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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Practice Test Questions, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Exam dumps

1 – Introduction & Overview

1. My Bio and Getting Started

Hello and thank you so much for joining me in this journey of getting certified on the Salesforce Platform as a Platform App Builder. My name is Mike Wheeler, and have six salesforce certifications. I work every day on the platform as developer and a consultant and solution architect, and I also teach Salesforce on the Demy Platform. And that's why you're here, is to get certified as a Platform App Builder. I want to tell you a little bit about this particular certification. This is the first certification that I ever got on the Salesforce platform, but back then it was known as the Developer or Beginning Developer, or sometimes referred to even as the Developer 401 Certification. Salesforce has since retired that particular certification and they're transitioning over to calling this the Platform App Builder Certification. And so just to lay the groundwork for you here at the start, there's no coding experience required. You’re not expected to know how to do Visual Force coding or Apex coding, or even write a trigger. This particular certification takes you right up to the line of where you begin to need to write code, and it tests your knowledge extensively on how well you know the platform on the declarative side, and that means clicks instead of code. And so this is considered the Beginning Developer Course and certification for Salesforce. And once you complete this course, we should coverall core concepts that you need in order to pass the Platform App Builder Certification exam. And so let me tell you a little bit about this course and how it's laid out. I go through each section of the Exam Guide, and the Exam Guide is available online as a downloadable PDF, and I'll also link to it in the resources section of this particular lecture and in several others as well. The way that I've laid out this course is each section is segmented toe corresponding section of the Exam Guide. And so some of those sections in the Exam Guide and as well in the course include Salesforce fundamentals as well as data modelling and management. And then we get into security. All of these sections are really key in order to understand the platform and to pass the test. And then from there we go into Business Logic and process automation. This is the largest section of the course and goes into workflows and process Builders and Flows and any sort of automation and business logic as well. Next we have a small section on social parts of the exam and how that works on Salesforce as well. So I show you how to connect Facebook and Twitter, for instance, and connect leads and contact records to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. And then we get into the user interface and how to customize that. And this is a really interesting section of the course because we get into not only Salesforce Classic, we also deal extensively enlightening Experience, which is the new interface for Salesforce, I show you how to do Lightning pages as well. But not only that, we also get into the Salesforce One mobile upland so this is one of the main designations or distinctions between the old developer 401 certification. And what I'm seeing now in the new Platform App Builder exam is that the Platform App Builders so Force's way of testing your knowledge not only on the classic interface, but also on Salesforce One for mobile and the new lighting experience. So the interface section, the user interface section, is where we get into all that and then we get into reporting. This is the analytics side of Salesforce and we get into not only reports, but dashboards and analytic snapshots, which are also referred to as reporting snapshots. And then to round out the course, the final few sections, we get into mobile. These are mobile specific things for the Salesforce One app, and I'll show you how to customize that experience for end users. And we get into mobile specific things that are newer on the Salesforce platform, such as object specifications, for instance, and how to change the navigation menu and add visual force pages to the navigation menu in Salesforce One Mobile. And then the last section as it relates to the exam guide, has to do with app deployment. And that's where we get into change sets in the Migration Tool and other ways of moving data and metadata between Salesforce organizations. You’ll be tested on that as well. In this exam, the final section of the course is where get into some helpful tips on how to take the exam, how to register for the exam, I even go into some test taking strategies and how to approach questions. Also throughout this course, I go through some of the sample exam questions that you’ll find in the exam guide. Towards the end of the exam guide, there's five different sample questions and when these come into play for the topics that are covered in the sample questions, I devote a lecture to each of these sample questions and show that on the screen and we go over the actual question and then what’s the right answer, what's the wrong answer, et cetera. Also important to note that at the end of each section I have a quiz for each section. This gives you the chance to kind of seeming in the knowledge that you've acquired and to test your attention of these concepts and to get an idea if you’re prepared to take the certification exam or not. So there's no prerequisites required. In order to take this exam, you do not have to have any other certifications before trying to attain this one. And so you can jump right in and start your journey down the path of learning Salesforce by learning the Platform App Builder concepts and going for this particular certification. That’s what I did back when it was the developer 401 certification I went with developer first and then I went back and got my Admin certifications in addition to the quizzes at the end of each section and the helpful practice activities where I give you chances to get hands on experience on the platform and apply what you're learning. We’re also going to be creating an app through out the course of this particular course and it is an IMDb clone aphtha Internet Movie Database is probably the closest thing to a relational database that most people out in the world experience online and are familiar with. And so we're going to be building a similar sort of app on Salesforce and make it Lightning Experience and Salesforce One friendly and in the end you’ll be able to add movies and associate different actors or actresses or directors, et cetera. And we'll be getting into the different types of productions, for instance, whether it's a Show, a video game or a movie. And so I've structured this course so that we’re not only covering the course concepts, but we've come up with a unique original app that we can build that you can then use for your own purposes and learning and extend out and customize further. So let's get started by next signing up for a free Salesforce account.

2. Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account and Switching from Lightning to Classic

Okay, so now it's time to signup for your own Salesforce account. This will be a free account that you can keep for life. This is a fully functional enterprise level account of salesforce and contains two user licenses. Salesforce provides these for end users Tobe able to become familiar with and trained on the Salesforce platform. I do recommend that you go ahead and sign up for your own free account so that everything lines up correctly between what I'm demonstrating and what you should be able to see on your own screen. And that way you don't mess up your own production data in a real life salesforce platform. Also, be sure to check the resources section of this lecture. I include a link to where you can go to sign up for this free account. So without further ado, let's get into signing up for that account. Okay, so the first step you're going to want to take is to sign up for a free Salesforce account. And so I'm on Google right now and I search for free Salesforce account. I wanted to show you that you want to go forth free Developer Edition and not the free 30 day trial. Some people sign up for the free trial and that will only work for the 30 days you want to go with the free Developer Edition. Now I don't want this to throw you though this word developer. It doesn't really matter if you're developer or an aspiring administrator or consultant, project manager, or just an end user. You want to go for this free developer account and it does ask for what role you fulfil and the options are developer or architect or administrator, it manager or business manager. And so really just select whatever applies to you. This will not affect the type of salesforce account that you get. I get that question a lot is should select Administrator or should I select developer? And so as far as I can tell, regardless of what you choose, it doesn't impact what type of account you get. This is just self force's own way of figuring out who you are and what you do so they can more effectively market to you and also provide you with their own resources that are geared towards either a developer or an architect or business manager, executive. And so I'm going to select administrator, but you select whatever applies to you and then you fill in the different fields of this form and at the end you click Submit. If I scroll down here, you see the Sign me up button. So next you'll need to check your email. You’ll receive an email from Salesforce that you’ll need to click through in order to confirm your email address and set your password. So you'll want to keep this email, but when you first receive it, just go ahead and click the link here. And the reason you want to keep this email is because it will remind you of what your username is that you've said. I have several students that have problems finding their login information. And so if you click here, this will take you to Salesforce to where you can confirm your account and you set your new password. And it has to have eight characters, one letter and one number. I’m going to enter my password and you confirm the new password by typing it again. And then you answer security question. And so that's not where I was born, but for privacy reasons, we're just going to leave it at that and click Change password. And so now I've set my password for a new Salesforce instance. And so now that we're logged in, wearer in the new Lightning Experience interface. I want to show you how to switch to Salesforce Classic. A lot of what you're learning in this courses going to be in Salesforce Classic, and some of my courses do more with lighting experiences. I want to show you how to switch back and forth between the two interfaces. Salesforce has recently changed to defaulting to Lightning Experience when you first log in, and that's thrown some people off. So that's why I'm recording this new version of this. Simply click on the person icon and then select Switch to Salesforce Classic. And now we are in the Salesforce Classic interface. And then if you want to switch back to Lightning Experience, you just simply click on your name, drop down and select Switch to Lighting Experience and you’ll be back into Lighting Experience. Salesforce classic from Lightning Experience. And stay tuned for the next lecture.

