Manager to secure the traffic.

Question #9 - Topic 0

What is required to configure an AD/NT server to validate usernames?

A. domain controller

B. administrator name

C. Kerberos realm name

D. allow trusted domains?must be selected

Question #10 - Topic 0

Which two can you configure in a Terminal Services bookmark to allow for local resource
access? (Choose two.)

A. session type

B. connect local drives

C. connect local printers

D. split-tunneling with route monitor

Question #11 - Topic 0

When using the custom application feature of W-SAM to redirect traffic, you configure the
name of the Windows executable and optionally the MD5 hash of that file.
What happens if the MD5 hash value does not match the checksum value of the

A. W-SAM notifies the user that the checksum could not be validated and shuts down completely.

B. W-SAM notifies the user that the checksum could not be validated, but forwards connections from the application anyway.

C. W-SAM does not notify the user that the checksum verification has failed, but forwards connections from the application anyway.

D. W-SAM notifies the user that the identity of the application could not be verified and does not forward connections from the application to the IVE.

Question #12 - Topic 0

Which three statements are true about the Host Checker feature? (Choose three.)

A. Host Checker can be used to check the age of a file on a client system.

B. Host Checker can be invoked before a user is allowed to sign in to the IVE.

C. Host Checker can be used to check the presence of a particular file on a client system.

D. Host Checker can verify the client certificate being offered by the client system via a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) check.

Question #13 - Topic 0

What is the function of the Sign-in Policy?

A. It controls whether or not a user can sign-in, based on role membership.

B. It controls which options are available on the login screen, based on the user's permissions.

C. It controls who can access the login page, based on IP address, certificate information, Host Checker and other criteria.

D. It defines the URLs that users and administrators can use to access the IVE and what Sign-in Page is associated with those URLs.

Question #14 - Topic 0

Which statement is true about selecting "User can add bookmarks" when configuring
Options under "Creating bookmarks for Windows or UNIX files"?

A. when users create bookmarks they automatically get access to the underlying resources.

B. when users create bookmarks they do not automatically get access to the underlying resources. You must manually grant access to that resource.

C. when users create too many bookmarks, the IVE gateway will remove any bookmarks created an administrator

D. when users misconfigure bookmarks and the bookmarks take them to a broken site, they could get locked out of the IVE

Question #15 - Topic 0

You are using LDAP as your Directory Server.
Which two options are available for creating role mapping rules? (Choose two.)

A. User Attribute

B. LDAP Attributes

C. Group Membership

D. CA Certificate Attributes


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