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HP HP3-F18 Exam - HP OneView

Questions & Answers for HP HP3-F18

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Question #1

After you authenticate to the HP OneView Appliance with the PowerShell library, until when
will the session ID generated by the appliance be stored? (Select two.)

A. until the next Administration login session is created

B. unti I you exit the PowerShell console

C. until the disconnect cmdlet is issued

D. until the default session timeout is reached

Question #2

Which string value attribute provides information to the REST client about a resource

A. request header

B. client cache

C. eTag


Question #3

When creating a server profile, which profile setting determines the remove-and-replace
behavior for a server blade?

A. Enclosure Group

B. Hardware Type

C. Affinity

D. Baseline

Question #4

Your HP OneView appliance was shut down for maintenance. After rebooting how does HP
OneView determine if anything was changed in the environment while it was powered off?

A. checks device bays for a changed UUID

B. checks authentication of enclosures

C. listens for SNMP traps reporting changes

D. queries CMDB for changes

Question #5

Which part of HP OneView's health monitor is responsible for translating incoming traps
and sends notification messages to the Alert Service?

A. Events Service

B. Alerts Service

C. SNMP Receiver

D. Status Aggregation Service

Question #6

You are preparing to add servers in your data center to HP OneView and you need to
create a profile for each server. Which information do you require to create the server

A. server affinity

B. memory size

C. number of processors

D. enclosure group

Question #7

In the HP SDDC architecture, in which layer do HP OneView, HP Helion Openstack, and
HP Server automation interact?

A. Application

B. Control

C. Infrastructure

D. Technology Services

Question #8

Which option is viewable with a monitored BL460c Gen8 server?

A. Hardware Type

B. Profile

C. Connections to Interconnects

D. Enclosure Group

Question #9

You have several old servers that are not HP intelligent powered devices. You need to add
these devices to HP OneView and create a manual power configuration for them. How can
the power topology be built?

A. with a parent device

B. from the bottom up by creating rack PDUs

C. from the top down using Location Discovery Services

D. by configuring the intelligent iPDU on the server

Question #10

You manage a datacenter that consumes a large amount of power. You need to identify
and hot spots in your HP server racks in order to optimize cooling. Which tool should you
use to identify these hot spots?

A. power delivery infrastructure representation

B. Intelligent Power Discovery (iPDUs)

C. physical asset location

D. 3D Datacenter View

Question #11

What is required to add a SAN Manager?

A. a defined volume in HP OneView

B. defined storage pools

C. a list of pre-existing SAN zones

D. fabric attached storage system

Question #12

What becomes of user interface interactions that take longer than 200 milliseconds?

A. They are retransmitted as lost data packets.

B. They become asynchronous tasks.

C. The priority of the tasks is raised and they are retransmitted.

D. They generate a timeout error.

Question #13

What is the purpose of HP OneView PowerShell Library?

A. provides an automated issue tracker for HP OneView managed devices

B. automates the management of HP OneView by using a series of cmdlets

C. constrains the location of the HP OneView binary code

D. provides direct access to the file system and internal database of the appliance

Question #14

You need an application to receive notifications when new server hardware is added to
your managed environment or when the health status of physical resources changes,
without having to continuously poll the appliance for status updates. Which HP OneView
communication channel is an interface that uses asynchronous messages to notify
subscribers of changes to managed resources?

A. Universal configuration management database

B. HP OneView cmdlets

C. state Change Message Bus


Question #15

Point and click the option you should click to add a Certificate Authority-signed certificate to
your HP OneView installation Settings


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