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Download Free Microsoft Windows 98-349 Exam Dumps, Windows Practice Test

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Free VCE files for Microsoft Windows 98-349 certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps are uploaded by real users who have taken the exam recently. Download the latest 98-349 Windows Operating System Fundamentals certification exam practice test questions and answers and sign up for free on Exam-Labs.



Jun 8, 2024, 08:36 AM

The experience I had with the premium bundle this site offers was definitely great. You really cannot tell the difference between these files and the real exam questions. You cannot deny the fact that the questions have been carefully gathered by the experts, and they really get your mind working. Although, these questions are not easy, that is what makes them perfect for preparation.


Jun 5, 2024, 08:35 AM

who has confirm the validity of exam 98-349 practice test?


May 14, 2024, 08:34 AM

I have passed the exam and ready to share the secret of getting a high score. You need to start your preparation by reading a study guide and watching the lecture course. After you have mastered all the topics, you should go for the 98-349 practice questions. They relate to the ones from the main exam and all you need to do is to evaluate your knowledge with their help and understand the pattern of the questions. This is the only way to become one of the top candidates.


Mar 19, 2024, 08:32 AM

I think that more people should know about the 70-764 practice test questions, because they help you a lot. I am lucky to have stumbled upon these questions at the right time. It changed everything for me, because the material is very similar to the real Microsoft exam.

Microsoft Windows 98-349 Practice Test Questions, Microsoft Windows 98-349 Exam dumps


1. How to Play with Windows 10 for free

There is one question I want to address now. Can I play with Windows? ten for free at home. Well, I have a pretty old laptop. It's Windows 7. Windows eight. WhateveI know a few years ago it was possible to upgrade for free, but I didn't. Now I am left with Windows 7. I want to get ready for the exam. I want to practise all these things. Can I somehow play with Windows 10? Yes, you can. Please note that when you go to the Microsoft Evaluation Center, you will get the option to download the Windows Ten trial version for 90 days and play with Windows Ten for 90 days for free.

I recommend you download the ISO enterprise file, click Continue, and it is a single file that will be saved. And then we'll use a piece of software to install Windows Ten on your local PC. How can we do it? We are going to use something that's called VirtualBox. You can see the link on your screen. Please make sure that you download. I will not even show you how to install it. It's the next finish, and you're done. However, you have to make sure that your PC has a CPU that supports virtualization. You can see some information on your screen, but please make sure that you verify that your CPU supports virtualization. If you have a pretty old laptop and your CPU doesn't support it, unfortunately, you cannot install Windows 10 on top of your existing operating system. You can ask, okay, what is this virtual box? I've never seen it before. But the idea is that we want to virtualize our environment. We don't want to buy a dedicated laptop and install Windows Ten on it. No, I have an existing laptop and a desktop, and I want to install Windows 10 and play with it. I don't want to reinstall my applications. I don't want to have a dedicated laptop or desktop for it. I want to have my operating system over here, and VirtualBox is running well. Actually, I have Windows Eight on this PC. I have VirtualBox. And now I can put in as many operating systems as I want. Of course, you need a lot of RAM every time you create a new virtual machine, because this is its name every time you create it.

Your virtual machine needs a lot of RAM. Of course, we'll talk about the system requirements of Windows Ten, but to be honest, you need at least 2GB of RAM to play with Windows Ten. So you can imagine that if your laptop has like 8 GB of RAM, when you boot up Windows Seven, Eight, or even Ten, you will be left with like 4 GB or 5 GB of RAM only. This means that you can install twoin those ten virtual machines only. Of course, we are absolutely fine here. We need one machine, and this is absolutely fine. But if you want to create more virtual machines, you want to play with more sophisticated options. For instance, if you want to get to MTAServer or Networking, then you need more RAM. How to Create a New Virtual Machine inVirtualBox As you can see, I have a couple of virtual machines up and running. But that's okay. We'll create a new virtual machine, and now we have to give it a name. Let's call it Windows Ten MTA. Please note that if you type something that VirtualBox identifies, it will say okay, so this is what I think you're after: Windows Ten. Of course, if you provide a pretty strange name, VirtualBox will not figure it out. And it makes sense to go and choose anoperating system that you want to install, because VirtualBoxwill suggest things that you have to configure. So over here, you want to install Windows 10 64-bit? Yes. There are two versions of our operating systems. We can have a 32-bit operating system and a 64-bit operating system. We'll talk about the main differences later on, but the main one, and the most important one, is that a 64-bit operating system supports more RAM. When it comes to a 32-bit operating system, you can use up to 4GB of RAM only. This is why we prefer 64-bit operating systems.

