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SDI SD0-302 Exam - Service Desk Manager Qualification

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Questions & Answers for SDI SD0-302

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Question #1 - Topic 1

Which of the following options is an effective listening skill?

A. Maintain a neutral facial expression

B. Interrupt when you feel you have something important to say

C. Close your eyes to concentrate better

D. Take notes but do not write constantly

Question #2 - Topic 1

If you are outsourcing your support operation, which of these Service Level issues should
be considered?

A. Clarity on penalties and performance levels

B. Internal end-to-end OLAs and penalties

C. The salaries of staff to be transferred

D. The capabilities of the outsourcers ITSM system

Question #3 - Topic 1

If you were explaining the Service Desks responsibilities in the Incident Management
process, which of the following options would you include?

A. Tracking, monitoring and chasing Incident progress

B. Continually updating management on the volume of Incidents

C. Resolving all customer/user Problems within the SLA times

D. Providing feedback on how well 2nd and 3rd level support are progressing outstanding Incidents

Question #4 - Topic 1

Which of the following is a business best practice quality model?




D. Six Sigma

Question #5 - Topic 1

Which of these options describes a management/operational metric for Problem

A. The number of RFCs submitted resulting from Problems

B. The number of urgent/emergency RFCs implemented

C. The number of successful and failed Changes

D. The top ten Incident categories

Question #6 - Topic 1

Which of these options is NOT an element of successful project management?

A. Managing costs

B. Ensuring a continual improvement focus

C. Developing technical solutions

D. Defining project objectives

Question #7 - Topic 1

Which of these options is NOT a benefit of the Problem Management process?

A. It improves productivity of the business and IT

B. It removes the need for SLAs

C. It reduces the time to resolve Incidents

D. It increases first contact resolutions

Question #8 - Topic 1

Which of these options would be a typical feature of an On-going survey?

A. It is carried out on a six monthly cycle

B. It is executed as soon as possible after a call is closed

C. It is conducted with a minimum of 10 questions to be comprehensive

D. It is designed to show longer term trends in customer satisfaction

Question #9 - Topic 1

Which process involves recognizing how to anticipate problems, develop contingency plans
and sustain progress?

A. Incident Management

B. Problem Management

C. Issue Management

D. Risk Management

Question #10 - Topic 1

Which option best describes strategic awareness? Strategic awareness is...

A. Understanding how IT services contribute to meeting organisational goals

B. Understanding the intention of the tactical plans of the organisation

C. Understanding how to acquire knowledge of the organisations operational plans

D. Understanding the day-to-day goals and objectives of the organisation

Question #11 - Topic 1

Conducting an assessment is a necessary step in managing change and for continual
Which of these options best describes key types of assessment methods?

A. SWOT, CSA and GAP analyses

B. CSA, COBIT and GAP analyses

C. SWOT and CSA analyses and COBIT

D. GAP analysis, COBIT and ISO20000

Question #12 - Topic 1

Performing a skills gap analysis and identifying appropriate salary levels are preparatory
requirements for what?

A. Service Desk recruitment

B. Service Catalogue definition

C. Service Level Agreement negotiation

D. Skills Matrix creation

Question #13 - Topic 1

You are part of a team tasked with managing an Organizational Change within your
support environment. What should the team do to ensure this change is successful?

A. Implement rapid amendments to the plan. (Would this work any better?)

B. Develop a probability to reality projection plan

C. Recognize the importance of allowing long-serving staff to determine where they will sit

D. Have a well-constructed communications plan

Question #14 - Topic 1

You are tasked with delivering a presentation to your senior management team on the topic
of The New, Improved Service Desk. What is a key point to remember when preparing this

A. Senior management is always interested in IT Service Management

B. The language of the boardroom is the most appropriate way to speak

C. The use of technological terms is quite acceptable

D. The visual aids should be packed with information

Question #15 - Topic 1

You need to work with your suppliers to improve the costs and terms of the contract. What
type of person makes a good negotiator?

A. A problem solver

B. A quality-driven person

C. A tough, uncompromising type

D. A creative person

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