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Scrum Exams
  • PSM I - Professional Scrum Master I
  • PSM II - Professional Scrum Master II
  • PSPO I - Professional Scrum Product Owner I
  • PSPO II - Professional Scrum Product Owner

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Scrum Certifications
  • PSM I - Professional Scrum Master I

Scrum Certification Practice Test Questions & Scrum Exam Dumps

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Scrum Certifications: The Best Way to Solve Complex Issues

If you are searching for the best company that can teach you how to help teams and people solve complex problems that are possible to occur during the working process, you can opt for Scrum. This is the best and frequent choice among the IT specialists. The organization offers various training and certification options that are based on Scrum.

Scrum Certification Program

The Scrum certification program is designed to validate the professionals’ competence in delivering high-value software with high agility levels using Scrum. Confirming these competencies, Scum evaluates your skills and knowledge across a wide range of domains associated with its use. The specialists can explore different levels of certificates within the Scrum program. From the Entry level to the Expert one, the candidates can find the best fit for their current knowledge base.

1. Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

This certification track has three levels: Fundamental, Advanced, and Distinguished. These individual certificates validate one’s knowledge of Scrum and the capability to apply it on different levels. There are the following options in the PSM path:

  • Professional Scrum Master 1: This certificate is designed to validate the depth of the applicants’ expertise in the Scrum framework and its application. The potential candidates will be required to demonstrate their competence in the application of Scrum in Scrum Teams. To obtain this certification, you have to pass the required exam that evaluates your fundamental mastery of the Scrum framework.
  • Professional Scrum Master II: The candidates for this certification can apply the Scrum framework in solving complex and advanced problems. They are also required to have advanced Scrum knowledge as well as extensive experience in the Scrum domain. To get this certificate, they must pass the qualifying exam.
  • Professional Scrum Master III: To earn this certification, you must first obtain PSM I and PSM II. This option validates the students’ knowledge and skills in applying Scrum, Scrum Values, and Scrum practices. You must also be able to demonstrate your ability to use Scrum in different organizational situations and complex teams. The qualifying exam for this certificate consists of multiple-choice and essay questions.

2. Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)

This certification track has three levels as well. It is designed to validate your understanding of Scrum and the Product Owner role as well as your ability to apply the knowledge in a real-world scenario. The details of each level are highlighted below:

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I: This certification confirms your knowledge of the Scrum framework and your skills required to support the creation and delivery of value. To earn this certificate, the individuals should complete a 60-minute exam with multiple-choice questions.
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner II: This certificate requires that the candidates demonstrate their advanced knowledge and skills in the Scrum framework, valuable product delivery, and Professional Scrum Product Ownership. You should take one prerequisite exam to get certified.
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner III: This option validates the knowledge and competence of the specialists in applying the Scrum framework and solving multifaceted problems associated with product ownership in a real-world scenario. To obtain this certification, the learners must first get PSPO 1 and PSPO II as well as pass a single qualifying exam.

3. Professional Scrum Developer (PSD I)

This certification path validates the candidates’ knowledge of the Scrum Development Team Member. The certificate is aimed at the professionals looking to demonstrate their skills in building complex software products with Scrum. To earn the certification, the students must develop competence in the PSD subject areas as well as understand how to apply the content available in the Development Team Member Learning Path. Additionally, they need to ace one exam with 80 multiple-choice questions.

4. Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS)

This certification path is designed to validate one’s knowledge and skills in Scrum Scaling as well as the Nexus Framework. The potential candidates must have competence in participating in and managing product development and scaled software with the use of Nexus. Additionally, they should have knowledge of the relevant scaling fundamentals and Agile practices that can be applied to multiple Scrum teams functioning together. The individuals need to pass one qualifying exam to get certified.

5. Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I)

This certification track proves the applicants’ knowledge and skills in professional Agile leadership. The potential candidates for this option are business leaders. They are the professionals who understand the values that Agile brings to their business. They also understand the importance of leadership support, understanding, and sponsorship of Agile practices in an organization. To earn this certificate, the learners must demonstrate a fundamental level of knowledge in how agility contributes value to an enterprise and why the support of leadership for an Agile team is critical to the achievement of organizational agility. The individuals must sit for the qualifying exam, which covers a range of topics, to get this certification.

6. Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM)

This certification path is created to validate your knowledge of the evidence-based management. You must be able to demonstrate the leadership capacity with an advanced level of knowledge in how empirical approaches can help an organization improve continuously. The specialists must have the expertise required for enabling agility through the identification of goals and associated success measures. They should be able to use hypotheses to establish improvement opportunities, carry out experiments to evaluate these hypotheses, and utilize the knowledge gained for improvement. It is also important to have the skills required to apply the highlighted concepts on improvement targets, including customer outcomes, business results, and organizational capabilities. To earn the certificate, the candidates must pass a single exam.

7. Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK I)

This certification path is designed for those professionals who want to validate their knowledge and skills in the use of Scrum with Kanban. These specialists must be able to demonstrate their understanding of how Scrum Teams can utilize the Scrum and Kanban capability to support the creation and delivery of value to the customers. The certificate will validate your competence in a variety of subject areas of Professional Scrum with the Kanban domain. These include Kanban Practices, Scrum Framework, and Agile Metrics. To get certified, the individuals must take one prerequisite exam.

8. Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU I)

This certification track is developed to validate the knowledge and competence of the students in Scrum with User Experience. The candidates will be required to demonstrate their understanding of how Scrum Teams can incorporate UX to increase expected value creation and delivery. Additionally, they must have a fundamental level of knowledge of the integration of modern UX practices with Scrum for effective functioning within Scrum Teams. To obtain the certificate, you need to complete the qualifying exam, which measures your skills in the UX techniques and practices as well as core Scrum knowledge.

Career Opportunities

These options from the Scrum certification program give you a lot of opportunities that you can use to improve your career. Thus, you can have a promotion or easily find a new position. For example, you can become a Scrum Master, a Senior Tech Engineer, a Data Architect Advisor, or an Analytics Scrum Master. In addition, you can earn a higher salary that can go up to $145,00 per annum.

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Scrum Certification Exam Dumps, Scrum Certification Practice Test Questions and Answers

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