Next, we can see a question OK, what about Ram? When we go to, you will see that we need at least 1GB of RAM for a 32-bit operating system and at least 2GB of RAM for a 64-bit operating system. When it comes to hard disc space, we're okay with 20 GB because we are going to install a 64-bit operating system. Please make sure that you memorise these requirements for your exam. So because we want to have a 64-bit operating system, we need at least 2GB of RAM. Of course, as I mentioned in our previous lecture, it makes sense to give more. If Microsoft says "well, at least 2GB of RAM," give it four. If Microsoft says 1GB of RAM, give it two, and so on. This is exactly what I'm going to do. I will say here we go: 4 GB of RAM. We want to create a new virtual hard disk. Every time you create a new virtual machine, it is a file on your desk. And we want to create a new virtual hard disk. Now, I recommend you keep the first option. It's not that important at this stage. There are many options available over here, but that's okay. VDI system is a file name for a disc image that is used by VirtualBox, and we can leave it again. We leave it as the first option.

We leave the first option because we want to have a hard disc that is pretty flexible. When we say I want to have 50 GB of space, I don't want to have a 50-gigabyte file on my hard disc right away. Because of course, when we install Windows 10, it will not need 50 GB straight away. Do you remember that we need at least 20 GB of disc space only? Yeah, so Windows Ten, of course, will not install a lot of files here. And when we say we want to have a "dynamicsize" option here, this means that VirtualBox will use, say, 10 GB now, and we'll allow Windows 10 to use more, but it will not reserve 50 GB straight away. We say create, and that's it. Our virtual machine has been created. We can boot it up. We click here, start, and you can ask. Okay, well, what about my operating system? Because you've not specified anything here. Have you ever installed an operating system on a laptop or a desktop PC? In most cases, you need a CD or a USB disk, something that will be used by your device to install Windows 7810 and so on. Over here, please note that I have not specified it yet, and I hope that you've downloaded the file from You have it in place, because we have to go to our devices' optical drives, choose Disk Image, and find the file that we've just downloaded. So over here we opened, and now we can say "machine reset" and we are ready to install Windows 10 now. We'll continue in our next lecture.

2. Installing Windows 10

Installing windows. TenOur virtual machine is ready. We click next. Of course, we can adjust all the settings. I'm okay with it. Installers now have to accept the licence terms. We have two options that we can go for. The first one means we want to upgrade. We have an existing operating system and we want to upgrade our laptop or desktop. We want to go for the second option. We want to start from scratch. We don't have an operating system in place. We want to install Windows Ten. Please note that our hard disc has been identified. It shows 50GB of space. We can create a new partition over here. We can say we want to have more than one. In most cases, when you have a hard disk, you want to have a desk that is dedicated to Windows 10. in most cases. When it comes to desktops and laptops, it is a good idea to have an SSD. And especially when you think about a desktop PC, you go for an SSD disk solid state disc drive) and then just a traditional hard disc for your data.

It is much cheaper. And of course, SSDs are really fast over here. I'm okay with it. I don't want to change any settings. I just clicked Next, believe it or not. But that's it. Yeah, you have to just relax, wait a few minutes, and Windows 10 will be installed. I'm hoping you can hear me. Okay, let's just mute it. You can hear Katana in the background, our assistant. She's trying to suggest, well, I can help you here. I can tell you what to do. Or you can say, "No, I want to click, I don't want to listen to you." You can disable voice control over here and say, "No, I don't want to use this option." We can change the keyboard layout. Please note, we have a lot of options. It all depends on where you're based. You can tweak all these options later on as well. We can add a second layout, or we can skip it. We can always tweak these options later on. It's just a really basic wizard that allows you to configure all the options that are just required for Windows to start working later on. Everything you see on your screen right now can be tweaked and changed. Now, a really important question: How do we want to log in? There are two options that we can go for. The first one is an online account, something that Microsoft has been recommending for a few years now. You go online, create a new account with Microsoft, and you use it everywhere. On the other hand, you can use a local account, which is not connected to the Internet. And as the name indicates, it is a local account. Let's type something that doesn't exist, like [email protected]. It's going to complain.

