Monthly Archives: December 2022

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Logical Switching Part 1
December 21, 2022

1. N-VDS Logical Switch layer to segments within our NVDs. So let’s start with the basics. In this case, Let’s assume that we already have four ESXi hosts that have been deployed as transport nodes. And of course, we’ve got our NSX manager nodes deployed. So we’ve got kind of the basic underlying pieces that […]

Vmware 2V0-41.20 Topic: Preparing Transport Nodes for NSX-T
December 21, 2022

4. VLAN Transport Zone So here in this situation, we’re going to focus on VLAN transport zones. And just like in the last lesson, we have a single VLAN transport zone created here that’s associated with a group of transport notes. We have four ESXi hosts. Those are our transportation notes. At the top right, […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: External BGP
December 21, 2022

1. Basic EBGP Configuration In this video, we’ll start with the basic BGP configurations. If you remember, we have done most of the IGP configurations in our previous videos. We had some IBGP configurations using full mesh and then also using router factors. And then we have also used peer groups to update those low-back […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: BGP Neighbors Part 2
December 21, 2022

4. IBGP Neighbors -with Loopback Interface Now in this video, we’ll move to our next lab, Lab Two, where we are going to configure the same IBGP neighbourhood using the loopback interfaces. So, if you’re continuing from our previous lab, I’m going to remove the configurations that I did in my previous lab by simply […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: BGP Neighbors Part 1
December 21, 2022

1. Understanding BGP Neighbors – Internal – External We’ll try to understand some of the concepts we’ll see in this video. Now, like I said, we’ll start with BGP neighborship. Weirdly, we have two types of neighbourhood BGP: internal BGP and external PGP. So we’ll see the differences and also try to see the basic […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: Border Gateway Protocol
December 21, 2022

1. BGP Introduction So welcome to BGP video trainings. Now, in this section, we’ll start with some of the basics of PGP, like basic concepts and terminology. So, if you just want to look at the basics, we’ll start with the autonomous system number. What is an autonomous system number? And then we’ll see the […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: ISIS Routing – Advance
December 21, 2022

1. Tuning ISIS Levels So, in this section, we’ll continue with our previous configurations, where we’ve already configured one area, which is 49 10 4. This was already set up in one of our previous classes. So we are just going to continue the configuration, and in this section we are going to configure another […]

Cisco CCNP Service Provider 350-501 SPCOR Topic: ISIS Routing – Basics
December 21, 2022

1. ISIS Introduction – Level Types So we’ll talk about the report’s introduction to the ISS in this section. So where we’ll see some basic features of issuance and then an overview of ISS, we’ll also see the metric calculation in ISS protocols and the different levels, like some areas, and finally we’ll see some […]

PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Topic: Create model-driven apps – site map and main forms
December 21, 2022

1. 25. Create model-driven apps Hello. And in this section, we say goodbye to creating canvas apps and hello to our model-driven apps. So, in canvas apps, we focused on individual controls and making sure we could place them exactly where we wanted, in pixels. In model-driven apps, we take a step back and look […]

PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Topic: Collections
December 21, 2022

1. 38. The Collect function – Adding records to a collection In this section, we’re going to have a look at the use of collections. So what are collections? Well, we’ve previously been using the Microsoft Dataverse as our data source. So that is a source on the Internet. Now, for my app to get […]

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