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Exam Code: COBIT 5
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Isaca COBIT 5 Practice Test Questions, Isaca COBIT 5 Exam dumps

What is COBIT

1. Introduction

Welcome to your Corbett Introduction Course. My name is Lud Miller, and I'm a technical person with a major in IT and 15 years of hands-on experience in it. I'm also a trainer with over 4000 hours of classroom training on technical topics such as COBIT, ITIL programming, service management tools, and more. And I created these videos for you to explain what the benefits of COBIT are and how you can use it to solve your problems and improve your skills, as well as to explain what the main topics covered by COBIT are and to describe how to obtain an internationally recognised COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate. We divide the topic into four sections: introduction, where we are now, and where I will explain what COBIT is, its benefits, and honour COBIT content, where we will delve deeper into the framework's actual content. You will also get complete information on the certification process, and at the end we will look at further reading and studying resources. Okay, let's see what exactly it is. Imagine that you are the boss of an IT department or you own an IT company. How do you make sure that your IT infrastructure—all your hardware and software—is safe and protected against failures or attacks? How do you make it cost efficient? And how do you make your users happy and satisfied? Well, you might have your own unique way to do that. Or you can get some ideas from public frameworks such as COBIT. COBIT is an internationally recognised set of best practises that is designed to govern and manage your IT. You can use it for free within your company, as there is no licence except for the cost of the books or the training and your time to learn. So why reinvent the wheel? And why not to reuse those bestpractices and apply them to your It? Or why not just to look at them and decide whether they might be useful for you? COBIT was created by ISACA, an independent nonprofit organization, for its practices. You can find more about Isaca on The current version of COBIT is 5. You can often see "five" together with the COBIT title. same as the title of this course. COBIT 5: An Introduction or COBIT Five Foundation Certificate It was released in 2012, and the previous version was 4.01, in case you are curious. COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Technology. COBIT Benefits, published by Isaca, are the following: COBIT will help to maintain high-quality information to support business decisions. It will tell you how to organise it so that it maintains and provides the right information at the right time to those who need it. generate business value from it because it enabled investments. Well, it gets a budget every year, right? But is this budget used for the right things? COBIT assists you in determining which of many potential projects provides the most value to you and the business. Of course, achieve operational excellence through the reliable and efficient application of technology and maintain its risk at an acceptable level. So is your infrastructure reliable and stable? Or is it slow and down more than you can accept? Again, check inside COBIT for ways to improve. Are you happy with the cost of your IT or do you need to comply with laws and regulations? Those are all areas for which you can get a guideline in COBIT. Well, those are great things, but how? Actually, COBIT helps to achieve them. What is inside COBIT that enables it to be safe, stable, cost-efficient, and so on? That we will cover in the next section, COBIT Content. see you there. You.


