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IBM C4040-120 Exam - Associate: IBM i 7.1 Administration

Questions & Answers for IBM C4040-120

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Question #1 - Topic 1

A programmer is developing an application that has several file objects. One of the objects
is a control file that will not be updated by the users. What is the correct permission for the
control file to prevent updates by users?





Question #2 - Topic 1

What command is used to save IFS objects?





Question #3 - Topic 1

A daily job produces a large a number of spooled files. The administrator has changed the
print file attributes to cause the print files to expire.
The administrator has noticed that even though spooled files are expired, they are not
being removed from the system.
What additional step must be taken to cause these spooled files to be removed from the

A. The system value QEXPSPLF must be set to "REMOVE.

B. The print files *EXPACTION parameter must be set to *REMOVE.

C. The Reclaim Spooled Storage (RCLSPLSTG) command must be run

D. The command DLTEXPSPLF must be run to remove the spool files.

Question #4 - Topic 1

Which console is required to support virtualization (LPAR) on a Power 740 system?


B. Twinax

C. Operations Console LAN Attach

D. Operations Console Direct (serial) Attach

Question #5 - Topic 1

IBM i provides the capability to use digital certificates to sign objects. What objects, other
than Programs (*PGM), Service programs (*SRVPGM) and Modules (*MODULE) may be

A. Libraries (*LIB) SQL Packages (*SQLPKG)

B. Query definitions (*QRYDFN) Journals (*JRN)

C. Populated save files (TILE SAVF) Commands (*CMD)

D. Message queues (*MSGQ) Populated data Queues (*DTAQ)

E. Physical files (*FILE PF-DTA) User Profiles (*USRPRF)

Question #6 - Topic 1

Which command will always find the IBM QCMD program?





Question #7 - Topic 1

How does the "Save While Active" function work?

A. A checkpoint image of the object is made and saved to media.

B. It saves the entire object and uses the journal to reconstruct it at restore time.

C. It uses journaling to cache read and write requests for the saved object from other jobs.

D. An exit point program is used to manage temporary locks on the object by the save operation and any requesting jobs.

Question #8 - Topic 1

A long running batch job ends unexpectedly. This generates thousands of pages of job log
output. The job log includes thousands of informational messages and ends with: "Job
message queue cannot be extended."
What can the administrator do to prevent the job from ending when this problem occurs?

A. Change system value QJOBMSGQMX to the highest allowed value of 64.

B. Change the job so that its output is generated by a Job Log Server.

C. Change the system value QJOBMSGQFL to *EXTEND enabling automatic job log extension

D. Change the job's logging level so that informational messages do not appear in the job log.

Question #9 - Topic 1

A user has forgotten their password and asked the administrator to reset it. Company
security policy requires passwords to be known only to the user.
The administrator used System i Navigator to access the Igor user profile.

After checking "User must change password at next sign-on", what must the administrator
do to reset the password?

A. Type a new password in the password box.

B. Select "Personal" and click "Reset user password."

C. Select "Capabilities" and click "Reset to Previous Password."

D. Drop down the password list, and select "Reset password to default."

Question #10 - Topic 1

An administrator is analyzing job queue QBATCHJOB. There are jobs waiting to run. The
job queue is single threaded.
Which is the first criterion used to determine how and when a job in the QBATCHJOB
queue is processed?

A. The time and date the jobs were submitted.

B. The authority of the user submitting the jobs.

C. The system values assigned for job queue processing.

D. The priority of the jobs as given by the job description assigned.

Question #11 - Topic 1

What system value, when properly set, will allow a single-partition system to come up
automatically after an electrical outage?





Question #12 - Topic 1

An administrator restores a set of two libraries named TEST_A and TEST_B from a backup
Several objects did not restore into library TEST_A.
All objects restored into library TEST_B.
The administrator reviews the job log and finds that all of the objects that failed to restore
were logical files.
What is the most likely reason that these objects failed to restore?

A. The logical files were saved with the ACCPTH (*NO) parameter.

B. The ALWOBJDIF (*ALL) parameter was not specified on the RSTLIB command.

C. The logical files are based on physical files that are in library TEST_B.

D. The administrator does not have sufficient authority to restore the access paths.

Question #13 - Topic 1

Why is Network Address Translation (NAT) a benefit to corporations?

A. It converts MAC addresses to IP addresses.

B. It allows corporations to hide private addresses from the public.

C. It links specific portions of an internal network with corporate cost centers.

D. It enables protocol conversion between network entities such as SANs and application servers.

Question #14 - Topic 1

An administrator needs to authorize an operator to SST so the operator can perform
required job functions. What is needed to authorize the new operator to sign on to SST?

A. Create a user profile in SST/DST for the new operator.

B. Add 'SERVICE and *IOSYSCFG special authorities to the operator's user profile.

C. Grant the IBM i user profile access rights to SST by using QSECOFR in DST after an IPL.

D. Add the new operator to the QIWSADM iSeries Access Administrators authorization list and grant SST/DST privileges.

Question #15 - Topic 1

After reviewing various items in the system audit journal using the DSPAUDJRNE
command, the administrator would like to use the DSPJRN command to output more
information. What needs to be specified for the journal in the DSPJRN command in order to
output data from the system audit journal?

A. Library QSYS, journal QAUDJRN

B. Library *LIBL, journal QAUDRCV01

C. Library *AUDLIB, journal QAUDCTL

D. Library QUSRWRK, journal QAUDLVL2


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