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Java SE 8 Programmer II



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About Course

Advanced skills in the most popular Java programming language are necessary for developing and managing apps that bring about efficiency to business. The Oracle 1Z0-809 course is designed for the purpose of equipping you with knowledge and practical skills to help you provide app and software solutions to enterprises. Java programming adopts an object-oriented approach in developing of apps. This particular training is in-depth and covers all the required topics. When you take this course, you will be in a position to sit for and pass the Oracle 1Z0-809 exam. Once you pass this test, you can get your Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer certification.


Both the instructor-led and live-virtual course covers the required topics through a series of video lectures. These lectures are delivered by qualified and experienced instructors who have been in the programming field for years. They have also been teaching these courses for many years. Thus, you can be sure that the knowledge you will receive is of high quality. The training tutorial consists of video lectures, practice labs, and practice tests. Some of the things that you will learn in this course is how to develop Java applications using the most recent JDK technology, developing your own object-oriented skills, and identifying good practices using the Java language in creating robust and effective Java applications. You will also learn competent skills in using Lambda expressions within Java applications, storing, and manipulating data with the use of collections and creating multi-threaded high performance applications.

Course objectives
  • Understanding advanced Input/output streams
  • Using the concurrency features of Lambda expression
  • Searching and filtering of collections with the use of Lambda expressions
  • How to create multi-threaded high-performance applications
  • How to create Java applications that meet object-oriented features like encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance
  • How to implement Input/output functionalities to read from and write to data, and text files
  • How to execute Java applications starting from command line
  • How to manipulate files, file systems, and directories with the use of the specifications of JDK NIO.2
  • How to create applications that make use of Java-based collections framework
  • How to perform multiple or more than one operations on the database tables that include creating, updating, reading, as well as deleting with JDBC, as well as JPA technology
  • How to use exception handling to implement error-handling strategies
Exam details
  • Type of questions: multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 85
  • Duration: 150 minutes
  • Passing score: 65%
Target audience
  • Students preparing for their 1Z0-809 exam
  • Java EE developers
  • Java developers
  • Systems developers
  • App and software developers

Java is a very popular programming language today. That explains why Java app and software developers are the most sought-after IT professionals by businesses and organizations. Employers understand the importance of having a specialist with the requisite skills and who can be depended on. The Oracle 1Z0-809 course prepares you to be an expert in the world of software and app development. It gives you all you need to pass your certification exam. Passing the test qualifies you for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer credential.

Job titles:
  • Senior Java developer
  • Java developer
  • Java engineer
  • Software engineer - Java
  • Technical lead
  • Software development apprentice
  • Software development engineer

Armed with this Oracle certificate, the individuals will be qualified for jobs that pay them up to $115,000 per year.

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  • walters

    Dec 29, 2018

I had the easiest time going through this course. Although programming can be a bit hard, the way this course has been structured and is being presented makes a lot of difference. I was able to understand the course and how to perform practically the tasks that were demonstrated in the video.

  • esther

    Jan 13, 2019

Thanks a lot for this awesome video course. I managed to do most of the concepts practically, and I guess so far I am mastering this world of programming that had eluded me for sometime in the past. This course has been such a great aid to me. Everything is explained very well. The instructor has a lot of experience just by looking at how the course topics, concepts, and demos are delivered.

  • tim_434

    Jan 23, 2019

I had been looking for a programming course, then I came across this one for Java. It is great that I found it in good time. I don’t regret taking this course at all. It has been so helpful.

  • jose

    Feb 2, 2019

I recommend this course to anyone preparing for the 1Z0-809 exam. It is detailed and has been broken down to easy to understand bits. Thanks a lot that you made things easier for me.

  • leone

    Feb 11, 2019

I’m usually slow in catching up with things, but how this course has been presented made things easy for me. I went with the speed of the instructor and really managed to get the most out of this training. This is something I won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to learn and master the in and out of app and software development. I would give a five star to this awesome course.

  • gloria

    Feb 14, 2019

I went through this course a little bit reluctantly but after 20 minutes into it, I knew it’s great. The course turned out to be the best! Actually better than I expected it to be. You, guys, have done a really good work creating this Java programming course and making it accessible to anyone who needs it.

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