COBIT Content

1. COBIT Content Introduction & Principles

Welcome to the COBIT Content section of the course. Here we will look at some COBIT topics and practices. This section doesn't cover all the details of selected topics. Neither complete COBIT content It really intends to give you a first glimpse into the main COBIT areas and to give you the basics for further learning. We will start with COBIT principles. Those are the good things or good advice recommended for your It. For example, to separate governance people who create rules from those that have to follow the management. Then we will look at processes. Those are the activities that people do in it, such as commit core breaches, create reports, monitor licences, maintain computers, and many more. Kobe defines those processes for you in great detail, so you don't have to do it yourself. Well, that is good. That Kubit defined processes. But book definition and reality are two different things. So we need to learn how to put the book in practice. That is to say, how to implement We have processes and activities defined. We know how to implement it, but do we really need it to be implemented? What if we already have the same place, maybe under a different name? Well, that must be assessed. That means our book has to be compared to COBIT’s to see how much corporate we already have and what is missing. Let's start with the principles. Those are the kind of rules or good advice that copied gives, and there are five of them. Meeting Stakeholder Needs covering enterprise end to end, applying a single integrated framework, enabling holistic approach and separating governance from management. Let's start with the first principle, which is the meeting of stakeholder needs. Who defines how a company and its culture should work? Stakeholders are the owners, managers, board, and shareholders. They have questions and they have needs, such as: is the information on processing well secured? or how to improve business agility through more flexible It, or how do I control the cost of it? So COBIT book says, by this principle, whatever you do in it, start with those questions. Start with stakeholder needs. Well, that is good to focus on being secure, flexible, agile, and cost-efficient, right? But are your employees doing the right activities every day to reach those goals? Aren't they just writing newsletters instead of paying attention to security breaches? So what you really need is to translate those needs into people's daily tasks. Technicians, programmers, project managers, architects, help desk representatives, and Copy all do this for you. The translation, for example, translates a high-level need to be secure into detailed tasks like categorising security breaches, creating trends on those breaches, identifying and analysing security risks, assigning owners to those risks, and so on. You can find hundreds of activities in COBIT covering common stakeholder needs. This is the core of this first principle, meeting stakeholder needs, and is also called a "go cascade." Go Cascade is the mechanism explained here for breaking down a company's high-level need to be secure into goals for the managers and the detailed activities of individual employees. The second principle is covering enterprises end to end, which means that Kubit covers the whole organization—every department and every process. The third principle, the use of a single integrated framework, means that Kobe is in accordance with the most recent relevant standards and frameworks. It provides a simple architecture for structuring guidance materials and also integrates all knowledge previously created within different Isaca frameworks. For example, in this picture, the dark blue background is the whole thing, fully covered by COBIT, while other standards and frameworks cover some parts only. For example, the COBIT part builds, acquires, implements, means changes, and adds new software hardware, all of which are covered by COBIT, but also by Print's PMBOK framework for project management independent from COBIT. Thus you can see COBIT like a map or umbrella advising you which other standards or frameworks are good for different areas of your It. Fourth principle is an able holistic approach which is telling us if you want to manage and govern your It successfully, you must fully holistically cover all aspects of it such as processes, technology, people, information, policies and other aspects. For example, if you focus only on technology, applications, and hardware but don't train the people and don't give them information on how to use the applications, you will not succeed. COBIT refers to all of the aspects that must be covered as enablers, and we will go over one of them in detail in the next lecture. The fifth principle separating governance from management is preventing conflicts of interests. Governance is the rule, and managers are the executors. In a football game, the players are not creating their own rules. So the same is valid for managers of companies. They have to respect the law, they have to respect the decisions of the board, and so on.

2. COBIT Processes & Implementation

We have covered introduction and COBIT content principles, and this lecture is dedicated to processes and implementation. We will start with processes. Processes are covered in great detail in COBIT, and it's one of the most practical and, according to my experience, most frequently used. Part of COBIT's process is a set of coordinated activities with a clearly defined goal. For example, processes manage changes. It will contain activities such as recording each change, analysing the change, approving the change, implementing it, testing it, releasing it, and similar. And the goal is to handle changes to its infrastructure in a safe and secure manner, avoiding unneeded outages and disruptions. COBIT defines 37 such processes, and Manage Changes is just one of them. It also contains processes such as managing service, requests on incidents, managing assets, managing suppliers, and others. As I mentioned earlier, each process is defined in great detail. COBIT describes not only its activities, but also who must perform them, the roles metrics to use to ensure the process's health, and other information. There is a separate book covering all topics mentioned. It's called enabling processes. Let's have a look inside this book. For example, for the managed service request and incidence process enabling Processes book includes process goals metrics, a race diagram that shows who in the company is responsible for incidents and request activities, which means that this process activities book includes details about activities, related guidance, and other practical process information. Now you may be thinking—well, 37 processes. There will be hundreds of activities. So, do I need them all for my RT to function properly? No, you will only implement those processes and activities that are important for you or where you currently have a problem. For example, if you have issues with your suppliers, check the Manage Suppliers process for good practices. How to manage Suppliers, we have learned about processes, and now it will be useful to discuss how to implement them. COBIT provides recommendations on implementation of its processes and other practices in three areas: programme management, change enablement, Improvement Lifecycle programme management or project management Those are typical projects, as we know them, and are comparable to what they manage. According to Prince, phase two, or PMP enablement of Change, is addressing behavioral and cultural aspects of the implementation. We are probably familiar with change resistance issues. For example, it's the soft part of the implementation of a change, and once all this is in place, we have to improve it on an ongoing basis, which is covered by continual improvement. Lifecycle Copy describes steps and good practises for each of those areas, but you can also as well apply your own implementation method or use other project management practises such as "Prints," "Two," or "PMP."

