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ECCouncil CEH 312-50v10 Practice Test Questions, ECCouncil CEH 312-50v10 Exam dumps

Build Your Lab - In the Future We will offer an Online Solution

1. Create A Vera Crypt Container to Protect Your Laptop or Desktop

I'm going to show you a trick that you will thank me for a million times over. I know for a fact that you will be using the same machine that you use for work, school, or many other things as you do for this hacking course. Wouldn't it be nice if we could separate those things? As a matter of fact, if you have antivirus on your machine and we download some files, more than likely the next day when you get up, those files won't be there because they'll be recognized as malware. I'm going to solve that problem for you. What we're going to do is create what I used to call a True Crypt container. In reality, we're now using something called Veracity. So we're going to go out to Veracity, and we're going to download the latest version. So I'm going to go here and download Veracript, and we're going to download the one for the operating system that you're using. Now, I'm going to be doing all my demonstrations on Windows. And so I'm going to be downloading the one for Windows and accepting the terms of service. I'm going to tell it I want it to install for all users—that kind of thing. And what I'm going to be doing right here is I'm going to be creating, for lack of a better word, an isolated bubble that I'm going to be keeping all of my VMs, I'm going to be keeping all of my malware. I'm going to be keeping all of my nasty little things that you would typically use when you're using things for ethical hacking. It's installed. I'm going to click on Finish, okay? Now the first thing it's going to do is say, "I want to go ahead and create a new volume, all right?" Now I'm going to create an encrypted file container. I could create a non-system partition drive. I don't want to do that. I can encrypt the system partition or an entire drive. I don't want to do that because I want to be able to move this from file to file, and maybe I want to be able to take this and put it on a portable drive and move it from place to place. So what I'm going to do is create an encrypted file container, all right? I don't want it to be hidden; I want it to be a standard volume, and it will ask if I want to select a file. TrueCrypt now always ends theirs with TC. Imagine that Veracript is probably going to be a VC. Let's see if I can write E. And I'm going to put it underneath the TrueCrypt container, underneath work, and I'm going to put it here, and I And I'm guessing that's what it's going to use, all right? and I'm going to click on next. It's basically using AES sha.512, and that's plenty fine for me. Free space on the drive is 1.1 terabytes. I want to be able to use at least about 125 gigs of hard drive space. So I'm going to say gigabytes, and I want to say 125. All right, I'm going to say that next. Now, the password is important because if I forget it, it won't be a good boating trip. I'm going to say I do want to store large files, and the file system I wanted to use is NTFS. And it's asking me to create some randomness by using my mouse movement. Okay. And I'm going to go ahead and tell you what I want to format. I'll pause the video. Now, once your volume has been created, what we're going to do is mount that as a drive letter. So what we're going to need to do is pick the Select File button and navigate to where we saved that image. So I'm going to click on local drives on mine, and I'm going to tell it where I put that. All right? And in my case, I named it the Ethical HackerContainer VC. So in this case, right here, it's pointing to where it's located, and I'm going to pick drive letter O as my drive letter. I'm going to click on Mount, and I'm going to put in the password. So what's going to happen right here is that it's simply going to mount that drive letter, drive letter O, and it's going to be completely separate from the rest of my system. And there you have it. All I need to do now is double click on that, and I'll have everything that's within that particular drive letter. What I'm going to do is store everything inside of my drive "O." That way, all of my virtual machines, all of the malware that I download, and everything that I do in my ethical hacker environment will be stored on that drive letter O, and it will not interfere with anything else that I do in my production environment. Naturally, I'll want to take my antivirus software and instruct it to ignore anything on drive letter O. This is the best way that I've found to be able to get double duty out of your laptop and your work machine, all right? Now, if you are using your work machine, make sure your boss and your upper echelon are familiar with what you are doing, but make sure that you store all of this information on there because your antivirus will come back and clean house, and it will light this up like a Christmas tree. So make sure you store it and disconnect it so it can't access it. This is without a doubt the best thing you can do. So when you download all of the VMs, you should download them to that drive letter O. And I'm going to suggest some hierarchy for you to use. So let's go over here, and I'm going to create a directory out here, which I'm going to call VMs. All right? That's where I'm going to put, guess what? I'm going to create another one out here that I'm going to call an ISO file. There will be a number of files that are utilities. One of them is called Udemy Portable ISO, and you'll want to use and mount it for a variety of purposes. There's also going to be some labs, and there are going to be some test questions. There's going to be some cheat sheets and various things like that. It really doesn't matter as long as you keep track of your own bookkeeping system. Now, I'm going to make suggestions as we go along, but it's going to be hard for me to keep track and tell you where you put them. If you don't remember yourself, keep in mind that VMware Workstation is going to want to open up the drive letter off of CCove, your personal directory, and then virtual machines. We don't want this. You're going to want to point it to drive letter O, then VMs, and then open them up from there. So that's where you're going to open up all of your VMs. It will also be perplexing to you because when you create and install the files used in the open virtualization format, it will also attempt to install them on your local C drive beneath your Documents folder. You're going to want to redirect that underneath the drive letter O. Now I'm going to walk you through that on the very first one to make sure that you put that in the correct place. Otherwise, you're going to be searching all over for it. And more than likely, you're going to end up having stuff strewn all over the place. And it's going to completely defeat the purpose of having this encrypted folder.

