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IBM BAS-004 Exam - IBM Cognos ICM Essentials

Questions & Answers for IBM BAS-004

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Question #1

You have defined a Portal Access group for Sales Managers, and the option Maintain this
group in Task Manager was selected.
Where do you change the restrictions defined for the group?

A. Task Manager Rules

B. Task Manager Groups

C. Portal Access Assignment

D. Composer

Question #2

When using the Standard Build Framework, which two factors should you consider when
defining the list of Common Components for a model? (Choose two.)

A. payout components

B. inbound feeds

C. compensation plans

D. tier measures

Question #3

Click the Exhibit button.

In Presenter, when preparing data sources for the report shown in the exhibit, which type of
source must be created to produce the subtotals by payee?

A. Data Source

B. Subtotal Source

C. Aggregate Transformation

D. Computed Row

Question #4

In a Presenter Data Grid, how would you set the alignment ofa particular column to be
right-aligned while keeping all other columns left-aligned?

A. Right-click on the column and select Alignment> Right.

B. Select the column, then select the right-align icon.

C. Set Conditional Formatting for the column with a condition such as“1=1”

D. Set Advanced Formatting options for each column separately.

Question #5

Which table type should be used to store transactional information?

A. View

B. Data

C. Custom

D. Structural

Question #6

Which two statements about Presenter Data Grids are true? (Choose two.)

A. A Data Grid can be created by dragging a source into the report layout.

B. A Data Grid can only have one Data Source associated with it.

C. A Data Grid can be exported to a Word document.

D. Duplicate values can be removed by clicking Show Section Headers checkbox.

Question #7

When using an effective dated table as a source for a calculation, which two statements
are true? (Choose two.)

A. Join start and end date of the effective dated table to a single date.

B. Join the calendar table to the effective dated table.

C. Join on both effective dates.

D. Join an effective dated table to another effective dated table (not Time).

Question #8

Which two column types would be used as a partition? (Choose two.)

A. Comment

B. Text Box

C. Numeric

D. Date

Question #9

Which statement is correct regarding Layout Tables in Presenter?

A. Once it is defined, the number of rows and columns cannot be changed.

B. Two tables can be swapped as long as one is not the parent of the other.

C. Every cell in a Layout Table must contain a report object.

D. Cells and columns within a Layout Table can be merged.

Question #10

You want to restrict a developers access to modify table data in the QA environment. What
should the QA administrator do?

A. Disable the developer’s Web access.

B. Remove the developer from the Payee table.

C. Limit the developer’s role to view data.

D. Remove the developer from all the Portal Access Groups.

Question #11

What organizes multiple Web tabs in the Web client?

A. WebTab Groups

B. Folders

C. WebTabs

D. Portal Access Groups

Question #12

Which two statements are benefits of adding effective-dates to tables? (Choose two.)

A. They make calculation restrictions easier to define.

B. They provide a better audit trail for the data set.

C. They provide another solution for deleting records.

D. They prevent changes to data overtime.

Question #13

Which two statements regarding Portal Access Web tabs are true? (Choose two.)

A. The first tab listed in Portal Access is the first tab that will be displayed on the Web client.

B. You can have a Web tab and a sub-tab for a single Web tab object.

C. You can change the location and order of Web tabs after they have been created.

D. Users that have access to Web tab groups also have access to sub-tabs.

Question #14

Yourclientsenvironment is configured for LDAP Web authentication. What must you do in
the Admin client to allow users to log into the Web client?

A. Add users to the LDAP tab of Manage Users.

B. Enable users for access using Portal Access.

C. Run a calculation.

D. Enable users for access using Manage Roles.

Question #15

In the Base Model, what is the purpose of the AttributesImportExclusion table?

A. to exclude specific AttributeIDs from being imported into the model

B. to exclude invalid combinations of Common Component Types and Numeric Types

C. to exclude certain Numeric Type and Accumulation Type combinations from the Attribute table

D. to temporarily remove all attributes of a specified Data Stream


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