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IBM C2040-442 Exam - IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals

Questions & Answers for IBM C2040-442

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Question #1 - Topic 1

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, an administrator can issue a remote wipe command to
remove all sensitive data from the device. What application would the administratoruse to
perform the action?

A. Traveler.nsf

B. TravConf.nsf

C. IBM Notes Traveler Remote Administrator

D. IBM Domino Administrator client

Question #2 - Topic 1

Bill is troubleshooting a replication issue with his IBM Domino clusters. Bill does not see
replication history for documents he knows have been replicated. What could be the reason
Bill does notsee any entries in replication history?

A. AdminP has not written the replication history yet.

B. Replication history has been turned off on the clusters.

C. Cluster replication is never written to the replication history.

D. Replication history is notimmediately written to the databases in clusters.

Question #3 - Topic 1

In order for AdminP to work properly, what must every IBM Domino database have?

A. an AdminP certifier

B. an AdminP xACL entry

C. an AdminP retry interval

D. an Administration server

Question #4 - Topic 1

David has worked at his company for 20 years and wants to reduce the size of his mail file
using Local Archiving. However, he does not want to touch his Inbox. How can he remove

A. Choose Actions > Archive > Settings... Select Default for Last Modified. Click the 'Edit' button. Click the 'Selection Criteria' button. Hold shift key down and highlight the areas of his mailfile he'd like to archive.

B. Choose Actions > Archive Now. Select Default for Last Accessed. Click the "Selection Criteria" Button. Hold shift key down and highlight the areas of his mailfile he'd like to archive.

C. Choose Tools > Archive Now. Name your Criteria. Select Enable. Click the "Selection Criteria" Button. Hold shift key down and highlight the areas of his mailfile he'd like to archive.

D. Choose Actions > Archive Now. Name your Criteria. Select Enable. Hold shift key down and highlight the areas of his mailfile he'd like to archive.

Question #5 - Topic 1

Ginger has created a document in a database. What is the minimum level of access she
needs in that database to edit the document she has created?

A. Editor

B. Author

C. Manager

D. Designer

Question #6 - Topic 1

Sree's new statistics reporting agent exits early without error on the production server. It
ran fine when he tested it on his test server. What could be wrong on the production

A. Thedisk is out of space and DAOS must be turned on.

B. The server's cluster-mate crashed while the agent was running.

C. Sree had an error in the agent, but never noticed it in his test system.

D. The "Max LotusScript/Java execution time" field in the Serverdocument is set incorrectly for this complex agent.

Question #7 - Topic 1

How can the Internet Password Lockout feature for an IBM Domino server be enabled?

A. Enable Internet Password Lockout in the Server document - security tab.

B. Enable Internet Password Lockout in all Person documents - security tab.

C. Enable Internet Password Lockout in Security Policy setting for users - security tab..

D. Enable Internet Password Lockout in Server Configuration Settings document - security tab.

Question #8 - Topic 1

Bob wants to make it easier for users to take advantage of IBM iNotes. What can Bob do to
accomplish this?

A. Add users to an iNotes redirect policy.

B. Enable iNotes Redirection in the Server document.

C. Create an iNotes web redirection rulefor each website.

D. Setup iNotes Redirect to automatically open their mail files after logon.

Question #9 - Topic 1

Annie's workflow database was designed as a traditional web application. She would like to
update it to make it accessible to IBM Notes client users. What advantage does
redesigning it to use XPages give her?

A. XPages gives her one consistent appearance whether viewed in Notes or a web browser.

B. XPages gives her the ability to reuse existing pages on her new XPage design elements.

C. XPages allows her to bind existing pages to the new XPage design elements she creates.

D. XPages allows her to move IBM LotusScript code from webquery agents to XPage events without changes.

Question #10 - Topic 1

How is IBM Domino Statistics collection enabled?

A. by configuring Statistics collection in names.nsf

B. by configuring Statistics collection in statrep.nsf

C. by configuring Statistics collection in DDM.nsf and enabling Statistics Collector task

D. by configuring Statistics collection in events4.nsf andenabling Statistics Collector task

Question #11 - Topic 1

By default, which IBM Domino mail protocol requiresadditional configuration to process
return receipts?





Question #12 - Topic 1

JimJones wants to keep track of full access administration usage on his IBM Domino
servers. How can he do that?

A. Configure an event handler to send a notification when it is used.

B. List Jim Jones as a full access administrator on Domino server hubs.

C. List Jim Jones as a full access administrator on Domino server spokes.

D. Populate the Full Access Administrator field with a limited number of trusted administrators.

Question #13 - Topic 1

Nick is writing an IBM LotusScript agent but is getting a type mismatch error whenrunning
it. How can he enable the LotusScript debugger to troubleshoot this error?

A. Add a 'Stop' statement to the beginning of the agent.

B. From the Tools menu, enable the 'Debug LotusScript' option.

C. In the agent basics properties, enable the 'AllowDebugging' option.

D. In IBM Domino Designer, right-click on the agent and select the 'Debug Agent' option.

Question #14 - Topic 1

What does Joe need to do to enable IBM Notes Traveler in his environment?

A. Joe's users need to be on IBM Notes 8.x or higher.

B. At a minimum, Joe needs to ensure he has 100 MB free disk space and install HTTP/HTTPS.

C. TheIBM Domino server needs to be setup in a Web Configuration since Traveler does not support Internet Sites.

D. At a minimum, Joe needs to ensure he has 500 MB free disk space, 512 MB free RAM, and HTTP/HTTPS service.

Question #15 - Topic 1

Mail recall has been enabled on all IBM Domino 8.5 servers in Marilyn's company. What
are two reasons why mail recall could fail? (Choose two.)

A. The time period to recall has expired.

B. The message was routed over SMTP.

C. The message was sent to another Domino domain.

D. The Domino mail server has implemented mail journaling.

E. The Domino server has a maximum message threshold per day for mail recall.


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