3. About the Platform App Builder Certification – Formerly Dev 401

Okay, let's talk about the Platform app builder certification. And in this particular lecture, I'm going to give you some of the history behind how this certification came to be and what its predecessor was. I've gone to Certification, and before we go into the different types of credentials here, here that can be found here, and especially for App builders for this course, I want to highlight something here on the right. I just happened to be recording this during the announcement of the Destination Success2017 that Salesforce is doing. And it's something you can master, salesforce straight from the source. It's a five day immersive experience. I wanted to show this as well, that this is an option for you. If you want to, you can go to Las Vegas and attend a five day training course for your certification path. I want to show you the different training tracks here as far as administrators or developers. And so underneath the administrator side of things is the Platform App Builder Track, and then underneath Developer as well as the Platform App Builder Track, and then the Developer One and developer Two tracks. What I'd like to highlight then is that this Platform App Builder certification that you're studying for straddles between the Salesforce Administrator and the Salesforce Developer Track. And so the way that Salesforce is positioning this and trying to provide a path for people to follow is that for those that are new to Salesforce, I really recommend this as well, that before pursuing the Platform App Builder certification, it's a good idea to get the administrator certification. Now, it's not a prerequisite, and a lot of the things that are on the administrator certification will be covered in the course of this course. But there are several fundamental things that go untouched in the Platform map Builder certification that are important to know fundamentally on the platform. And so if you look at the study guide as well for this Platform App Builder certification, they recommend that you have six months at least of experience on the platform or the Admin certification. So what appears to me the way that Salesforce has chosen to structure this learning path for people that want to ultimately be developers would be to start out with the Salesforce admin, and that would be the Administrator 201 certification. And then for the experienced Salesforce Administrator Track, that would be the advanced Administrator certification. And that's been called leader, the 211 or the 301, I'm not even sure. And then from there, the Salesforce platform at Builder Track, which is the old developer 401, and then over here gets into it as well. This would be considered like a beginner developer. And so if you consider yourself a beginner and developer on the Salesforce platform, then you're in the right place if you feel like you do want to address the fundamentals. And you may want to go back and pursue the fundamentals through the Admin certification. And so one other note just really quickly, the advanced Administrator certification, which would be this one here that I have my mouse on, that is for someone that really wants to just remain an administrator and not move on into development necessarily the Advanced Administrator certification goes into like territory management, collaborative forecasting, just really in depth things that some organisations do but are kind of rare instances. And so if you want to pursue more advanced administrator tasks and don't see yourself ultimately being a developer, then that may be the route that you want to go. But the thing to bear in mind as well. And I'll scroll down here for some of the other tracks such as for marketers and implementers and consultants and architects is this note here says that the App Builder is focused on the declarative programming aspects. Clicks to code within Salesforce. And is a track for administrators looking to further their skills or for a beginning developer to understand the overall elements of the Salesforce platform. So I felt like that this really gave you a good visual for where this certification falls. And really nothing has changed as far as the certification path. They've just changed the name from Developer 401 to Platform App Builder. And then the other thing to highlight that they've done is they've split up the Advanced Developer Certification, which was the developer 501, into two different certifications. Because there was such a huge chasm or gap between the Developer 401 and the Developer501, they decided to split it into two to help people traverse the path more effectively. And they're doing the same thing as well for this architect certification, I've heard there's roughly only 200 some odd technical architects that are certified on the Salesforce platform. So they've started to split that path up into more manageable chunks to help people along. And so I'm really working on trying to figure out the most effective path based on people's background and interest levels. So feel free to send me a message through you to me if you want path advice based on your background and where you openly see yourself going. And I can help you save time along your certification pursuits and career pursuits. So this particular page has to do with the Salesforce destination success, which at some point this will be in the past once March 6 through 10th is coming on. But I will provide the link to this in the resources of this lecture. Another thing as well, if I go back to Certification, there's some key things to keep in mind. Here's where you would register for an exam. We'll be going into the actual process of registering for an exam, setting up your camera to take the test remotely much later on in this course. But it is Certification that you can click the link to register for an exam and that'll take you to the Web assessor website as well. Here's the different certification paths that you can take. You can explore that more if you're interested in finding out other certifications that are out there. Here are different maintenance exams, schedules, programming assignments that would be for the platform developer, two certification review boards that would be for some of the