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Exam Code: FC0-U61
Exam Name: CompTIA IT Fundamentals
Certification Provider: CompTIA
Corresponding Certification: CompTIA IT Fundamentals
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FC0-U61 Premium Bundle
  • Premium File 213 Questions & Answers
    Last Update: Aug 13, 2022
  • Training Course 63 Lectures
  • Study Guide 1006 Pages
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FC0-U61 Questions & Answers
FC0-U61 Premium File
213 Questions & Answers
Last Update: Aug 13, 2022
Includes questions types found on actual exam such as drag and drop, simulation, type in, and fill in the blank.
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FC0-U61 Training Course
FC0-U61 Training Course
63 Lectures
Duration: 4h 52m
Based on Real Life Scenarios which you will encounter in exam and learn by working with real equipment.
FC0-U61 Study Guide
FC0-U61 Study Guide
1006 Pages
The PDF Guide was developed by IT experts who passed exam in the past. Covers in-depth knowledge required for Exam preparation.
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Free VCE files for CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps are uploaded by real users who have taken the exam recently. Download the latest FC0-U61 CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam practice test questions and answers and sign up for free on Exam-Labs.



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CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Practice Test Questions, CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam dumps

Looking to pass your tests the first time. You can study with CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 certification practice test questions and answers, study guide, training courses. With Exam-Labs VCE files you can prepare with CompTIA FC0-U61 CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam dumps questions and answers. The most complete solution for passing with CompTIA certification ITF+ FC0-U61 exam dumps questions and answers, study guide, training course.

The CompTIA FC0-U61 exam is a mandatory requirement for obtaining the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification. This test is designed to help the professionals develop the sufficient knowledge and skills necessary for defining and explaining the fundamentals of IT infrastructure, computing, software development, database use. Additionally, the applicants will gain the expertise in installing software; setting general network connectivity; defining/preventing common security risks. Moreover, the exam evaluates the competency of the candidates in the troubleshooting theory as well as preventive maintenance of devices.

CompTIA FC0-U61: Target Audience and Prerequisites

The FC0-U61 exam is intended for the advanced end-users and those individuals who are considering establishing a career in the IT sector. They possess a good comprehension of the IT basic concepts and are seeking to pursue the professional-level certifications. The test is also ideal for the candidates who currently perform sales, marketing, and operations responsibilities within the IT-based organizations.

The certification test does not entail any formal prerequisites. However, the applicants for CompTIA IT Fundamentals should have a solid understanding of the concepts covered in the exam syllabus.

CompTIA FC0-U61: Exam Details and Topics

The CompTIA FC0-U61 exam contains a maximum of 75 questions. All the questions have a multiple-choice format. The test takers are given the allocated time of 1 hour to complete the exam. To pass it successfully, they are required to score at least 650 points on a scale of 900. The test is available in the English language only. The students can choose the convenient option of the exam delivery: an online proctored variant or an in-person session at a testing center. As for the price, each candidate has to pay $123 to register for the exam.

The FC0-U61 certification exam measures the individuals’ abilities in a wide range of domains. The areas covered in the test can be united into 6 topics. Let’s have a look at the specific skills included in each exam objective:

Domain 1: IT Concepts & Terminology – 17%

The topic encompasses such skills as comparing and contrasting notational systems (binary, decimal, unicode, data representation, ASCII, hexadecimal); contrasting and describing the basic data types as well as their features (char; integers, floats, strings, numbers, Boolean); explaining the fundamentals of processing and computing (input, storage, output, processing). Moreover, the candidates should demonstrate their competency in explaining the value of information & data (information & data as assets, significance of investing in security, intellectual property, relationship of data to creating information); comparing as well as explaining the general units of measure (storage unit, processing speed, and throughput unit); describing the troubleshooting technique (defining the problem, researching the Internet or knowledge base, setting a theory of possible cause, testing the theory to define the cause, setting a plan of action to resolve the problem and define possible effects; applying the solution/escalate as required; verifying the functionality of the whole system and implementing relevant preventive measures; documenting findings, actions, as well as outcomes).

