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OMG UM0-300 Exam - OMG-Certified UML Professional Advanded

Questions & Answers for OMG UM0-300

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Question #1 - Topic 0

An employee inadvertently removed all of the ownedMembers of the new BoosterMotor
component from his company's development repository. The next day, the manager was
unable to find some pieces of the BoosterMotor component's specification. What pieces
could the manager no longer find? (Choose two)

A. failure mode use cases

B. the component repository

C. test scripts for the rocket sled simulation

D. the launch assembly housing the BoosterMotor

E. the component's isIndirectlyInstantiated attribute

Question #2 - Topic 0

What are the ways that the UML metamodel reuses the InfrastructureLibrary package?
(Choose two)

A. imports and specializes metaclasses in the InfrastructureLibrary

B. exports and generalizes metaclasses in the InfrastructureLibrary

C. specializes meta-metaclasses that are defined in the InfrastructureLibrary

D. stereotypes meta-metaclasses that are defined in the InfrastructureLibrary

E. is instantiated from meta-metaclasses that are defined in the InfrastructureLibrary

Question #3 - Topic 0

What is wrong with the collaboration occurrence shown in the exhibit?

A. The <<role>> keywords are missing.

B. The <<occurrence>> keyword is missing.

C. Client and Server role names should be underlined.

D. Role bindings should be represented by dashed lines.

E. The collaboration occurrence name should be underlined.

Question #4 - Topic 0

If a data store node has three values and one moves across an outgoing edge, how many
are left?

A. none

B. one

C. two

D. three

Question #5 - Topic 0

If an instance of the Artifact class is referenced by a Deployment instance, what is true
about the system being described? (Choose two)

A. It has a node that is a DeploymentTarget.

B. It has no DeploymentSpecification instances.

C. Elements of the Nodes packages are used to describe it.

D. The deployment relationship is defined at the Type level.

E. Elements of the ComponentDeployment package are used.

Question #6 - Topic 0

The preconditions of behavioral features of an interface can be specified in what way?

A. the set of its features

B. the actions of its protocol state machine

C. the parameters of its protocol state machine

D. comments attached to the corresponding features

E. one or more guard conditions of a protocol state machine

Question #7 - Topic 0

What are the correct identities of packages A and B in the exhibit?

A. A = OCL; B = XMI

B. A = XMI; B = MDA

C. A = OCL; B = QVT

D. A = UML; B = Profiles

E. A = Diagram Interchange; B = OCL

Question #8 - Topic 0

What is a power type?

A. classifier containing a very large number of instances

B. classifier whose instances are objects of another classifier

C. classifier whose instances are operations of another classifier

D. classifier whose instances are subclasses of another classifier

Question #9 - Topic 0

An association class possesses the properties of which elements? (Choose two)

A. class

B. interface

C. constraint

D. expression

E. association

Question #10 - Topic 0

What is the correct identity of the UML 2.0 infrastructure package A in the exhibit?

A. Core

B. Kernel

C. Profiles

D. CommonBehavior

E. CommonStructure

Question #11 - Topic 0

OCL expressions may NOT contain which special character or character combinations?

A. .

B. ~

C. @

D. ->

E. ..

F. >=

Question #12 - Topic 0

What is an abstract type in OCL?

A. Set

B. Bag

C. Integer

D. Sequence

E. Collection

Question #13 - Topic 0

An information flow may NOT occur between which elements?

A. classes

B. packages

C. use cases

D. associations

E. instance specifications

Question #14 - Topic 0

How is the UML specification defined?

A. recursively using a UML model

B. recursively using a UML profile

C. using Backus-Naur Form (BNF)

D. using a formal language approach

E. using a combination of natural language, OCL, and Object-Z

Question #15 - Topic 0

When a component is deleted, what happens to objects in a component's namespace?

A. objects are deleted

B. objects continue to exist

C. only those objects that participate in shared aggregations are retained

D. contents of the component's namespace are promoted to its superclass


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