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IBM C2020-706 Exam - IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting Developer

Questions & Answers for IBM C2020-706

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Question #1

When a user is in the process of creating a report, there is anoption to "Copy Report". What
does this do?

A. Copy Report ensures the variables will not be carried over.

B. Copy Report copies the selected report into a new one.

C. Copy Report updates reference variables in a report automatically.

D. Copy Reportenables shared objects to work appropriately.

Question #2

A company compiled its 2010 Q2quarterly report using an OLAP data source and a query
variable for the quarter. They are now performing a rollover from the 2010 Q2 quarterly
report to the 2010 Q3 quarterly report. How do you ensure that the OLAP connection for
the new Q3 quarterly report will be updated with data from 2010 Q3?

A. Change the value for the quarter query variable from Q2 to Q3.

B. Update the value of the quarter field in the OLAP connection to Q3.

C. Change the ##S variable for the quarter to Q3.

D. Change the ##R variable for the quarter to Q3.

Question #3

A company is preparing a presentation in PowerPoint. Which three can be exported to
PowerPoint? (Choose three.)

A. table

B. reference variables

C. charts

D. section note variables

E. TOC headings

Question #4

Upon generating the balance sheet Excel object, an end-user realizes that the generated
balance sheet object is not generated with the line items containing zeros. Why does this

A. FSR automatically suppresses the line items with zeros.

B. Dollar ($) signs need to be placed in separate columns.

C. The line items containing zeros need to be merged.

D. The items do not have the ##NL and ##SL in the column.

Question #5

A customerwants to use Word macros in FSR for reporting purposes. What are two ways to
do this? (Choose two.)

A. while exporting all Excel objects

B. in the Tools > View Macro Definitions window

C. individually at each object level

D. while generating selectedsections

Question #6

An administrator hasbuilt a global workflow for eight users. However, 10 users have access
to the FSR application. How can the administrator restrict viewing access of the objects to
the two users that are not part of the global workflow?

A. In the Users table, select the user to restrict; in the "Filter By" dropdown menu, select "None".

B. In the Users table, select the user to restrict; in the "Filter By" dropdown menu, select "By Visibility".

C. In the Users table, select the user to restrict; in the "Filter By" dropdown menu, select "By Workflow".

D. In the Tools > Report Setup window make the changes.

Question #7

To use a workflow rule, which two variables are required to be set up? (Choose two.)

A. ##WRI

B. ##IRS

C. ##WR

D. ##WS

Question #8

After successfully installing the FSR client software on a user's desktop, the user is unable
to generate any reports. Which two prerequisites, if missed, would cause this behavior?
(Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Excel

B. Microsoft Word

C. Microsoft PowerPoint

D. SQL Server client tools

Question #9

A client made a mistake when they shared an object and copied it into a different report.
They would like to unshare it. What shouldthey do?

A. To unshare an object, a user must delete all the objects that are linked to it.

B. Simply unshare the "Share this object" checkbox.

C. Delete the original object since it cannot be unshared and re-create it.

D. Delete the copy of the shared object before you can unshare it.

Question #10

Validation rules that are created to reconcile the numbers throughout the report
automatically bring a report validation screen upon the generation of the entire report. What
is another way by which auser can verify the validation of an FSR report?

A. The users can select Tools > Validate Report.

B. The users can navigate to the report setup for the validations.

C. The users can click on Tools > Reference Variables.

D. The users can navigate to the report summary window to validate the report.

Question #11

When setting up a Word object, what are three document types? (Choose three.)

A. Header

B. Image

C. Footer

D. Table

E. Normal

Question #12

The report team finished their first draft of their report and now they would like to send
asnapshot of this report for review. How would a user create a snapshot?

A. Use the "Create Snapshot" icon.

B. Generate the entire report and check the "Save as Snapshot" option.

C. Every time a user saves, FSR will automatically create a new snapshot.

D. Go to Tools > Snapshots, then select the "Save as Snapshot" option.

Question #13

Anadministrator is working on a quarterly report and needs to add the new custom group
"Q2/Q3". Where can the administrator add this new group?

A. in the "Customized Group" table under Administration > Resources

B. in the Report Summary node of the report

C. in any FSR object of the report, open the "Set Customized Group" icon and add a new group to the list

D. the custom group is added to the workflow for the object

Question #14

You want to connect to an external Excel file using the data load method.Which two
selections should you perform to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A. The range selected should only contain what is needed for the report.

B. The ranges should contain as many V-Lookup formulas as possible.

C. The range should contain links to multiple Excel spreadsheets and multiple workbook sheets outside of FSR.

D. The range of numbers should be rounded at the source Excel file externally from FSR if possible.

Question #15

An end user is the assigned user in thePage Setup object. The user would like to edit the
margins, but the message, "You don't have permission to save the changes of object
content. " is displayed. What is the reason for this message?

A. The Excel sheet is protected.

B. The user does not have write permissions to the FSR database.

C. In the workflow, the current stage is not set to "Editable".

D. The workflow due date for the object is in the past.


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