technical architect pieces. And then for verification, I want to show this as well. This is where you can verify people's certifications. And so if you go to Certification and click on Verification, you can search by name. This is an important addition that Salesforce did about a year and a half, two years ago, something like that, to where you can verify people's certifications. And so I typed in my name, I'm going to click Search and show you what my own certification list looks like. And from here you get the search results. So you can click here to view certifications. So here's my certifications and you can see my history back in 2012.Attain the developer certification. That's the 401 certification I was talking about previously. I started and I dove right into this particular certification and so you can do that as well. And then after that, you see I've got the certified administrator certification. Then I went for the advanced administrator. I felt like in diving right into the developer track that I missed some of the platform fundamentals and was really weak in some areas such as reports and dashboards and needed to improve with security and permission sets and some of those sorts of items that are more in depth in the admin track. But we will be getting into all those things in this course as well. So I've tried to cover as best I can some of these things. So you don't have to necessarily do the same thing, but it is ideal to get at least this admin one first. And then from there I went for the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Consultant certifications. And these particular consultant certifications that you see here, they have a prerequisite of the administrator certification as a prerequisite. And so one of the additional reasons I went ahead and got this certification is so I could get some of these consultant certifications which make you highly marketable to Salesforce partner companies. And then finally I went for the Platform App Builder. Once they retired, the last day you could register and pass that particular certification was September 14 of 2015.I didn't encourage my own teenage son, who was19 or 18 at the time, actually to get this particular certification before Salesforce retired it. And so he did that about ten days before that deadline, and he's also been gainfully employed on the Salesforce platform shortly thereafter. And so he's just turned 20, but he got hired at the age of 19 with no college as a developer. There is a transition exam for those that do hold the old developer 401.So I wanted to also let you know about that if you have the old Developer certification, you can register for a transition exam. And that way you can transition from the 401 to the new Platform App Builder. It's a shortened exam. It has about 20 questions instead of 60, and it costs $100 instead of $200. And so as of the time of this recording, that transition exam still exists. If you can't find it in Web Assessor when you register for the exam, then that would mean that Salesforce has retired that as an option. But I believe that they'll leave that open indefinitely. And then as you can tell, if you do transition over from Developer to Platform App Builder, that you keep both certifications. And then finally, what I want to show you as well from this Certification is if you click under Credentials for App Builders, I want to show you how to find a study guide. This is a question I got a lot in myAdmin course, and I made it available in multiple places in the course as a downloadable PDF and links. But here under the Credentials for App Builders on this landing page, and you can also navigate from here for Admins, App Builders, et cetera. It's the same as the drop down here. If you scroll down, you can see this full exam outline can be found in the exam guide. So you click on that. So that's how you can get to the study guide or just download it from the resources section of this lecture. And so then as well, just one more thing to show here is that I'm on the actual page from Certification for their Platform App Builder certification overview. And they're talking about the exam here's all the particulars on the exam.60 multiple choice questions, 90 minutes allotted to complete the exam.63% is the passing score, which is a lot harder than you realise at this point if you're new, because you've got to select multiple correct answers. Like, select three of the five answers that are correct. Sometimes you'll get two out of three correct, but you will miss the entire question. There's no partial credit. Registration fee is $200. US. Dollars. Retake fee is $100.And then you can't have any hard copy or online materials. So you're on your own based on what you know and your memory. So then no prerequisites. However, we recommend completing the following. So I want to really highlight this. There is a course that's still currently out there that Salesforce offers, and I think it's like $4,000. It's a week long training. We can go on site and spend a week somewhere in some location. Or I think you can take it remotely, virtually online, but it still costs like $4,000 to take. It's a good course. I've watched old versions of the Dev for a one course from 2011. Actually, I didn't go through this course, but they used to make this course available on iTunes. They shut that down as Salesforce did. And so cheaper alternatives are popping up, such as this course that you're sitting in now. But I just wanted to highlight that they still refer to this course as the dev for a one course. And then as well, remember, the Study Guide is here with this link. If you click on that 401 course, it will give you information on that actual course as well. I'll provide the link to that as well in the resources section of this course so that you can find that, or you could just do a search for this term building applications with and visual force as well down here. If you scroll down on this page, there are sample questions for the exam. So actually what I'm going to do through the duration of this course is I'm going to be working you through these sample exam questions right after we cover the core concepts that these questions are derived from. I'll just speak directly to these particular questions. I've avoided providing