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HP HP0-M39 Exam - HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 Software

Questions & Answers for HP HP0-M39

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Question #1

Which step categories can be added using the Step Generator Tool? (Select three.)

A. run-time objects

B. default object types

C. test objects

D. utility objects

E. data objects

F. functions

Question #2

During the planning phase, you decide to create multiple actions that can be combined and
reused to achieve testing goals. Which element is critical for identifying the actions to be
recorded and how to combine them?

A. input data

B. parameters

C. initial and end conditions

D. visual cues

Question #3

What can you do using the To Do pane? (Select two.)

A. Assign tasks to others.

B. Mark a task as In progress.

C. View TODO comments existing in the current test recovery scenarios.

D. Export TODO comments to comma-separated values or XML format.

E. View TODO comments existing in the current test checkpoints.

Question #4

How can you pause and interact with the playback of a test?

A. Add a wait statement.

B. Add a breakpoint.

C. Add a delay.

D. Add a stop point.

Question #5

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Click the Task button.

Question #6

Why would a tester use the Description object in the Expert View of a test?

A. to programmatically modify a test object's definition directly in the object repository

B. to bypass the object repository when identifying an object at runtime

C. to data-drive logical names and make the test more generic

D. to make it easier to retrieve child objects using the ChildObjects method

Question #7

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Click the Task button.

Question #8

Which QuickTest Professional menu item should you use when emailing a QuickTest
Professional test to another tester?

A. Send Email...

B. Export Test to Zip File...

C. Save Test with Resources...

D. Export Test and Email...

Question #9

What are the default add-ins installed with QuickTest Professional? (Select three.)


B. ActiveX


D. Web

E. Java


G. Visual Basic

Question #10

Which Settings tab enables QuickTest Professional to measure the resources being used
by the application?

A. Resources

B. Environment

C. Local System Monitor

D. Run

Question #11

Which QuickTest Professional feature should you use to view methods and properties of
objects in your application?

A. Spy Object

B. Object Repository

C. Object Spy

D. Object Viewer

Question #12

Which term is used to define a string of special characters that define the condition of the

A. constant expression

B. placeholder

C. regular expression

D. parameter

Question #13

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Click the Task button.

You have set your Record and Run settings to Record and run tests on any open browser.
Indicate the function that works for each browser.

Question #14

User-defined environment variables can be imported from an external file. What is the valid
file type that can be imported?

A. txt

B. xml

C. csv

D. html

Question #15

Where can you reset the add-in manager if it does not display when you launch QuickTest

A. General Options

B. Run Options

C. Test Properties

D. Test Settings


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