2. Build a Manual Lab 01

In building our lab, we need to first go out to VMware and get VMware Workstation Professional. Now the easiest way to do that is to actually go out to VMware and register for a free evaluation will be for 30 days. They may be for 60 days now, but you need to log in with your user ID and password. They will send an email back somewhere looking for you. Click on it. I happened to have a catcher email address on my domain and so I can log in with whatever name that I want to make up. So I'm going to just go ahead and go ahead and login if I come over here to my evaluations. And one of them is not VMware Workstation, so I can go ahead and download that. And you can download either VMware FusionPro if you're using a Mac. But I'm going to demonstrate how to log in and use VMware Workstation Pro. I'm just simply going to download the free trial. And this is Workstation Pro 12.5 and you have your choice of downloading it for Windows or for Linux. And it looks like they no longer offer a 32 bit version. So you need to download this one to a 64bit version of Windows or 64 bit version of Linux. So I'm going to go ahead and download as soon as it gets downloaded and I get started with the install. I'll be right back. Now I started the install and it's going ahead and installing and this is kind of what it looks like. It's computing the space requirements and so on and so forth. Now the reason that we are installing VMware WorkstationPro as opposed to VMware Player, which never expires, is VMware Workstation Pro will allow us to snapshot something and roll back that snapshot. That's going to be important for us in our rootkit lab. So I'm just going to click on next. I'm going to leave that off there and check for updates, so on and so forth. Go through the rest of it. Now I'm going to pause the video, so other wiseit's about as exciting as watching paint dry. So let's just hold on for just a moment. So as you can see right now, it's gone up to where it's asking us to enter in a licence or push finish. Now of course we don't have a licence for this and VMware won't give us a licence until we pay for it. So we're just simply going to collect finish it's now telling us that I need to restart my system for configuration changes to be made. And so I'll be back when that's done. Now the first time you pull it up, it may ask you to enter in a licence or you can push skip. You can also just choose the trial period and that’s going to give you 30 to 60 days, depending on what they're doing right now. VMware also gives a student discount and so any type of student ID, whether you make one or you have one, will work. You just simply send a copy of that to VMware, and they'll give the product to you for $99.Now, the goal in here is not necessarily to spend a lot of money, but it's to get you the education that you need. And I think it's a fantastic product. $99 is a great price. But I'm sure with some of the other things that we've covered, you probably found out how to obtain serial numbers for this as well. One thing that I do want to stress not that you would ever do this or anything, but make sure that you don't run the serial number generator to be on the same computer as you put it in. This is a common ploy for hackers. There's no free lunch. They want your computer. They want to take over your computer, something like that. And so if you started up a VM, stuck it into the VM, ran that, and then got rid of the VM, that's perfectly fine. Again, not that you would do that.