any sort of certification dumps, and there are other courses out there that do that. That's a good way for me to lose all of my certifications, because Salesforce would strip me of my certifications. And rightly so, because if I were to go and just openly share the exam questions, then these certifications would mean nothing and it would just devalue the certification and it would just cheap and all the hard work that myself and thousands of other certified individuals have put in to attain these certifications. Salesforce wants their certifications to mean something, so they really protect and guard their test questions highly. And so unless I accidentally come upon writing some sample question that's really close to the exam, you'll never find exam questions from me, nor will I give you any, and nor can I recommend other websites for practise exams. I am going to be providing quizzes at the end of each section of this course, and I may work on a final exam at the very end. But that is a very intensive process and exam question writing is an art form onto itself that I don't have much experience with. So I feel more comfortable just teaching to the concept so that if you encounter a question that is like this on the actual exam, if you understand the underlying concepts, you will know how to discern the correct answer, regardless of how the question is worded or what the different options are as far as selecting the right answer or answers. And so please don't ask me for dumps for the certification exam. It's not going to happen. There's only two sample questions here on this page, but on the Exam guide there's more sample questions are available in the Exam guide. And so since Salesforce makes those particular questions publicly available, I am going to have lectures devoted to each of these. They won't fall in the exact order that appear in the exam guide, they'll fall in the order of this course where it makes sense to discuss those particular questions. I'll talk you through what the right answers are and why. Also be looking for quizzes at the end of each section of this course. And then as well, I'm going to go ahead and make the next lecture a helpful practice activity, and that's where I'll provide you with the download links for this study guide. And then as well, I'm going to provide you the link to more information on this course. As far as the Dev 401 course provided by Salesforce, so that you can see what that course covers. You can see that it's still the Dev 401certification, even though they've called it Platform App Builder. You can also compare the cost of what you would pay for that course compared to the course that you're currently in, and hopefully you appreciate that. And finally, I'll provide you with the link as well for the Destination Success conference that is in March of 2017 in Las Vegas, and that is in the next lecture, which is the text lectures. So pay attention to that. Click through to the links, get your materials, and then I'll see you on the other side as we talk through the study guide and what the future holds as you work through this course.

4. The Platform App Builder Certification Study Guide

Now that you've downloaded the Exam Guide, I want to walk you through it and talk about some of the key features as it relates specifically to this course and how I've chosen to structure it. And so I've got the Platform I Builder Exam Guide open, and it's for the Winter 17 release at the time of this recording. And usually one thing to point out is that the exams usually don't have brand new features in them. The way Salesforce operates is they tend to allow time before the latest and greatest features make their way on to the full blown exam. And what they do is they actually vet questions or test out questions in the maintenance exams for existing certification holders. That's my theory at least. And I think that's correct. No one from Salesforce has ever confirmed that. But what it seems like is that those of us that are certification holders, when we have to renew our certification three times a year, we take a maintenance exam. And it is there that the newest features of the platform appear. Now, the maintenance exams where we renew three times a year, those are open book and not proctored. And so we can Google answers, look at the release notes, and that is Cell Force's way to enforce certified individuals to keep up to date on the platform. And so if you don't renew your certification in a timely fashion, they email you and they warn you well in advance, and you will know what the deadline is to renew once you are certified. But if you fail to renew, then you will lose your certifications. And so when you try to verify your certifications, it will show no active credentials on file. And so for this Exam Guide, I want you to know that if your current instance is Spring 17, you're going to be fine going through this course. And so I know that I'm recording and speaking well into the future, but speaking from experience of having done the admin course, I've had students, now that we are in the Winter 17 release, wanting to know if they're going to fail the test, because some of the lectures were geared towards Spring 16. And so there seems to be a two to three release cycle lag between new features being implemented and then making their way onto the full blown certification exam. And so just bear in mind that on the maintenance exams are where the new features appear, so you do not need to worry about what release you're on. Trust me. And as Salesforce makes updates, I am committed to updating this course to the best of my ability. And so please do let me know if you see something that's out of date. And so, enough on all that. Let's talk about the Exam Guide, shall we? And so scrolling past the contents and about the credentials, there's some good information there, purpose of the exam, blah, blah, blah. So then the audience. You can feel free to read through all that. So one thing I want to highlight, though, is that a candidate for this exam is not expected to be able to administer Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. They are not expected to have programmatic development experience such as Apex, Visual Force, etc. And they're not expected to design