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DP-300 Premium Bundle
Exam Code: DP-300
Exam Name: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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DP-300 Premium Bundle
  • Premium File 177 Questions & Answers
    Last Update: Oct 20, 2021
  • Study Guide 672 Pages
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DP-300 Questions & Answers
DP-300 Premium File
177 Questions & Answers
Last Update: Oct 20, 2021
Includes questions types found on actual exam such as drag and drop, simulation, type in, and fill in the blank.
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DP-300 Study Guide
DP-300 Study Guide
672 Pages
The PDF Guide was developed by IT experts who passed exam in the past. Covers in-depth knowledge required for Exam preparation.
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Download Free Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 Exam Practice Test Questions, Azure Database Practice Test

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Free VCE files for Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 certification practice test questions and answers, exam practice test questions are uploaded by real users who have taken the exam recently. Download the latest DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure certification exam practice test questions and answers and sign up for free on Exam-Labs.

Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 Practice Test Questions, Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 Exam Practice Test Questions

Looking to pass your tests the first time. You can study with Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 certification practice test questions and answers, study guide, training courses. With Exam-Labs VCE files you can prepare with Microsoft DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure exam practice test questions and answers. The most complete solution for passing with Microsoft certification Azure Database DP-300 exam practice test questions and answers, study guide, training course.

The Microsoft DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure exam is intended for the data management specialists and database administrators who want to validate their professional expertise. This test is a prerequisite option for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification.

Microsoft DP-300: Important Notes

The target candidates for this certification exam are the individuals performing the job roles of a Data Management Specialist and a Database Administrator. These professionals have the responsibility for the availability, performance & security monitoring, as well as optimization of current relational database solutions. They work closely with the Azure Data Engineers to manage different aspects of operations for data platform solutions.

The applicants for the Microsoft DP-300 exam should be capable of managing and implementing the operational components of hybrid data and Cloud-native platform solutions that are developed on SQL Server and Azure Data Services. They also should have competence in using different tools and techniques to carry out their daily operations, which include using the knowledge of T-SQL for different administrative management functions.

The Microsoft DP-300 test does not require that the students meet any eligibility requirements. However, they should have a deep understanding of the concepts that are covered in the exam content.

Microsoft DP-300: Key Details and Main Topics

The DP-300 exam is the only required test to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification. The candidates for the exam must pay the fee of $165 before scheduling their appointment. Depending on their preferred language, they can choose to take this test in English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. This exam contains about 40-60 questions delivered in different formats, including drag and drop, build list, case studies, active screen, and multiple choice. You can find the samples of these question types on the official website. The allocated time ranges from 120 to 150 minutes.

Microsoft DP-300 evaluates one’s capacity to perform the technical tasks identified in the exam objectives. It is important to review these topics before sitting for the test and develop competence in each domain. The details of the subject area that you need to study for this certification exam are enumerated below:

Plan and Apply Data Platform Resources: 15-20%

  • Use Manual Techniques to Deploy Resources: The candidates must demonstrate competence in deploying different database offerings on specific platforms, configuring tailored deployment models, and using updates and patches for IaaS and hybrid deployment.
  • Suggest a Suitable Database Offering according to Specified Prerequisites: This section requires that the examinees have the skills in measuring the prerequisites for deploying as well as measuring the functional impacts/benefits of likely database offerings. They should also have the expertise in evaluating various security areas of probable database offerings as well as HA/DR of likely database offerings.
  • Configure Identified Resources for Performance & Scale: This domain will measure the individuals’ skills in the configuration of Azure SQL database, managed instances, and Azure VMs for performance and scale. It also evaluates their capacity to measure the resource prerequisites, set-up SQL Data Sync, and assess database partitioning methods.
  • Assess the Strategy for Transferring to Azure: This topic covers competence in assessing online/offline migration strategies, prerequisites for migrations, online/offline upgrade strategies, and prerequisites for the upgrade.
  • Implement the Upgrade/Migration Strategy for Transferring to Azure: The applicants should develop competence in implementing the online/offline migration and online/offline upgrade strategies.