3. Lab Legalities

It never ceases to amaze me that some bureaucrat has to gum up the works when you're just simply trying to educate individuals on how things work. In this section, I'm going into title lab legalities. For the longest time, Microsoft would not allow us to even utilise a trial version of Microsoft Windows. They have since relaxed that rule and now they are offering to provide us operating systems that are good for about 180 days. That’s plenty of time for us to do any devil tree that we're wanting to do. Now. Part of being an ethical hacker is ethics. And I tout myself to be a white hat hacker. And I would not be a very good role model if I asked you to steal software in order to further your education. So I want to keep us out of hot water. So there's got to be a way around this. I did some digging and I came up with a solution with the help of a good friend of mine who's an attorney. There are loopholes. This is called a Downgraded exception. This allows you to run a previous version, even an outdated and unsupported version of a Microsoft operating system for testing purposes as long as you own a newer version. For example, if you own Windows Ten, you could test 8817 Vista XP 2003, 2000 and back and be perfectly legal to doing so. Check with your attorney to make sure this meets with their approval and do not download the offered OS versions. If you do not have a newer OS version, I have included the Commercial licensing brief called Downgrade Writes for Microsoft commercial Licensing OE M and the full product licenses. Please review this with your attorney. I am not an attorney, although I play one on YouTube. So please do not hold me to this. So please check with your attorney to make sure that this is all up and up. It is my understanding that this is perfectly legal. The commercial license brief has been attached for your perusal.

4. Getting to Know Your Win2k VM

Guys, I wanted to take a moment toilet you know a couple of things. First off, all of the passwords for all of the virtual machines, possibly with the exception of KaliLinux which is root, and Tour which is Roots fell backwards, but all of the passwords will be here in the description field. So if you ever wonder what the password is, all you need to do is click on View and then Console View, even when it's running, and it will display this for you. Now, I did want to mention a couple of things. If you are working with other people, like one network or something like that, you're going to want to make sure and randomize your Mac addresses. So you're going to do that by clicking on the Network adapter. You’re going to click on Advanced and generate a new Mac address. Click okay. And you're also going to want to change the name of it slightly just to make it easier. Maybe call it Tom or Bob or whoever you are. One last thing is and I'll show you this when boot up because the Windows 2000 has a little bit of Idiosyncrasies, because it is an older operating system. And keep in mind I'm using the older ones so I can show you stuff. It’s not because I can't use the newer ones. Well, I can't use the newer ones to show you some of the stuff, but Indeed to make sure that you understand these concepts because you'll get asked questions on them. And I will be doing you disservice unless I use these. Now I'm going to be using the newer operating systems as much as possible. All right? So I'm going to go ahead and power this machine on, and you'll see a couple of idiosyncrasies when it powers on. This is the first cosmetic error message. Just simply click okay. And another one. Now you're going to see where it says press Control Alt Delete. To log on in VMware, you press Control Alt Insert. And remember, if you don't remember what the name of it was, just click on Console View. There’s the password we're going to put in. Okay, so I'm going to put in the password and password. All right, so it looks like this one looks okay. Do not try to update the VMware tools on this machine because it's using an older version of some libraries. Yes, I could update this, but then I couldn't show you some of the things I need to you. Koi you are working in pairs, what you’re going to want to do is you're going to want to right click on my computer, click on Properties, click on Network Identification. Again on properties. And this name right here will need to be different than the other ones within your same network segment. So if your name is Bob or Rob or whatever. It simply needs to be unique. That is just as good as anything else. You want to try and keep this under15 characters because we're going to be showing you some things with Net BIOS. And Net BIOS requires that we have 15 characters. So I'm going to call this win two K Master. All right, click okay. Now if you're not working with anyone else and you’re doing this by yourself, then you're going Tobe just fine because this is the only one that you'll have on your system. Before I actually restart, I'm going to show you couple of things that I've already added here. Most of the time we do our lab, there'll be items will be located in the lab folder. Now in the lab folders we have various pieces. We got one called Elite Wrap. We’ll be using Get admin, PW dump sub seven. This one right here I do want to mention to you. And in here under folder options, even though we know the extensions of them. All right? So I'm going to click, okay? And you can see that I purposefully named this to create user passwords BH TXT. Now, if some overzealous student double clicks on it with the TXT extension, it does nothing. It simply opens it up. In fact, I can show you what it's going to do: It's going to add all of these users so that we can crack passwords in the future. Okay, so what you'll do is simply rename that and remove the TXT extension when