custom interfaces using Visual Force, and they're not expected to design custom lighting components using Apex or JavaScript. So you do not need to know how to code in order to pass this certification. So, moving onward about the exam, useful information here, multiple choice, multiple select questions. The passing score is 63%, which is a lot harder than it sounds like at this point. Trust me. Registration fee us. Dollars of $200. Retake fee is $100.Time allotted, 90 minutes. And so the delivery options, which we will discuss more later at the tail end of this course, I'll show you how to set up your webcam if you want to take the test remotely from home. Or you can go on site at a testing centre to do a proctored exam. The online exams are proctored as well, which means someone will be actively watching you through a webcam for the full 90 minutes and making sure you're not cheating. It's a good safety measure to make sure that the certifications mean something. The main thing, though, as far as how this course is structured, you will want to hone in on this section five exam outline. And so if you notice, if you look at the outline of this course that I've put together and you look at the exam outline in the study guide, I follow along this exam outline step by step. The first primary section of this course is Salesforce Fundamentals. And so that is there that 8% waiting of the exam is around Salesforce Fundamentals. And so each of these bullet points I have looked at and rolled over in my mind and looked for examples and figured out ways to demonstrate and speak to each of these core bullet points that you will need to be able to understand in order to get this 8% of the exam. And then I've done the same for each section of the exam guide, and I've made a section for each in this course. So the next section of the course is Data Modeling and Management, which is a pretty large chunk of the certification. It counts for 20% of the exam. And so that section is a larger section in this course. There's more bullet points here. And so you've got to be able to handle these sorts of scenarios in order to pass. And so data modelling and management is next. After Data Modeling and Management, Security is next, which accounts for 10% of the exam. We will be going through these bullet points so that you understand the concepts around security, and that's where we get into profiles, roles, permission sets. I explain the difference between profiles and roles. And that's where we get into organisation wide defaults and sharing settings and field level security, visibility, manual sharing, all sorts of things there that you need to understand in order to handle those types of questions on the exam. Then the next section of the exam guide is business Logic and Process Automation. This is by far the largest section of the exam, 27%. So it is a large section in this course correspondingly. And because there's a lot of really not complex, well, somewhat complex bullet points here, but it's really intertwined and involved when you get into business logic and process automation, this is really where Salesforce is strong because you're able to have things happen based on configurable settings that you can do and not have to resort to code. And so this is where we'll be getting into record types of formula fields and validation rules and approval processes. And then some of the really cool things that I've always liked with Salesforce, our workflow rules and there's a lot of power behind those. And then some of the newer things such as Visual Workflow and Process Builder. And then we're also going to go into how to decide which of those options to use when there's a lot of confusion around where the line begins and ends for when you should use a workflow rule versus when you should use a Visual workflow, versus when you should use a Process Builder versus when you should use Apex code. And so my goal is to make that clear in your mind so that you can handle those sorts of scenarios on the exam. And then as well other things such as the ramifications of field updates and the potential for recursion. We'll go into all that in that section and then a much lighter section. But still important on the exam is this 3% waiting for the social features of Salesforce. And so there's a short section related to social and I show you how to tie in Twitter and Facebook into Salesforce and how that works. And so then you will be able to describe the capabilities and use cases for social features. So towards the tail end of the course, end of this Exam guide, user interface, a large portion of the exam weighting of 14%, that's where we get into Lightning components and custom buttons and links and actions and different user interface design capability. And so then the final 10% of the exam deals with reporting and mobile. And so those are the final sections of the course that correspond with the Exam Guide here. So now you can see how structured this course is to correspond with the sections of the Exam Guide. And then at the tail end of the Exam guide there's the sample exam questions. I do have lectures for each one of these questions specifically and I go in the order for these where the different topics are addressed in the course. And so I think the first one that we will address a little bit later in this course is question number three and it's related to the app exchange. And so those gives you a good flavor of how the questions appear on the exam. And I follow up some lectures specifically with these sample exam questions because these are ones that Salesforce provides publicly and so I don't provide like exam dumps, so please don't ask. But I did want to at least show you the ones that are publicly shared by Salesforce so you can get familiar with how the questions are worded, how to approach questions and how to glean what the right answers are strategically. And so if you just hang with me through this course and begin to understand the core concepts that are represented in these concepts, then you'll do fine. So once again, you can download the exam guide from Certification I've made the link available as well in the resources section of the lecture. And next we're going to sign in and complete the Lightning Experience migration Assistant.