Secure Environment Implementation: 15-20%

  • Use Database Tools and Platform to Customize Database Authentication: This topic requires that the candidates demonstrate the ability to construct the users using Azure Active Directory identities as well as customize Azure Active Directory authentication and security principles.
  • Use Database Tools and Platform to Customize Database Authorization: The examinees need to demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of the least privilege of available securable and configure object-level permissions and database with the use of graphical tools.
  • Apply Data at Rest Security: This domain covers one’s skills in implementing Dynamic Data Masking, object-level encryption, Transparent Data Encryption, and disk encryption for the Azure Virtual Machines & Azure Key Vault.
  • Implement Compliance Controls for Sensitive Data: This subject area will measure your competence in applying data classification strategies, configuring database & server audits, performing vulnerability assessments, and implementing data change tracking.

Optimize and Monitor Operational Resources: 15-20%

  • Monitor Performance & Activity: The examinees must have competence in interpreting performance metrics, preparing performance baseline operations, and establishing performance metrics sources, among others.
  • Implement Performance-Related Maintenance Functions: This objective covers the learners’ skills in managing storage capacity, configuring database auto-tuning, and implementing index & statistics maintenance functions.
  • Determine Performance-Related Concerns: The applicants need to possess competence in identifying sessions causing blocking, evaluating fragmentation/growth of logs and database, as well as evaluating the parameters for the configuration of a performance-related database.
  • Configure Resources for Maximum Performance: This module requires your skills in configuring Resource Governors, storage & infrastructure resources, as well as service & server account settings.
  • Configure the User Database for Maximum Performance: The students should be able to configure IQP, compute resources, and implement database-scoped configuration.

Configure Query Performance: 5-10%

  • Review Query Plans: The test takers should be able to establish the problem areas within execution plans and determine the relevant execution plan type.
  • Assess Performance Improvement: The competence required in this domain includes identifying performance concerns with DMVs and evaluating the utilization of hints regarding query performance.
  • Review Index Design & Database Table: The skills covered in this topic include evaluating index design for performance, table partitioning strategy, and compression for indexes and table usage.

Execute Tasks Automation Performance: 10-15%

  • Create Scheduled Tasks: The candidates should demonstrate their skills in configuring multi-server automation and notifications for task non-completion/success/failure.
  • Implement & Evaluate Notification and Alert Strategies: This section requires one’s expertise in creating event notifications according to metrics, creating alerts for changes in server configurations, and creating tasks that react to specific event notifications.
  • Automate & Manage Tasks within Azure: This part covers the individuals’ skills in automating backups and performance patching and tuning, as well as implementing policies with automated evaluation modes.

Plan & Implement the HADR Environment: 15-20%

  • Suggest the Appropriate HADR Strategy for Data Platform Solutions: The candidates need the skills in evaluating HADR for hybrid-deployments and Azure-specific HADR solutions.
  • Test the HADR Strategy with Platform, Database Tools, and OS: This subject area requires your skills in testing HA with failover and DR with restore or failover.
  • Use Database Tools to Perform Backup & Restore: This domain covers competence in performing database backup/restore with options and database restore to specific point-in-time.
  • Use Database Tools, Platform, and OS to Configure HA/DR: This module measures the students’ skills in configuring replication, auto-failover groups, Availability Group listener, and creating Availability Group, among others.

Use T-SQL to Perform Administration: 10-15%

  • Evaluate System Health: The applicants should be able to use DMVs to examine database health and server health.
  • Use T-SQL to Observe Database Configuration: This section requires the learners’ expertise in evaluating the appropriate database auto-growth configuration and reviewing options of database configuration.
  • Use T-SQL to Fulfill Backup & Restore: This area covers your skills in performing transaction log backup, database backups with alternatives, as well as restores of user databases.
  • Use T-SQL to Manage Authentication & Authorization: This domain focuses on one’s skills in managing certifications and security principles, as well as configuring permissions with custom roles.

Microsoft DP-300: Great Career Prospects

The positions that the professionals holding the Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator Associate certification can explore include a SQL Database Administrator, a Data Engineer, a Systems Administrator, a Database Administrator, a Data Analyst, an Azure Data Engineer, and a Data Scientist. The salary outlook for these job titles is an average of $84,000 per annum.

Use Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 certification exam practice test questions, study guide and training course - the complete package at discounted price. Pass with DP-300 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure practice test questions and answers, study guide, complete training course especially formatted in VCE files. Latest Microsoft certification Azure Database DP-300 exam practice test questions and answers will guarantee your success without studying for endless hours.

Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 Exam Practice Test Questions, Microsoft Azure Database DP-300 Practice Test Questions and Answers

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DP-300 Questions & Answers
Premium File
177 Questions & Answers
Last Update: Oct 20, 2021
DP-300 Study Guide
Study Guide
672 Pages

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