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HP HP2-H19 Dumps

HP Client Virtualization Solutions - Sales
HP Client Virtualization Solutions - Sales

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-H19

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Question #1

What is a silver bullet for succeeding in a competitive sale against Wyse?

A. partnership with Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware

B. market leadership with Windows and Linux

C. only company with an end-to-end solution

D. software solution innovations

Question #2

You are competing against Wyse for a Windows Embedded Standard thin client sale. You
are recommending the HP t5740e Thin Client. Which Wyse Thin Client are you most likely
to be competing against?

A. C50LE

B. C30LE

C. V10LE

D. C90LE7

Reference: (page 1,
4th row, third sub row of the table)

Question #3

For what purposes do customers deploy client virtualization solutions? (Select two.)

A. to perform massive computational requirements

B. to meet security and compliance requirements

C. to monitor employees' internet activity

D. to eliminate all single points of failure

E. to support employee productivity and flexibility

Question #4

When competing against Wyse Thin Clients with ThinOS, what can you point out that
would raise customer concerns?

A. The ThinOS operating system has a large footprint with heavy resource overhead.

B. Wyse ThinOS clients take longer to boot than HP Thin Clients.

C. Thin OS customizations go through the Wyse.ini config file using proprietary syntax.

D. Wyse ThinOS clients do not support a stateless architecture.

Question #5

For what purpose do customers deploy client virtualization solutions? (Select two)

A. To perform massive computational requirements.

B. To meet security and compliances requirements.

C. To monitor employees internet activity.

D. To eliminate all single point of failure.

E. To support employee productivity and flexibility.

Question #6

Your potential customer would like assurance that the HP client virtualization solution you
propose is open and non-proprietary. What is the best response to this customer concern?

A. HP has existing partnerships with leading virtualization vendors, and its infrastructure, clients, software, and services are pre-integrated with Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix solutions.

B. HP is the world leader in PC and thin client shipments and the server blade market leader with a 54% share.

C. HP has the largest number of VMware-certified professionals of any VMware partner.

D. HP is the leading technology vendor that provides the full spectrum of client virtualization infrastructure, desktop to data center.

fx/index.html (topic: why HP client virtualization for Remote FX, first two sub bulleted

Question #7

Your customer wants the flexibility to be able to expand their thin client in the future. Which
HP Thin Client should you recommend?

A. T5550

B. T5565

C. T5630w

D. T5745


Question #8

How does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) differ from Server-Based Computing (SBC)?

A. VDI should not be used when users require many applications but have only one application open at the time. SBC is recommended under these circumstances.

B. VDI shares a single physical server with multiple users and actions of one user can impact all other users on that server. This is not true of SBC.

C. With VDI, the entire desktop is encapsulated and isolated from the server hardware layer. This is not true of SBC.

D. Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is supported on VDI but not on SBC.

Question #9

Which benefits is achieved by application virtualization?

A. Provides better application performance

B. Reduce network utilization

C. Decreases server resources utilization

D. Meets security and compliances needs

Question #10

Which HP Zero Clients are ideally suited for the HP MultiSeat solution? (Select two.)

A. t5535z

B. t5740e

C. t100

D. t200

321959.html (topic: zero clients, 3rd bulleted point)

Question #11

How do thin clients help a customer who is facing increasing costs?

A. Thin client solutions eliminate the cost of licensing and reduce the time needed for patch fixes.

B. Thin client solutions reduce the cost of desktop upgrades, software, maintenance, and support.

C. Thin client computing allows large computing tasks to be distributed across many computers.

D. Thin clients allow users to be responsible for administering their own updates and maintenance.

Reference: (page 1, 2nd and 5th
bulleted point)

Question #12

In which area is HP superior to all competitors?

A. custom OS

B. hardware features

C. Linux OS support

D. VDI support

Question #13

What is a key question you could ask in a discovery meeting to confirm your customer is
considering client virtualization?

A. What changes do you have planned for your infrastructure?

B. What are your plans for growing your desktop PC base?

C. What do you expect to happen to your next year's budget?

D. What is your choice of software to support client virtualization?

Question #14

Which HP Thin Client should you recommend to a customer planning to use the Microsoft
Windows Embedded Standard Operating System?

A. t5550

B. t5565

C. t5745

D. t5740

Question #15

When customers evaluate thin clients, they consider cost, warranty, and brand equity.
Which other attributes do customers consider most often before buying a thin client?
(Select four.)

A. protocol

B. hardware compatibility

C. processor speed

D. operating system

E. power and cooling requirements

F. scalability

G. multimedia support