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advanced novell network management;netware 6.5

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Exam Version: 5.0
Question No : 1 - Topic 0

Which activities are appropriate to help you be better prepared for recurring network
problems? (Choose 3)

  • A. Maintain an updated network map.
  • B. Remove unnecessary components.
  • C. Perform regular network health checks.
  • D. Keep documentation available for reference.
  • E. Open an electronic incident with Novell support.

Answer : A,C,D

Question No : 2 - Topic 0

You're configuring an SLP Directory Agent on your NetWare 6.5 server. You want to
statically configure your server to communicate with another Directory Agent whose IP
address is This server resides on a different network segment than your server.
Which of the following is the correct command to enter in the SLP.CFG file to accomplish

  • A. DA=
  • B. SLPDA=
  • C. DA IPV4
  • D. DA IPV4,
  • F. SLPDA IPV4,

Answer : D

Question No : 3 - Topic 0

Click the Point and Click button to begin. Click the iManager task you would use to restore
a deleted NSS volume.

Answer :

Question No : 4 - Topic 0

Which command-line switch, when used with the NetWare FTP server NLM load command
will enable Anonymous user access and automatically create an Anonymous user?

  • A. /a
  • B. -a
  • C. -anon
  • D. -aftp
  • E. /aftp
  • F. /anon

Answer : B

Question No : 5 - Topic 0

Which command performs a read-only assessment of the NSS pool named APPS_POOL?


Answer : D

Question No : 6 - Topic 0

Click the Point-and-Click button to begin. You need to download the latest NetWare 6.5
Support Pack to solve a network problem. Click the link on the web page displayed that will
allow you to get this file.

Answer :

Question No : 7 - Topic 0

Which file is used to configure the Apache configuration daemon?

  • A. Sys:\Etc\Ap2cfg.conf
  • B. Sys:\Etc\Startup.conf
  • C. Sys:\Apache2\Conf\Daemon\Startup.conf
  • D. Sys:\Etc\Apache2\Conf\Daemon\Ap2cfg.conf
  • E. Sys:\Apache2\Conf\Daemon\
  • F. Sys:\Etc\Apache2\Conf\Daemon\

Answer : E

Question No : 8 - Topic 0

Your eDirectory tree currently has a NetWare 4.2 server residing in it. You plan to upgrade
a NetWare 5.1 server in your tree to NetWare 6.5. What must you do to accomplish this?

  • A. Remove the NetWare 4.2 server from the tree.
  • B. Run the Compatibility Mode Driver on the NetWare 5.1 server.
  • C. Implement Universal Password before upgrading to NetWare 6.5.
  • D. Run Deployment Manager and select the Prepare for CIFS/AFP option.
  • E. Run Deployment Manager and select the Update Certificate Authority Objects option.
  • F. Run Deployment Manager and select the Generate GUIDs on NetWare 4 Servers option.

Answer : F

Question No : 9 - Topic 0

Click the Exhibit button to begin. You are attempting to authenticate to DA3-TREE as
admin.da. You want to connect to server DA3 whose IP address is You've
entered the following information in the Novell Client login screen. Will the authentication
process be successful?

  • A. No, you can't use an IP address in the Server field.
  • B. No, you must use lower-case characters in the Context field.
  • C. Yes, the authentication information has been entered correctly.
  • D. No, you can't populate the Tree field if you use an IP address in the Server field.
  • E. No, if you use an IP address in the Server field, you can't populate the Context field.
  • F. No, you can't populate the Context and Tree fields if you use an IP address instead of the server name.

Answer : C

Question No : 10 - Topic 0

NAT provides protection at the _____ layer of the OSI model.

  • A. Session
  • B. Network
  • C. Physical
  • D. Data Link

Answer : B

Question No : 11 - Topic 0

Deployment Manager fails when run from the NetWare 6.5 Operating System CD on your
Windows 2000 Professional workstation with Novell Client 4.83 installed. What is the

  • A. Deployment Manager requires Windows XP Home edition.
  • B. Deployment Manager is not compatible with Novell Client 4.83.
  • C. You must upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0 or later on the workstation.
  • D. Deployment Manager is not compatible with Windows 2000 Professional.
  • E. Deployment Manager must be installed on the workstation before running the program.
  • F. The version of Deployment Manager on the Operating System CD only runs on Windows 95/98 workstations.

Answer : B

Question No : 12 - Topic 0

You are upgrading a NetWare 6.0 server to NetWare 6.5. What command should you use
to mount the NetWare 6.5 Operating System CD as a volume on your NetWare 6.0 server?

  • E. LOAD CD9660.NSS
  • F. LOAD CD9660.NLM
  • G. LOAD ISO9660.NSS
  • H. LOAD ISO9660.NLM
  • I. MOUNT -T ISO9660

Answer : E

Question No : 13 - Topic 0

Which parameter allows you to set the location in your eDirectory tree where user accounts
exist, allowing older versions of the Novell Client that aren't directory-aware to authenticate
to the server?

  • A. User Context
  • B. Primary Server
  • C. Bindery Context
  • D. Preferred Server
  • E. Emulation Context
  • F. Compatibility Mode Driver
  • G. NetWare 3 Emulation Mode

Answer : C

Question No : 14 - Topic 0

What's the minimum size the DOS partition must be on a server that is to be upgraded to
NetWare 6.5?

  • A. 50 MB
  • B. 100 MB
  • C. 200 MB
  • D. 300 MB
  • E. 400 MB
  • F. 500 MB

Answer : F

Question No : 15 - Topic 0

Which command will enable Transition Tracking System (TTS) on an NSS volume named

  • A. TTS

Answer : D

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Exam Version: 5.0