And please note now that I can set up a window. I can set up Windows with a local account. Of course, you can go online and create an account with Microsoft and login. I don't like it, to be honest. I like to have a local account. It is up to you. You can always go to and create an account. Log in over here. But if you type something that doesn't exist or you disconnect your device from the Internet, Windows will give up and tell you, "Okay, fair enough, mate." We want to use a local account. Please note that Microsoft really wants you to use it. Use an online account. A lot of features Well, maybe not a lot, but some features will not be available if you use a local account. So please be very careful, especially when it comes to a production environment. When it comes to an enterprise network, it doesn't matter because we don't want to use all these sophisticated features because we will use this option to join our PC to the domain. We'll use a Microsoft Server box, and we'll join our PC to the domain and use a domain account. We'll talk about it later on. when it comes to a home network. Yeah, that's fair enough. You can go online and create an account with Microsoft. Again, you can change your mind if you go with a local account. You can say, "You know what, now I want to create an online account," and the other way around as well. So let's use a local account. Let's call it admin. Your password. Here we go.

Now there is a really important question. Do we want to use Katana? Do you want to have your own personal assistant? Again, if it is going to be your home network, why not? If you're going to use this PC in your office, not really. You don't want to use this feature, but let's say, yeah, why not? Let's use it. Privacy settings are a really hot topic. now, as you can imagine. We can adjust all these options. We can say no: I don't want to send anything to Microsoft; I don't want to see ads; I don't want to do this and that. I recommend you read everything you can see on your screen. You can learn more and decide what you want to accept. Here we go. We can see our desktop now. Windows Ten is ready. In our next lecture, we'll talk about some basics. I want to introduce a few things and show you how you can start with Windows 10 and open all the basic options. Because if you've been using Windows Seven, it's a bit different. If you've been using Windows 8, it's much easier, but still a bit different experience.I want to talk you through everything that you have to know about the new interface and features that are available in Windows Ten.

3. Basic Configuration

Windows 10 is ready now. Please note that we have our Start button back. If you remember a really long story about this button, when Microsoft released Windows Eight, that thing was gone. There was no button, and no Start button. And then in Windows 8.1 Microsoft said, "Okay, fair enough, let's bring it back." But it was not exactly the same as in Windows Seven. Now, when I click on it, it will feel like Windows Seven, but you will see some additional options here, and we'll talk about them later on. You have more options; it's a better interface, but you have your Start menu, all the options that you want to see, and a lot of things that you've been using for years now. For instance, paint. Yes, we have Paint, but now it's Paint 3D. We have Skype by default. What else can we see here? Calculator. Come on. Can you imagine Windows without a calculator? No, we cannot.

But we have a few additional new options, like Camera and Cortana, of course, because we can tell Kotana what we want to do. And we hope that Kotana will tell us how to achieve what we want. I have a bonus lecture for you because, actually, you can ask a lot of tricky questions and get funny answers. Please make sure that you visit my bonus section so that you can see some really cool questions that you can ask and get funny replies from Katana. As you can see, we have all options available. One of the things that you will see is settings. There is a Control Panel as well, but there is a new option that is called Windows Settings. But if I say, "Can you show me the Control Panel, please?" Katana will do it for you. will show you the control panel as well. However, Microsoft says no, don't use it. Use Windows Settings because it is much easier and faster. It is up to you. I like the old control panel. It's not that easy to find everything in Windows Settings, but there are some advantages as well. We'll use both, really. So if we need one option, we'll use it. If we need the other one, we'll use it. I want to show you Paint 3D because now it is a really cool application that you can use to create your images and play with your photos. Well, yeah, let's create a new one. And now it is up to you. If you know how to draw, then you can do it.

The last option I want to show you here is Power Options, because they're over here. So when you click on Power, you can shut down or reboot your PC. I recommend you right-click on the Start button to get more options. It's really cool because you can shut down and sign out as well, which is a really important option if you're connected to a PC and someone else has been using it for a while. You want to sign in as a different user, and you have a lot of additional options and shortcuts. For instance, task managers You can access it straight away and see what's going on with your PC and services, check your CPU and memory disk, and so on. Of course, you can access Task Manager over here. You right-click and go to Task Manager, but it is really good that you have a list of options that you can access. when you right-click on the Start button. I recommend you play with it and see if you like the new interface. Maybe you've been using Windows Ten for awhile and you're okay with all these options. Of course we want to focus on the MTA exam, so we will talk about some more advanced options in detail. But this exam is for beginners, so I do not expect any sophisticated features like how to join a PC to a domain or how to troubleshoot a sophisticated network issue. But don't worry, we have a lot of lectures that will talk about Windows 10 and all its interesting features.