5. Signing In and Completing the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

All right, once you've signed up for your free Salesforce account and you've set your password, then whenever you want to log in again to Salesforce, you'll want to go to login And so then I've got my username and my password entered already. This is not a list legitimate email address. This is just for demonstration purposes. And you can also check remember Me so that your username will be prefilled in already in your browser the next time you return. And then click Login and go ahead and click Save Password. And you can go ahead and register your phone number if you want. Or you can say remind me later, or I don't want to register my phone that way salesforce, if you forget your password, they can send you a number code that you can enter to verify and you can get a password reset. But I'm just going to say I don't want to register my phone. Okay And so now we are in Salesforce and getting ready to experience Lightning Experience. So first of all, always close this free advertisement for the Salesforce mobile app. We don't need to see that that's taking up valuable real estate. On the screen right now, you're seeing Salesforce Classic. And you notice here we're in the Winter 17 release. And with the Winter 17 release, there's a new version of Salesforce Lightning. And we'll be getting into that now by clicking on Lightning Experience. And this brings you to the Lightning experience. Migration Assistant And this is more useful for organizations that are well established in Salesforce Classic, which is this old interface that you see here. And this helps you make the switch to the new, modern and intelligent salesforce experience. So there's different links here as I scroll down where you can learn about lighting experience. You can watch a video, you can evaluate if lighting experience is right for your organization. This gives you the ability to check your own Salesforce instance to see if you're lighting experience ready. The Lighting Experience Readiness Check isn't so useful for new organisations such as this. But if you are following along in your own existing, you can click Evaluate. That takes you to a screen that asks if you want to allow access for the Lightning Readiness check. And it will access basic information, provide access to customer applications, and access and manage your data. And so you can click Allow. This is an internal programme of Salesforce and you can trust that it's not some third party. So saying that it's connected and evaluating my organization and it says after we evaluate the features and customizations in, we'll email you a readiness report within a few minutes when you click got it. So that's how you can evaluate for your Lighting Experience readiness reun. Or you can also compare lighting experience in Salesforce Classic. And if you click Compare, that will show you the differences somewhat. It is limited that's the need for this course, you can preview and Lighting Experience. I'm going to go ahead and click that to show you what Lightning Experience looks like. So it switches the presentation and it's in preview mode. You get the animation. And now we see at the top here it says Lightning Experience Preview. This is your users. See any changes you make, you can exit and return to the Migration Assistant. This warning is basically saying if you go in and you create any new accounts or do chatter posts, don't feel like this is just some demo, this will actually be in your live environment that you're in. So this pop up window says Lighting Experience has a new way to navigate. Walk through it to see how it works. I click walk through it. And so what this has to do with is in the latest major release of Salesforce, they switch Lighting Experience from the navigation bar being across the left to being this more tab like horizontal bar across the top, which is similar to Salesforce Classic. And I think it was too big of a departure for existing users to get used to. And there were a lot of complaints. And that navigation bar was not customizable. But with the latest major release of Salesforce, they've listened to feedback and they've made this tab bar across the top and they've made it customizable. And they've also improved how to access applications as well. So I'm going to click next. And so here's where we talk about meeting the new navigation bar. The name of the application that you're in appears here and the App Launcher is this thing that I'm hovering over. You can click on that and it'll bring up other apps in your organization. I'm not going to do that quite yet. I'm going to click Next to go through this five step tour. And so then you're saying that you can easily access the items in your app, find what you need with names instead of icons for easy recognition. That is another good point, is that these tabs actually have names. Where the old navigation bar when it was collapsed down on the left and the old version just had icons and it was really hard to tell what an opportunity tab was versus Accounts and