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Mac Service Certification Exam

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Question No : 1 -

If the computer is experiencing any power issue, such as not starting up, not displaying
video, sleep issues, or fan noise issues, which of the following would help further isolate
the issue?

  • A. Reinstall OS X
  • B. Reset the System Management Controller (SMC)
  • C. Reset NVRAM
  • D. Startup in Safe Mode

Answer : B

Explanation: Resetting the SMC can resolve some computer issues such as not starting up, not displaying video, sleep issues, fan noise issues, and so forth. If your computer still exhibits these types of issues after youve restarted the computer, try resetting the SMC.

Question No : 2 -

What component should be investigated if a MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) sends video
to an external display but not to the internal?

  • A. Display Module
  • B. Logic board
  • C. I/O flex cable
  • D. I/O board

Answer : A

Question No : 3 -

What is the minimum version of OS X required required to use the AirPort Utility to
configure an AirPort Extreme 802.1 lac?

  • A. OSXv10.7.5
  • B. OSXv10.7.2
  • C. OSXv10.6.8
  • D. OSXv10.8.4

Answer : A

Reference: requirements)

Question No : 4 -

You are troubleshooting an iMac (Late 2013) that does not power on. You notice that all
diagnostic LEDs remain off when a known-good power cord is connected to the iMac and
to a known-good power outlet. What is most likely the cause of these symptoms?

  • A. Faulty power supply
  • B. Faulty display panel
  • C. Faulty hard drive
  • D. Faulty video card

Answer : A

Question No : 5 -

The top case assembly of the MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) includes which of
the following parts?

  • A. Battery, keyboard, microphone, trackpad, and BMU
  • B. Battery, keyboard, microphone, and trackpad
  • C. Battery, keyboard, trackpad, and BMU
  • D. Battery, keyboard, and microphone

Answer : B

Reference: Inch+Retina+Display+Late+2013+Upper+Case+Replacement/27438

Question No : 6 -

Where is the keyboard mapping data for MacBook Air (Mid 2013) models stored?

  • A. Keyboard
  • B. Flash storage
  • C. Trackpad assembly
  • D. Boot ROM

Answer : D

Question No : 7 -

Which Mac mini listed below can use a USB 3devices at full speed?

  • A. Mac mini Server (Mid 2010)
  • B. Mac mini (Mid 2010)
  • C. Mac mini (Mid 2011)
  • D. Mac mini (Late 2012)

Answer : D


Question No : 8 -

When configuring an ESD-compliant work area and using an ESD wrist strap, ensure that
the metal section or hooks on the strap interior are touching your skin. What else should
you verify to ensure that the ESD-compliant work area is properly configured?

  • A. The wrist strap cable does not touch an embedded battery.
  • B. The wrist strap is in close proximity to the antistatic resistor.
  • C. the strap cable is connected to the ESD mat or grounded connector.
  • D. You have fully discharged any static electricity by touching the metal frame of the device you are servicing.

Answer : B

Question No : 9 -

After disconnecting all other Mac Pro (Late 2013) parts, which of the following components

  • A. Thermal center
  • B. Thermal unit
  • C. Thermal core
  • D. Thermal structure

Answer : C

Question No : 10 -

You are using a television attached to the HDMI port of a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch
Early 2013) but cannot see the menu bar.What section of the Display pane in System
Preferences would help with this issue?

  • A. Overscan/Underscan
  • B. Color Profile
  • C. Detect Displays
  • D. Gather Windows

Answer : A

Explanation: Refere

Question No : 11 -

William would like to store his MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013) while away for a six month
sabbatical. What is the Apple recommended level of battery charge for storing the

  • A. 10 percent
  • B. 20 percent
  • C. 50 percent
  • D. 96 percent

Answer : C

Question No : 12 -

If the glass panel on an iMac or Thunderbolt Display is broken and still attached to the rear
housing, with what will you secure the broken display?

  • A. Glue
  • B. Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive
  • C. Packing tape
  • D. Thermal compound
  • E. Painters tape

Answer : C

Reference: 11)

Question No : 13 -

After replacing a Mac Pro (Late 2013) graphics board or CPU riser card, which of the
following utilities should be run?

  • A. Cooling System Diagnostic (CSD)
  • B. Cooling Diagnostic (CD)
  • C. Mac System Diagnostic (MSD)
  • D. System Diagnostic for Mac Pro (SDMP)

Answer : A

Question No : 14 -

Remaining residue from Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive should only be removed with
which of the following:

  • A. VHB solvent
  • B. Nail polish remover
  • C. Isopropyl alcohol wipes
  • D. VHB neutralizer
  • E. Liquid acid neutralizer

Answer : B,C

Question No : 15 -

Which of the following is a best practice when handling the embedded battery from
MacBook Air models'?

  • A. Use the battery cable or connector to lift the battery.
  • B. Hold the battery carefully by its edges only with two hands.
  • C. Grasp the middle of the battery cells when removing it from the computer.
  • D. Re-cover any punctures or tears in the soft Mylar covering with Kapton tape

Answer : A

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Exam Version: 7.0