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HP HP2-Z03 Exam - HP ProCurve Accredited Sales Consultant v9.11

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-Z03

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Question #1

You are meeting with the CIO of a university that wants to add wireless access to its
network. You think that this customer might need HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager
(1DM) as part of the mobility solution. What can you ask to determine whether the
customer is actually a good candidate for this solution?

A. Your wireless network will carry a great deal of traffic. Are you interested in a solution that shows you the top consumers of wireless bandwidth?

B. You have many types of users: students, faculty, and other staff members. How much time do you expect it will take your IT staff to set up their rights?

C. Have you ever experienced a Denial of Service (DoS) attack? Do you know that many DoS attacks are launched by legitimate students?

D. Will your faculty members transmit sensitive data such as test answers that require concealment from eavesdroppers?

Question #2

You are creating a proposal for a customer who requires Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN)
phones for support staff. Based on this requirement, which feature must the wireless
infrastructure support?

A. voice ports

B. fast roaming

C. high capacity

D. MAC authentication

Question #3

How do your customers benefit from the ability of intelligent HP Procure edge devices to
adapt to converged network services? (Select two)

A. The network delivers premium quality for proprietary HP services.

B. Unified communications services offer high-quality VoIP transmission.

C. Customer resources are protected by service-specific content filtering.

D. The infrastructure filter out attempts to access inappropriate web content.

E. The services that the customer defines as mission-critical are given priority handling.

Question #4

You are designing an HP Mobility Solution for a customer who requires wireless threat
management. Which set of products best meets these requirements?

A. HP ProCurve Multiservice Mobility 700 Series Access Controller, HP ProCurve MSM335 APs, and HP ProCurve RF Manager

B. HP ProCurve Subservice Mobility 700 Series Access Controller, HP ProCurve MSM335 APs, and HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager

C. HP ProCurve Subservice Mobility 700 Series Access Controller, HP ProCurve MSM335 APs, and HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager

D. HP ProCurve MSM 700 Series Access Controller, ProCurve MSM335APs, ProCurve Identity Driven Manager, and a ProCurve Network Access Controller 800

Question #5

You are planning a network update for a customer with an HP ProCurve network
infrastructure, As you discuss plans for new network services, you find that the customer is
updating to Windows Server 2008 and Windows Network Policy Server (NPS). Which
product should you suggest?

A. HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager to help to set UD endpoint integrity

B. HP ProCurve Guest Management software to enhance the guest management capabilities of NPS

C. HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager to deal with the threats that NPS cannot handle

D. HP ProCurve Network Access Controller 800 to add endpoint integrity to NPS authentication services

Question #6

You need to explain the benefit of Voice over IP (VoIP) to you customer in a way that
appeals to them. Match the customer with the VoIP benefit that best meets their needs.

Question #7

You are creating a proposal for a manufacturing company that is installing new software to
track inventory and processes. The customers factory floor is not wired for Ethernet. Which
feature should you make sure to include in your proposal?

A. fast roaming

B. Local wireless meshing

C. Wi-Fi Multimedia Extension (WME)

D. location tracking

Question #8

You have created an HP ProCurve Mobility Solution proposal for a customer who is adding
wireless access for employees and authorized visitors. You hope to include an HP
ProCurve Access Control Solution as a cross-sell. Match each customer concern to HP
ProCurve Access Control Solution feature that addresses this concern.

Question #9

When planning a network upgrade for an HP ProCurve customer, you introduce the subject
of threat management. The customer says that they have installed a Unified Threat
Management (UTM) system between the Internet and the private network so they are no
longer concerned about this issue. What should you do?

A. Tell the customer that UTM systems do not offer adequate content filtering or threat detection.

B. Tell the customer about an Access Control Solution that can replace the UTM system and provide better protection.

C. Tell the customer about HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager, which can provide better perimeter security than a UTM system.

D. Tell the customer that a perimeter solution will not protect the network from internal threats, which are more common than external threats.

Question #10

You have created an HP ProCurve Solution proposal for a customer who wants the easiest
way to set up and manage users rights from a single location. Your proposal includes HP
ProCurve 2610 Series switches, HP ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+), and HP ProCurve
Identity Driven Manager (1DM). The customer asks why you proposed 2610 switches
rather than 2510 switches. What is your explanation?

A. Although the 2510 switches interoperate with PCM+, they do not interoperate with 1DM.

B. The 2610 switches support synchronization with the customers directory, which enables rights to be configured more quickly.

C. The 2610 switches support Power over Ethernet (PoE), which helps 1DM track users locations and manage their rights.

D. With the 2610 switches, you can configure highly granular rights (ACL5) directly in 1DM. With the 2510 switches, you must configure ACLs on the network devices.

Question #11

You are designing an Access Control Solution for a university. One of the universitys
requirements is that the solution must prevent students from monopolizing the bandwidth.
Which feature supports this requirement?

A. dynamic mirroring

B. dynamic rate limiting

C. dynamic power settings

D. dynamic access control lists (ACLs)

Question #12

A customer has asked you why it is worthwhile to invest in intelligence at the network edge.
Which statements accurately describe the benefits of doing so? (Select two.)

A. The network is scalable. The core is not overloaded when the edge is expanded.

B. Only the network edge is open-standards compliant and future-proof, so that is where the customer should invest

C. The network edge provides everything required for an advanced access control solution.

D. The network edge provides features that HP Procure Security solutions can leverage.

E. The Procure edge devices are protected by the HP Procure Lifetime Warranty, but the core switches are not.

Question #13

When discussing threat management needs with a customer, which question helps you to
determine the proper deployment for HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager (NIM):
stand-alone NIM or NIM + Intrusion Detection System (IDS)?

A. Do you require a wide array of choices for penalties?

B. Do you require deeper inspection of suspicious traffic?

C. Do you expect the solution to respond to threats on its own or to simply notify you of threats?

D. Do you want to set up different policies for responding to different offenders?

Question #14

Whenever you prepare to meet with customers, you think of opportunities to sell Mobility
Solutions to them. You need to be familiar with the services that you would use to interest
each type of customer in a Mobility Solution. Match the service to the type of customer that
would be most interested in it.
Note: You can use a service more than once.

Question #15

What is one benefit of the ProActive Defense strategy?

A. ProActive Defense reduces complexity by focusing on the vulnerable network core.

B. ProActive Defenses proprietary technologies are more advanced than those supported by traditional solutions.

C. ProActive Defense eliminates risks at the vulnerable network perimeter with open- standards security technologies.

D. ProActive Defense leverages capabilities within me infrastructure, so the network is protected from edge to core.

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