Contacts. It was just bad. You had to expand it to see what you were dealing with. So clicking Next, you switch between apps with AppLauncher, as I mentioned previously, will show that in a later lecture and then basically we finish. Good to know. So I'm going to exit and return to the Migration Assistant. And so now we're back to the Migration Assistant and we've done a few things. We've previewed and lighting experience. We've shown you how to evaluate for the Lightning Experience readiness. I should be receiving that email shortly. You can learn more about Lighting Experience by doing a trailhead. Trail. I always feel like cell force Trailhead is a useful supplement to my courses. It is helpful for some people. Those trails tend to be more text heavy and reading intensive. And then sometimes there are problems that you may encounter as an end user and there's not a lot of help if you have an error. And so I really try to treat Trailhead as a supplement to the courses that I create. And so feel free to check out any trails that are available that are provided by Salesforce. And so a few things then as we continue on through this Migration Assistant is you can set up a custom domain name in order to reflect your company's brand and increase elsewhere security with a custom domain. But we're not going to do that because that doesn't necessarily relate to Lightning Experience extensively. And there's certain functionality that wants to enable a domain. I don't want you to take up that available domain as you're working through this course because these domains have to be unique and I want you to really think about later on what you really want that domain to read as. And so I don't want you to go down that path. So then you can set up shared activities. And so an important note is if you enable shared activities, you can't disable it. I'm going to go ahead and set up shared activities real quick. And so this pops us back to the Salesforce Classic view and we can modify our activity settings. We can allow users to relate multiple contacts to tasks and events. I want to check that. It's saying that saving the setting may take several minutes after you click Submit. And the entire process to enable this feature can take up to 48 hours to complete, especially if your organisation has a high volume of activities. So since we're in a brand new Salesforce organization, we're going to go ahead and check that and it shouldn't take 48 hours. And so I'm going to go ahead and check all these other activity settings except for the custom logo in Meeting Request setting because that requires a custom logo to be uploaded. So we're too early in to deal with that. So I'm going to uncheck that and click Submit. And so then another thing that you may see are critical updates for your organisation and where you can click okay to review any critical updates. And these are updates that Salesforce has pending and it shows you how many days are left or remaining before this will be auto activated. We're not going to worry about all these critical updates that are pending. And there's one here that recently was activated actually. And so it shows the status of activated. These others are not activated yet. We're going to go back to the lighting experience. Migration Assistant If you recall, we were on the enable these recommended features first. And so next we want to enable News. This is powered by technology from and third parties. We'll be getting into this a lot more later lectures of this course, suffice it to say. For now, just go ahead and enable that in your own organisation as well. By default, social accounts, contacts and leads are enabled. We're going to leave that enabled. And then we're going to also enable Notes. This lets your users take better notes faster with the enhanced version of the Salesforce Notetaking tool. We'll get into that as well. More later. We get to the section and we're getting towards the bottom of the migration Assistant, where we can decide who can use Lightning Experience. And there's a link here where you can learn how to create profiles or permission sets to give users access to Lightning Experience. And then you can switch users to Lightning Experience by clicking Select Users. So now I've got two users in that have the ability to use Lightning so far by default. There's myself and my fake email address. Don't try and email that. And then there's a Chatter Expert account that is set up by default in this as well. So you'll see something similar, I imagine, if I click Save. So now the selection has been saved. Come back whenever you want to manage which interface appears for specific users. So I click. Okay. So then there's also a rollout plan, which goes beyond really what we're trying to do here. So then when you're ready to enable Lightning Experience, this is the final switch that you select. And it says right here that you're ready to flip the switch on a powerful and intuitive user experience. So we're going to click this. And it's just confirming if we're all systems go.


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