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IBM A2030-280 Exam - Assessment: IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1

Questions & Answers for IBM A2030-280

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Question #1 - Topic 1

Which is an IBM product that is used to manage storage capacity for a cloud solution?

A. IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager

B. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

C. IBM ILOG Optimization Decision Manager

D. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller

Question #2 - Topic 1

Cloud computingenables the rapid provisioning of cloud-based services. What is a benefit
of rapid service provisioning?

A. only used services are paid for

B. applications are developed faster

C. faster access to workload services

D. there is no longer a need to planfor workload optimization

Question #3 - Topic 1

A cloud service vendor provides business services such as human resources and payroll
processing. They use Web interfaces on a sharedinfrastructure providing multi-tenant
services without the need to manage or control the underlying resources. What type of
cloud service is this company providing?

A. Platform as a Service

B. Software as a Service

C. Infrastructure as a Service

D. Business Process as a Service

Question #4 - Topic 1

Which cloud service model(s) aresupported by the IBM Cloud Computing Management
Platform Reference Architecture?1) Software as a Service (SaaS)2) Platform as a Service
(PaaS)3) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)4) Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

A. 3

B. 2 and 3

C. 1, 2, and 3

D. 1, 2, 3, and 4

Question #5 - Topic 1

A company is setting up a cloud environment to host several of their applications. These
applications vary in importance and the company wants to ensure that the most business
critical applications get the most resource. Which solution will help achieve this goal?

A. WebSphere eXtreme Scale

B. WebSphere Business Events

C. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise

D. WebSphere Business Monitor

Question #6 - Topic 1

An enterprise is utilizing a cloud computing environment in which the infrastructure resides
off-premise, multiple users share access to the cloud services, and users access the cloud
over the Internet. What is the name of this cloud deployment model?

A. public cloud

B. hybrid cloud

C. private cloud

D. community cloud

Which IBM solution establishes the connectivity to on-premise applications and databases
that reside behind the firewall during the integration of a cloud solution?
A. IBM Tivoli Secure Connector
B. IBM Cast Iron Communicator
C. IBM WebSphereCommunicator
D. IBM Cast Iron Secure Connector
Answer: D

Question #7 - Topic 1

What are the two main categories of management services required for delivering and
managing cloud services? (Choose two.)

A. Business Support Services

B. Business Process Services

C. Operational Support Services

D. Sensor Management Services

E. Information Analytics Services

Question #8 - Topic 1

Which characteristic of cloud computing may prohibit a company from utilizing a public
cloud offering?

A. metering

B. elasticity

C. self-service

D. resource pooling

Question #9 - Topic 1

Which two reports are available as part of IBM Tivoli Usage andAccounting Manager?
(Choose two.)

A. Rate Report

B. List All VMs

C. Show All Users

D. Run Total Invoice

E. Failed Login Attempts

Question #10 - Topic 1

If the cloud management service tools detectsstorage is constrained for a cloud system,
how would the cloud respond?

A. increase quota

B. archive and delete data

C. increase the alert threshold for filesystems

D. increase the filesystem size within the customer's SLA limits

Which application profile is required for a successful cloud operational model?
A. Decoupling
B. XML and C++
C. UDP Connectivity
D. Scalable Computing
Answer: A

Question #11 - Topic 1

Which IBMproduct implements metering capabilities?

A. IBM Tivoli Monitoring

B. IBM Tivoli Common Reporting

C. IBM Tivoli System Automation

D. IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager

Question #12 - Topic 1

A company is creating a cloud environment consisting of hosts in multiple physical
locations. Which network technology allows physically separated hosts to communicate in
the same manner as if the companyattached them to the same broadcast domain?

A. IP Virtualization

B. IP Masquerading

C. Virtual Local Area Network

D. Network Address Translation

Question #13 - Topic 1

What is a prerequisite for IBM Service Delivery Manager for Power Systems provisioning?

A. vCenter

B. PowerVM

C. VMControl

D. IBM San Volume Controller

Question #14 - Topic 1

The enterprise is using a hybrid cloud to deliver data services to the end user. The
enterprise is also is using the cloud to deliver data and services to the end user. When the
end user interacts with the enterprise application, the enterprise accesses the cloud to
retrieve and/or manipulate the data. The enterprise application returns the results to the
end user.What is required of the enterprise to ensure regulatory compliance?

A. type of software kernel

B. location of image metadata

C. development of monitoring tools

D. API for determining the location of the physical hardware

Question #15 - Topic 1

What are two key infrastructure components for data migration when planning a move to
cloud? (Choose two.)

A. storage

B. network

C. monitoring

D. data mining

E. high availability


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