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IBM 000-005 Exam - IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 Solution Design

Questions & Answers for IBM 000-005

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Question #1

What are two examples of Linear Assets? (choose two)

A. Gas pipelines

B. University Campus

C. Poultry processing Plants

D. Water Treatment Holding Ponds

E. Electrical Power Distribution Lines

Question #2

What is used to automatically update Key Performance Indicator (KPI) records?

A. a Checkbox in the KPI definition

B. a Cron task in the Cron Task Setup

C. a property in the System Properties

D. an option in me Select Action menu

Question #3

Which data type will be used in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 to accept data from
an externalsystem which contains upper and lower case alphanumeric characters?





Question #4

Which data is commonly imported into the IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 through
an interface whenintegrated with an external purchasing system?

A. Assets

B. Work Order

C. Vendor Data

D. Meter Readings

Question #5

If a customer has requirements list, when is the best time to review this list with the
customer and classifythe requirements?

A. at the end of the Design phase

B. as the first task of Design phase

C. during the process design workshops

D. at the beginning of the Configuration phase

Question #6

What is a required step for a job Plan to be defined?

A. Define the crew.

B. Define a System.

C. Define the duration.

D. Define the precautions.

Question #7

What are the standard location types in IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1?

A. Operating, Holding, Vendor, Shop, and Labor

B. Storeroom, Courier, Work, Salvage, and Holding

C. Storeroom, Operating, Work, Salvage, and Labor

D. Operating, Storeroom, Vendor, Holding, and Repair

Question #8

The client requirements outline the need for advanced tracking of process measurements
such astemperature, pressure, and flow. These measurement and test equiqment
requirements are determined toexceed standard IBM Maximo Asset Management
capabilities. Which industry solution or add-on willprovide this and other features?

A. Maximo Callbration

B. Maximo for Service Providers

C. Maximo Linear Assets

D. Maximo Instruments and Controls

Question #9

The client wants all staff to have the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Graph and Quick
Insert Portlets to theleft and side of the screen, and the Favorites and Result Set Portiets to
the right of the screen on the StartCenter. Which statement describes how this can be

A. Open the Security Group application and select each Security Group to enable the Portlets assigning tothe left or right hand side of the screen.

B. Open the Application Designer, and then select the Start Center application. From the Control Palette,select the Portlets as needed, placing them to the left or right hand side of the application. Save.

C. Create or edit the start center template , drag, and drop from the lest of Portlets to the left and rightcolumn table windows to match the clients, requirement. Save. Return to the Start Center and configureeach Protlet. Save the template. Apply the template to the appropriate security Groups.

D. Create or edit the start center template and in the left column table window, add the KPI Graph and QuickInsert Portlets, repeat for the right column table window, selecting the Favorites and Result Set Portlet.Save. Return to the Start Center and conflgure each Portlet. Save the template. Apply the template to theappropriate Security Groups.

Question #10

Which default range Ct values does IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 use to define
priorities for WorkOrders, Assets, and Location records?

A. bet.veenOand9

B. betweenOand99

C. between 0 and 999

D. between 0 and 9999

Question #11

Which two statements are true about People? (Choose two)

A. Each People record must have a Craft.

B. There must be a user for each person in the People application.

C. There must be a person for each IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 user defined.

D. A person should be deleted when they are no longer associated with the company.

E. When the status of a person record to INACTIVE is set, the system also sets the associated labor and userrecords statuses to INACTIVE.

Question #12

What is a feature of the Select Action menu in Report Administration?

A. Schedule a report.

B. Create new reports.

C. Export a report definition.

D. Define application security for reports.

Question #13

Which statement is true about customizations to IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1

A. Customizations might be done by using Application Designer

B. Customizations are not supported through standard IBM support.

C. Customizations include changing me fields sizes and types of any field in MAM.

D. Customizations have been done if customers use SQL tools to view the data in MAM.

Question #14

The business requires that all requests for purchases over $1.000 have three or more
companies providing acost at which they can supply the requested item or items. Which
application will be used?

A. Purchase Orders

B. Purchase Requests

C. Terms and Conditions

D. Request for Quotation

Question #15

Each maintenance job can be broken down into a series of steps mat must be performed to
complete mejob. What does IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1 call these steps or

A. Tasks

B. Plans

C. Orders

D. Activities


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