Monthly Archives: July 2023

Google Professional Data Engineer – Regression in TensorFlow Part 1
July 26, 2023

1. Lab: Access Data from Yahoo Finance The remaining demos that we’ll see, which involve practical examples of using regression models in the real world, will all use data from Yahoo. Finance. So you can go ahead and download the latest data from Finance@yahoo. com. This lecture, I’ll quickly walk you through the files that […]

Google Professional Data Engineer – Virtual Machines and Images Part 2
July 25, 2023

4. Rightsizing Recommendations We cover two last bits about VMs before we move on to images. The first of these is right sizing recommendations. You’ve instantiated your machines and you’ve started your workloads, and you’re serving production traffic. But how do you know that this machine type is the right one for you? How do […]

Google Professional Data Engineer – Virtual Machines and Images Part 1
July 25, 2023

1. Live Migration We’ve studied VMs in a fair bit of depth, but there’s still a bunch of stuff that we need to know about VMs in order to understand GCP’s platform completely. In this section, we’ll study some advanced features of VMs that we haven’t seen before, and we’ll also look at images. Images […]

LPI 101-500 – 103.5: Create, monitor and terminate processes Part 2
July 24, 2023

3. pkill, killall Another way of sending signals to processes is the pkill command. It works in a similar way to kill. However, no process IDs have to be passed, but only the names of the corresponding processes. So theoretically pkill signal and than the name and not the process ID. The standard signal from […]

LPI 101-500 – 103.5: Create, monitor and terminate processes Part 1
July 24, 2023

1. ps, top, uptime, free The following lessons are about processes and how to monitor, terminate or recreate them. Let’s first look at the most important command. That is the ps command. I’ve used this one or the other time in the last few lessons without going into detail. ps stands for Processes and shows […]

LPI 101-500 – 103.6: Change process execution priorities
July 23, 2023

1. nice, renice, ps, top This lesson is about the socalled Nice value, which I mentioned in previous videos. To explain the Nice value, maybe let’s open Top and in the fourth column from the left here in this one we see the Nice value. It is a priority given to a process. The better […]

LPI 101-500 – 103.7: Searching text files with regular expressions
July 23, 2023

1. regex, grep, egrep, fgrep This lesson is about the so called regular expressions, or Regex for short. Regular expressions are search patterns that are used to search through the contents of files. You can roughly compare Regex with the file globing. Although Regex is much more versatile and much more powerful. We already got […]

LPI 101-500 – 103.8: Basic editing of files
July 22, 2023

1. vi – Part 1 This lesson is about VI, which I have used many times throughout the course, but without going into detail. VI is a text editor for the console. Of course, VI cannot be compared with text editors on graphical interfaces in which you can use the mouse type in bold and […]

LPI 101-500 – 104.1: Create partitions and file systems
July 22, 2023

1. File systems, fdisk part 1 This lesson is about different file systems and how to edit them with various tools. Let’s first take a look at the individual file systems. A file system defines the framework for how data is organized on a hard drive. Or another data carrier, saving files, searching for files, […]

LPI 101-500 – 104.2: Ensuring the integrity of file systems
July 21, 2023

1. du, df In the last lesson, we learned how to create file systems from scratch. The next lessons are about observing these file systems using various tests to keep arrows free, correcting errors, or making new settings. First, let’s look at the command du du estimate file space usage summarize disk usage of the […]

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