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HP HP2-K21 Dumps

Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta
Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-K21

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Question #1

Which statements are true about the ESL-E Series tape library? (Select two.)

A. It supports partitionning in up to six logical libraries

B. It supports up to 16 drives)

C. It supports up to four SCSI or FC (8 GB sec) interface controllers

D. It supports 0.12.24 or 48 load ports

E. It provides the highest density in the Enterprise-class library market

(page 1, third paragraph,) (page 4,
left column)

Question #2

Which statement is true about Dynamic Optimization?

A. it improves IOPS by increasing CPU cycles when an array is excessively busy

B. it is an analysis tool that analyzes sub-volume performance, identifying and moving busy portions of the volume

C. By rebalancing volumes, it makes it possible for the volumes to take advantage of added system resources

D. It can dynamically allocate storage to meet application requirements


Question #3

When implementing Many-to-One Remote Copy, what is the minimum number of
controllers required for each InServ in each site?

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four

Question #4

Which Network RAID Level must be used to provide a three way mirror?

A. Network RAID 10

B. Network RAID 10+1

C. Network RAID 10+2

D. Network RAID 6

saniq-8-5/ (last paragraph)

Question #5

Which CommandView Advanced Edition (CVAE) component uses TCP/IP to communicate
with a P9500 array?

A. Common Component (Hbase)

B. Device Manager (DvM)

C. Tiered Storage Manager (TSM)

D. Replication Manager


Question #6

Which P4000 features does a Multi-site SAN offer that a Campus SAN does not? (Select

A. multi-subnet clusters

B. centralized licensing

C. I/O preferencing based on site

D. auto failover and ftailback

E. SAN/i1Q Failover Manager

Question #7

When administering an HP 3PAR array, what needs to be used when creating thin
provisioned virtual volumes (TPVVW)?

A. Common provisioning groups

B. Provisioning templates

C. Volume groups

D. Virtual domains

ioning%20WP.pdf (page 14, fig 12 and 13)

Question #8

HP StoreOnce D2D devices utilize in-line deduplication technology. What is this technology
also known as'

A. fixed-length data segmenting

B. object-level differencing

C. variable-length data segmenting

D. hash-based chunking

dose-of-data-deduplication (third paragraph)

Question #9

Your customer is looking to implement replication between three D2D devices. Which
statement is true about licensing the replication functionality of the D2D?

A. A replication license is required for both the source and the target devices

B. A replication license is required for the target devices

C. Replication functionality is included as part of the base firmware and is not licensed

D. A replication license is only required for the source device.

(page 7)

Question #10

The StorageWorks P4000 SAN architecture consists of three basic layers. Which function
or component is contained in the OS infrastructure layer?

A. Security Services

B. Centralized Management Console

C. Windows Solution Pack

D. P4000VSA

Question #11

Which statement is true about the Common Component (Hbase) component of
CommandView Advanced Edition (CVAE)?

A. It manages CommandView Advanced Edition (CVAE) security.

B. It collects information about volumes used by hosts.

C. It manages LUN migration.

D. It can be used to allocate storage to hosts.

Question #12

Which Command View Advanced Edition management server component is responsible for
creating volumes, both basic and thin provisioned?

A. Common Component (Hbase)

B. Device Manager (DvM)

C. Host Data Collector (HDC)

D. Tiered Storage Manager (TSM)

Question #13

You have an HP P4000 Management Group with five storage systems running a manager
process. whatWhat is the minimum number of managers required to be online to ensure
Management Access is not impacted?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

f (page 10, table 2)

Question #14

On the X1000 and X3000 Network storage systems, which standard feature of Windows
2008 optimizes storage capacity by actively comparing and eliminating identical files on file
sharing volumes?

A. dynamic deduplication

B. StofeOnce

C. accelerated deduplication

D. Single Instance Storage


Question #15

You are designing a deduplication-based backup solution Which tool should you use to
determine which HP StoreOnce deduplication product is appropriate?

A. SAN Builder

B. StorageWorks Sizing Tool

C. Active Answers

D. QuickSpecs