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HP HP0-S45 Exam - Delta - Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions

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Questions & Answers for HP HP0-S45

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Question #1

Through HP OneView, an integrator determines that an HP ProLiant Gen9 server is
experiencing errors during its boot process. As the next troubleshooting step, the integrator
needs to investigate the issues in more detail without going to the server's physical
How can the integrator achieve the goal?

A. Search for beep codes in me error messages and use HP troubleshooting documentation to interpret those codes.

B. Use HP insight control server provisioning (ICsp) to deploy a remote testing and diagnostics tool to the server.

C. Boot the server from an iLO Remote Console and then launch HP intelligent Provisioning and HP insight Diagnostics.

D. Run diagnostics remotely from the HP OneView console and watch for POST messages on the HP OneView screen.

Question #2

A customer has two HP c7000 BladeSystem Enclosures equipped with Virtual Connect
FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port interconnect modules and is managing this environment with HP
OneView. Both enclosures are members of one enclosure group. The integrator needs to
add a new enclosure to the Infrastructure and configure Virtual Conenct modules identically
to the current enclosures as follows:
Identical uplink ports to carry ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic
Identical networks and VLAN IDs
Identical IGMP settings
The new enclosure will be equipped with Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 F8 interconned
Which approach should the integrator take?

A. Create a new logical interconnect group for the new enclosure and synchronize it with me current enclosure group.

B. Add a new enclosure group and a new logical interconnect group tor me new enclosure, then configure uplinks and IGMP settings identically to the original logical interconnect group.

C. Add a new enclosure to the current enclosure group and update the logical interconnect configuration from the current logical interconnect group.

D. Add a new enclosure to me current enclosure group.

Question #3

A system integrator installed an operating system on an HP ProLiant Gen9 Server.
Which operating system can be used with UEFI Boot Mode?

A. VMware ESXi 5.5

B. Windows Server 2008 32-bit

C. Citrix XenServer 6.0

D. Windows Server 2003 64-bit

Question #4

What is a benefit of advanced memory protection on HP ProLiant BL460c Gcn9 servers?

A. It helps to eliminate unplanned downtime by using advanced error checking, demand scrubbing, and patrol scrubbing.

B. It helps to reduce latency for communications between a server and remote storage on the network.

C. It helps to ensure compliance with regulatory standards by using HP Smart Encryption to encrypt all data at rest.

D. It helps to prevent lost data during a power outage by backing up data to a non-volatile storage medium.

Question #5

How do HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units (iPDUs) help server integrators?

A. They provide backup power for servers, helping to prevent costly network outages and unplanned downtime.

B. They integrate power with cooling components, based on American Society of Heating. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards.

C. They dynamically distribute power to different servers in the rack based on policies defined by integrators.

D. They track power consumption with high accuracy and forward me data to HP OneView, where integrators can View it.

Question #6

Click on one of the HP recommended locations where an integrator should mount the iPDU
display on the cabinet.

Question #7

A customer is using a 3PAR StoreServ storage system attached directly to a BladeSystem
Enclosure through Virtual Connect FlexFabric-20/40 FS modules. The customer needs to
simplify the process of creating and attaching volumes for server administrators.
Which tasks should the system integrator perform in HP OneView? (Select two.)

A. Import Fibre Channel networks from the 3PAR StoreServe storage system.

B. Create Fibre Channel networks and set the Fabric type to Direct Attach.

C. Add the storage administrator role to server administrators' user accounts.

D. Create a storage domain.

E. Add storage pools

Question #8

A customer needs the integrator to add a network to HP OneView. The customer provides
the integrator with the VLAN ID and uplink port number.
Click the menu option the Integrator should select to configure the network uplink and allow
the configuration to be reused on new enclosures.

Question #9

A server integrator has selected Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D modules as interconnect
modules for HP BladeSystem Enclosures Blade servers wilt use Fibre Channel over
Ethernet (FCoE) for their remote storage The integrator is now discussing the upstream
connectivity requirements with LAN and SAN administrators.
Which solution should the integrator choose to connect to the Virtual Connect modules?

A. SAN switches that support FCoE tunneling

B. Ethernet switches that support FCoE

C. SAN switches that support N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)

D. Ethernet switches that support 8 Gbps Ethernet

Question #10

A server integrator needs to install the maximum amount of memory in a new BL460c
Gen9 server
Which type of memory should the integrator install?

A. RDIMM Single-rank (128GB)

B. RDIMM Dual-rank (16GB)

C. LRDIMM Quad-rank (32GB) Non Ecc

D. LRDIMM Quad-rank (32GB)

Question #11

An integrator is preparing tor 3n HP OneView installation. Which software component
needs to be installed at the customer site before the integrator can perform the installation?

A. an ICsp appliance deployed and ready for integration with HP OneView

B. a server with Windows 2008 R2 installed

C. Insight control, ready to be upgraded to HP OneView

D. supported hypervisor for HP OneView deployment

Question #12

A customer needs to deploy a legacy operating system on an HP DL380 Gen9 Server. The
integrator sets the BIOS to support Legacy BIOS Boot Mode. When the integrator attempts
to install the operating system, the embedded controller and disk drives are not available
tor configuration.
What should me integrator do to resolve this issue?

A. Update me firmware of the system BIOS.

B. Install a Smart SAS HBA Controller 240ar.

C. Replace the failed system board.

D. Update the firmware on the embedded disk controller.

Question #13

An integrator needs to add an HP c7000 BladeSystem Enclosure to HP OneView Which
information should the integrator collect tor this purpose?

A. iLO IP address and credentials for each blade server in me enclosure

B. IP address and credentials for the Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) that currently manages the enclosure

C. Onboard Administrator IP address and login credentials

D. IP address and credentials for each virtual machine (VM) installed on each blade server in the enclosure

Question #14

A customer has added a storage blade to their current c7000 Bladesystem Enclosure,
however me external storage is not visible from the adjacent HP ProLiant BL460c Gen9
server blade.
What should the integrator do in order for me ProLiant BL460c Gen9 server blade to
recognize me adjacent storage?

A. Install the 12GB SAS Expander Card.

B. Reboot me BL4GOc Gen9 blade server.

C. Add an HP Smart Storage Battery to the existing array controller.

D. Upgrade the firmware on the Smart Array H244br.

Question #15

Which HP software-defined platform automates management of HP servers, storage, and
other HP converged Infrastructure using RESTful API?

A. HP OneView

B. HP Virtual Connect Manager

C. HP integrated Lights Out (iL04)

D. HP Smart Update Manager (SUM)

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