4. How to Prepare for the Exam

We cannot forget that our goal is to pass the MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals Exam. We have to go back and see what Microsoft might ask us to do. If you decide to take this exam, the easiest way is to visit this link, and you will see a list of topics that you have to master. It is a pretty basic exam, so I do not expect Microsoft to ask you any sophisticated questions. We have Windows 10 in place. We know how to install it. Now we have to, in a way, go back and start from scratch to see what Microsoft wants us to know. We'll start with the first section. understanding operating system configurations. We have, I think, four or five topics over there, and literally we'll go through every single objective that you can see on your screen at the moment and talk about everything that you can see. This is what you have to do if you want to take this MTA exam. You have to verify all exam objectives and make sure that you understand every single word that is there. We'll start with the Control Panel options, and we'll see how we can configure Windows Ten. I hope it makes sense now why I started with, in a way, point number—probably four or five overhere—in storing Windows Ten, because if we want to configure Windows 10, we have to have it in place. This is why it makes sense to open VirtualBox, install Windows Ten, and start playing with it. I recommend you play with a virtual machine because you can break whatever you want. even if you have Windows 10 on your laptop. Don't play with it. Install VirtualBox, install Windows Ten and play with avirtual machine because then you can always close it,shut it down and go back to your laptop. This is the easiest way to get ready for an exam. Open as many options as you can, play with all these features, and then you should have no problems passing the MTA exam again. Here is a list of objectives, and we're starting with the first topic, understanding operating system configurations.


Understanding operating system configurations

1. Control Panel - part 1

understanding operating system configurations. Control Panel, we have a few options over here, and we have to understand how we can configure some basic options. When it comes to Windows Ten, we go back to our virtual machine. And when it comes to Windows 10, it was very similar in Windows Eight as well. It's not just the Control Panel; there are other options as well. I recommend both options, and in most cases you can get more than one solution. So if you want to change, let's say, your IP address, you can take two or three approaches. And, for your exam, I recommend that you know more than one way to complete a task. So we start with Windows Ten. We have it over here. And now, of course, you can see Ask me anything. And yes, you can ask Windows to show you whatever you want.

So I can say, could you be so nice and show me the control panel? and windows will show you. Here we go. We have the Control Panel, and we can open it and see what's inside. I stated that the Control Panel was not the only option. Yes, because there are settings as well. Okay, we go to the start, and here, when we scroll down, we see Settings. Okay. and you will see it's a bit different because Control Panel has been in Windows for ages now. If you remember, let's say XP or Windows Vista or Windows 7, it's exactly the same. Of course, they've added a few options, but Windows Settings is a new option. It was introduced in Windows Eight, but now it's a bit different. The easiest way is to play with both screens at the same time. So when we go for System over here, when it comes to Windows Settings, try and find similar options in Control Panel to make sure that you know how to configure everything using PC Settings, computer settings, and Control Panel. When it comes to the Control Panel, it's divided into eight main sections. You can see system and security network and internet hardware programs, user accounts, appearance, clock, and ease of use. The most important thing for us is systems and security. This is where we want to concentrate our efforts and highlight a few critical options. Of course, today, when you think about the Internet and if you want to access it, it is all about security. It makes sense to know what Windows can do to help you. And, of course, we have Windows Defender Firewall. So Windows can protect your PC. Yes. It doesn't mean that you don't need an antivirus application on your PC. Now, please make sure that you buy one anyway or install a free version of, let's say, Kospersky. I'm not sure if you know that, but Kaspersky is available for free now. So it's been my favourite application for years, and now you can get it for free as well.

But don't use Windows Defender only. It is good, but it is not good enough. If you want to make sure that your PC is okay and stays away from malware and viruses, a very important option is power options because this is what you see and use if you have a laptop. Of course, if you have a desktop PC, you can change all these options here as well. But it is especially important if you have a mobile device like a laptop. We go for changing plan settings, and here we go for changing Advanced Power Options because we want to tweak more than one option, and you can see a really long list of options that we can go for. one tip, which is really important. Please make sure that when you go for wireless or disc options, you know that it says to turn off the hard disc after 20 minutes. Sometimes, it might be a problem if you want to use your laptop. Sometimes Windows might be confused and turn off something that you don't really want. The same applies to wireless settings. Please check that there are no special power options over here, such as powersaving mode, which may be present. Okay, so you want to have maximum performance. Of course, if you have a mobile device, sometimes you say, "Well, for me, it's more important to stay online for 10 hours." That's fine, but your wireless might be very, very slow. So this is where you can tweak all these options. We will continue in our next lecture. I'm pretty sure you know what your homework will be. Yes. Please make sure that you go to Windows Settings and Control Panel in Windows 10 and see what's in there. We'll continue and talk with her more about Windows settings and options in our next lecture.


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