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IBM A2040-403 Exam - Assessment: IBM Forms 8.0 - Forms Design and Development

Questions & Answers for IBM A2040-403

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Question #1

Which of the following tabs can you NOT remove or hide within the IBM Forms Designer?

A. Design Tab

B. Source Tab

C. Webform Server Tab

D. Viewer Tab

Question #2

All of the following are accessibility features of the Viewer or Webform Server EXCEPT
which one?

A. Can define text to be spoken by a narration tool.

B. Can enable a focus indicator

C. Can change the background color of the focused item

D. Can enable high contrast mode

Question #3

Which of the following best describes the function(s) of an XML schema in an IBM Form?

A. An XML schema defines elements that can appear in a document.

B. An XML schema defines the order of child elements.

C. An XML schema defines whether an element is empty or can include text.

D. An XML schema defines data types for elements.

E. All of the above.

Question #4

Mary wants to ensure that a user cannot submit a form while it contains any format errors.
Which ufv_setting option should she use, and to what value should it be set?

A. <savewithformaterrors>false</savewithformaterrors>

B. <savewithformaterrors>deny</savewithformaterrors>

C. <submitwithformaterrors>false</submitwithformaterrors>

D. <submitwithformaterrors>deny</submitwithformaterrors>

Question #5

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

A. There is no difference.

B. A digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature and requires a Public Key Infrastructure.

C. An electronic signature is a specific type of digital signature and requires a Public Key Infrastructure.

D. An electronic signature can only be placed using a signing pad.

Question #6

A form developer has created a form with a table that can contain anywhere from 1 to 500
rows. In order to ensure that all rows are readable when the user prints, the developer
should set the pagelayout to the following value:

A. shrinkToPage

B. expand

C. tileTwoDirections

D. spanPages

Question #7

Which XForms item is used to define a table?

A. xforms:group

B. xforms:table

C. xforms:repeat

D. xforms:select

Question #8

Which of the following statements regarding the benefits of using XML is FALSE?

A. XML is extensible. Since there are no fixed set of tags, new tags can be created as they are needed.

B. XML is based on a W3C standard, and is endorsed by software industry market leaders. Therefore, you are locked into using their technology.

C. XML is self-describing. XML documents can be stored without schema definitions, because they contain meta data in the form of tags and attributes.

D. XML facilitates the comparison and aggregation of data. The tree structure of XML documents allows documents to be compared and aggregated efficiently element by element.

E. XML is simple to use. Information coded in XML is easy to read and understand. It lets you identify your information in an accurate, flexible and adaptable way, allowing for easier integration with other systems.

Question #9

Michael is using XForms. Which of the following does he need to define to toggle the
visibility of a field based on the value of another field in an XForms bind?

A. required

B. relevant

C. mandatory

D. visible

Question #10

Jane is creating a form in the IBM Forms Designer for FileNet. If she marks certain data as
"public", what should she specify?

A. She should specify the data type using an XFDL compute.

B. She should specify the data type using the corresponding XFDL object's format.datatype property.

C. She should specify the data type using a Model Item property.

D. She does not need to specify any data type.

Question #11

Which of the following objects are NOT supported for mapping when using the IBM Forms -
P8 Integrator?

A. Signature only

B. Image and Signature only

C. Array and Image only

D. Signature, Image, and Array

Question #12

A form designer has added the following code to a form:

A. 1

B. on

C. true

D. "1"

Question #13

Where can spell checking for the Designer be enabled or disabled?

A. In the Spell Check section of the Forms Designer heading in the Preferences.

B. On the file system, by removing or replacing the dictionary files in the Designer's install folder.

C. In the global form properties dialog.

D. From the Preferences dialog opened from the Viewer's toolbar.

Question #14

Which statement below best describes XFDL functions?

A. XFDL functions provide a way to perform complex calculations.

B. XFDL functions can be extended via User-Defined functions.

C. XFDL functions provide out-of-the-box functionality via two packages: viewer and system.

D. All of the above

Question #15

What is wrong in this code sample?

A. There is nothing wrong with it.

B. There is no xforms:instance declaration within the second xforms:model.

C. There is more than one xforms:model declared; you cannot have more than one.

D. The address elements should never be separate from the person elements.

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