5. Getting to Know Your Attacker VM

Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and show you getting to know the XP attacker from my online lab hoping to make available to you at some time herein the fall or perhaps next year. But be that as it may, it’s exactly the same virtual machine. So naturally we're going to have our same tools and things of that nature in here. And of course we're going to have the lab folders which is the more popular one that we're going to be using in here. The wind is XP Rootkit and XPR PC exploit GUI The one want to really call your attention to is this one. The little double greater than sign right here under security. What we've done right here is we basically taken all of the tools that we'll be using and we put them right here. Now of course you could find these tools by clicking on the start menu and on programmers and see if you can navigate and find them this way as well. But you know how sometimes a perfect example might beck is called Smack which stands for Switch Mac Address. All right, so what we've done right here is we’ve just basically named all the tools right here and we didn't call it KLC here, we call it Smack which is what you would expect. All right? So all the tools that we'll be using in here have already been installed and are already ready to go, okay? So you're not going to have to go in and do a whole bunch of things in here. All right? So that's going to make it kind of nice. We're going to have a number of utilities and things of that nature. We're going to have some anonymizing utilities like Jack. We'll have utilities like the Engage packet builder that I'll use, where we'll use this to illustrate the flags on a TCP packet and how TCP fragmentation works and a number of things like that. So that's going to be very helpful as well. And so I wanted to make sure that you were aware of this. All right? And naturally you're aware of the refresh desktop in order, don't trust this information here unless you refresh to the desktop with this button. Okay? Now naturally, you could always open up a command prompt and get this information with IP confit, but it doesn't automatically refresh. So you're going to want to refresh the desktop, and then you can pretty much trust that information. All right, so that's just a real-quick overview of the XP hacker, alright?

6. Getting to Know You Win7 VM

Now, I wanted to give you just a little bit of a go through on the Windows Seven machine. Now a couple of things that we're going to need to be aware of is I’ve got something called Web goat, version of Web goat. There's also a Web goat that we’ll use in some other sections. Now, if you haven't noticed it by now, I’m giving you all the machines that I'm going Tobe using for a whole range of courses. And so if you end up liking this course, I'm going to be doing courses on Certifying for the GIC GPN. I'm going to be doing courses on Certifying for the mile two CPTs course. And so you'll be able to get a lot of certification courses out of this. But I'm going to be using mostly the core of the original, and then I'm going to deviate from the original showing you things that you need to know. The core everyone needs to know. So I'm going to show you things that are little bit different than some of the other ones. So unless I tell you to actually download and install these, you may wish not to do this. A couple of things that we are going to have on here, we're going to have something called mini cats. And this is going to if you're not familiar with this, this is absolutely going to knock your socks off. A couple of things I need you to make sure and do not do, please make sure that you do not upgrade any of these virtual machines because I need them to be at a certain level to pull off some of the things that I want to show you. And while this particular machine is perfectly legal because I downloaded it from the I.e. Windows Seven thing, but you know how things go. I forgot to make a snapshot of it. And so it's timed out and it says the copy is not genuine. It really is, but in reality, in Windows Seven, it doesn’t do anything but give you this little nasty message. So if you can get over that little nasty message there, then we're going to be in good shape. Windows Eight and Windows Twelve, on the other hand, they will reboot after a little while. So you probably need to make some other adjustments. Okay, so I'm not going to click that restart now because I don't want to do that. We’re going to have a refresh our desktop and the refresh the desktop is going to come in here and show us what our current IP address islands we've got a number of little things that are inhere that I'll show you as we go through here. Silverlight maintenance. And I'm even going to be doing a mobile hacking course. And I'll be using this Windows Seven for that mobile hacking course. I think that's about it for this one. And again, if you need to know what the address to log on to simply come out here. Here's where all of the addresses are to log in. Now, I'm not going to go through colienic and metasploitable because I'll go through those as we use those, all right? But I wanted to make sure that you're familiar with where I put some of this stuff so that you'll be a little bit familiar with it as we go through some of the labs. Look forward to making this the best course you've ever had.


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