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IBM C9510-058 Exam - Rational Performance Tester V8

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Questions & Answers for IBM C9510-058

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Question #1

When using custom code, what is a good idea?

A. change the package name and class name

B. comment the Java code well

C. move the package outside of the src directory

D. use a meaningful class name

Question #2

When you run your tests, you notice that the curves are noisy.
How can you correct this and smooth your results?

A. change the logging level

B. increase the number of users

C. reduce the statistical sampling rate

D. add a synchronization point

Question #3

What do good candidates for datapool substitution do?

A. simulate unique user credentials and data entry choices by individual users

B. simulate random timing and workflow variations by individual users

C. improve application performance by requesting pages that are already cached

D. make performance more predictable by using the same data values for every user

Question #4

IBM Rational Performance Tester supports the export of the test runs data to which two
formats? (Choose two.)





Question #5

Which feature is available to help you trace pages and page elements through a test?

A. Pages are linked to page elements in the page element data section.

B. The protocol data view provides request, response, and a browser view of the data.

C. The page names correlate with the test activity.

D. Chunked data views are available.

Question #6

How do you stop recording?

A. click the Stop button in the Recording Session view

B. close the Recording Session view

C. close the browser or click the blue Stop button

D. close the browser and click the blue Stop button

Question #7

What are four options in customizing the appearance of a report graph in the Graphic
Configuration window? (Choose four.)

A. graphic spans full width

B. display run time

C. draw thick lines

D. use 3D bars

E. font size

F. type face

Question #8

What is the easiest way that a current timestamp in a page request can be generated?

A. by writing a custom code method that invokes java.util.Date

B. by writing a custom code method that invokes java.util.Timer

C. by correlating the timestamp value to a built-in datasource

D. by using the NOW() Excel function in a column of a datapool

Question #9

Which three verification points can be applied at the element level? (Choose three.)

A. Page Title VP

B. Page Content VP

C. Response Size VP

D. Response Code VP

Question #10

When you first run your test, the results are very spiky. How should you smooth your data?

A. paced loopA.paced loop

B. random selectorB.random selector

C. commentC.comment

D. delayD.delay

Question #11

What is the purpose for correcting time offset?

A. to synchronize the workbench machine with all the virtual tester agents?machines

B. to adjust for daylight saving hours on the workbench machine

C. to ensure that the response time breakdown test reports are correct

D. to ensure that agent machines with faster CPU run at the same rate as slower machines

E. to ensure all the data for response time breakdown is time-stamped using the time from the workbench machine

Question #12

A company wants to see if their website can be operated under load for a longer duration of
time. Which type of test is suitable for this requirement?

A. stress test

B. volume test

C. contention test

D. endurance test

Question #13

How does IBM Rational Performance Tester assign names to the pages in a recorded test?

A. contents of <TITLE>

B. contents of <HEAD>

C. contents of first <H1>

D. contents of <BODY>

Question #14

What does checking "Show References" in the Test Data view do?

A. highlight the regular expression being used to capture each reference

B. jump forward from a response to the correlated request that refers to it

C. jump back from the correlated request to the response that refers to it

D. display automatically correlated data values in tabular form

Question #15

When should performance measurement of a test be recorded?

A. when the system is reaching its steady state

B. as soon as all virtual users hit the application

C. after all virtual users reach synchronization point

D. anytime after test execution


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