Domain 2: Infrastructure – 22%

This subject area includes such abilities as classifying the general types of output/input device interfaces (networking, graphic device, and peripheral device); setting up and installing general peripheral devices to a PC/laptop depending on a scenario (devices as well as installation types); explaining the function of general internal computing elements (system board/motherboard, firmware/BIOS, CPU, RAM, storage, cooling, NIC, GPU); comparing as well as contrasting the general Internet service kinds (fiber optic, wireless, cable, DSL). Additionally, the applicants should be proficient in contrasting as well as explaining storage kinds (volatile vs. non-volatile, local storage kinds, Cloud storage service, local network storage kinds); comparing as well as explaining general computing devices and their functions (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, workstations, gaming consoles, IoT, servers); explaining the fundamental networking principles (fundamentals of network communication, basic protocols, device addresses); developing a scenario to install, configure as well as secure a fundamental wireless network (802.11a/b/g/n/ac and best practices).

Domain 3: Applications & Software – 18%

This section requires that the students have the skills in explaining the function of operating systems (interface between hardware & applications, disk management, memory management, device management, access protection/control, OS types, process scheduling/management, and application management); comparing as well as contrasting the elements of an operating system (file systems & features, file management, features, file management, drivers, interfaces, utilities, processes, and services); explaining the function and appropriate utilization of software (productivity software, business software, and collaboration). Additionally, the test takers should prove their ability to describe the methods of delivery models & application architecture (application delivery methods as well as application architecture models); providing a scenario to customize and utilize web browsers (deactivating client-side scripting, caching/clearing cache, browser add-ons/extensions, compatible browser for application(s), private browsing, script blockers, certificates, proxy settings, popup blockers); contrasting as well as explaining common application concepts & uses (single-platform software, cross-platform software, licensing, and software installation best practices).

Domain 4: Software Development Concepts – 12%

To deal with the questions from this domain, the learners need to have the skills in comparing as well as contrasting programming language categories (interpreted, assembly languages, compiled programming languages, query languages); utilize programming organizational techniques and interpret logic depending on a scenario (organizational methods as well as logic elements); explaining the function and utilization of programming principles (identifiers, functions, and objects).

Domain 5: Database Basics – 11%

Within this topic, the examinees need to have competence in describing database principles as well as the database purpose (utilization of database, flat file vs. database, storage, records); comparing as well as contrasting different database structures (structured vs. non-structured vs. semi-structured; relational & non-relational databases); summarizing techniques utilized to interface with databases (relational techniques, database access methods, and import/export).

Domain 6: Security – 20%

The domain encompasses the following skills: outlining integrity, confidentiality, and availability concerns (confidentiality, integrity, and availability concerns); availability concerns; explaining techniques to secure devices and best practices (securing mobile/workstation devices as well as device utilization best practices); summarizing behavioral security principles (privacy expectations; written procedures & policies, management of confidential information). In addition, the applicants should have expertise in comparing as well as contrasting authorization, authentication, accounting and non-repudiation principles (authorization, authentication, accounting, and non-repudiation); explaining password best practices (password length, password history, complexity of the password, expiration of password, password reset process, reusing password across sites, password managers); describing general uses of encryption (plain text vs. cipher text as well as data at rest); understanding business continuity principles (fault tolerance & disaster recovery).

CompTIA FC0-U61: Career Prospects and Available Earnings

The CompTIA ITF+ certification is the industry standard that introduces the professionals to the basic IT knowledge and skills. The certificate provides the learners with an IT education framework to prepare them for launching a career in the industry. It is the only pre-career certification that enables the students or career changers to check if they have sufficient competency for the IT sphere and if it is the appropriate career path for them. Some of the job roles that the holders of CompTIA IT Fundamentals can apply for include:

  • Junior IT Support Analyst
  • IT Support Technician
  • Junior Network Engineer
  • Junior Systems Engineer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Business Analyst

Even if you have no prior experience in the IT sector, with the CompTIA ITF+ certification, you can count on a decent salary. According to, an IT Support Technician can earn an average annual salary of $45,789, while a Junior Business Analyst can make an average of $50,820 per year.

Use CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 certification exam dumps, practice test questions, study guide and training course - the complete package at discounted price. Pass with FC0-U61 CompTIA IT Fundamentals practice test questions and answers, study guide, complete training course especially formatted in VCE files. Latest CompTIA certification ITF+ FC0-U61 exam dumps will guarantee your success without studying for endless hours.

CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Exam Dumps, CompTIA ITF+ FC0-U61 Practice Test Questions and Answers

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Last Update: Aug 13, 2022
FC0-U61 Training Course
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Duration: 4h 52m
FC0-U61 Study Guide
Study Guide
1006 Pages
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