3. Assessment

We know what Cobit is. What are its principles and processes? We know how to implement it. But before we implement, we should ask which parts of COBIT we already have and which we don't have. What are we missing? What are the gaps between Covet and our practices? We can find out using assessments. Assessment enables us, for example, to assess our processes, such as managing service requests and incidents, managing changes, managing assets, and others, to determine how mature or capable they are on a scale of zero to five, where zero is nonexistent, one is poor, and five is excellent. Process assessment also helps us find out in more detail what to do to have excellent processes; excellent means that at High Capability Level 45, we can get a gap analysis between COBIT and our current state. To move from level zero to five, you need to complete process attributes, which you can imagine as a checklist. So you need to complete those checklists of activities and outputs that the process must perform and produce. For example, the management of change process must prioritise changes as an activity; one activity must analyse changes, another activity must approve changes, and so on. Each attribute imagine like one checklist. The more activities of your checklist you fulfill, the more likely you achieved appropriate level attributes. Checklists for each process, an assessment guideline, and details can be found in a book called Process Assessment Model. Or, for a simple gap analysis, you can just use the previously mentioned book Enabling Processes. Fantastic. We've covered some of the main topics of COBIT content. We discussed five principles for good things or good advice for your it, such as meetings and stakeholder needs, and how they are broken down into daily activities. 37 processes: COBIT gives you details on all its activities: who should do them, how they are measured, what other guidance to use, implementation how to implement corporate in your company), assessment (how to assess how much corporate you already have), I hope that you got an insight into what you can find in COBIT and how it may be useful for your It. COBIT practices are practical and simple, but their disadvantage, according to my opinion, is the complexity of the language used and the complexity of the ways being explained in official copy books. I've tried to simplify it in these videos as much as I could, but if you still find it confusing, I recommend you attend the training with a quality instructor to help you overcome this. If you feel comfortable with these videos and you don't find the topics too complex, you may wish to continue with further reading and self-study, and about that further the reading and self-study. I will inform you in the next section, so I'll see you there. Bye.


How to Get Certified

1. How to Get Certified

Welcome to the How to Get Certified section of the course. This section's title is about certification, but you'll find it useful even if you don't want any certificates and you are just interested in learning copied only. I will explain the offer options, how to study COBIT, and if you choose self-study, I will provide you with the necessary supporting materials, such as syllables and sample papers. You have two options: either to attend regular training or to self-study. Both options can lead to an internationally recognised COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate. If you want to be certified, COBIT trainings are provided by accredited training organizations, as well as their trainings by APMG. APMG is a global accreditation body that develops and delivers qualification teams, accredited training, and training organizations, and was appointed by Isaca, the Covet owner, to manage Covet education and qualifications. APMG also provides the certification exams, which I will cover later. In this section, I generally recommend learning COBIT in through classroom training with a good instructor. It's the most comfortable and efficient way to get into the topic and understand the key principles. The second-best option is online training and then self-study, which might be the best option for some as well. I recommend the substitute if you have some experience in IT governance and can understand complex topics primarily through reading about them. Whatever course of study you choose, you can get an official proof or confirmation of your knowledge through the COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate. The certificate is achieved through an exam, which you can take on the APMG website or in an accredited training center. The cost of the exam at the time of this course's creation in August 2016 was 219 British pounds. As you can see, the certificate has an unlimited validity, and there's no need to maintain it through development units or certifications, which is actually a great benefit. Once you have it, the certificate is yours and valid forever. To sign up for your certificate, you can also see here the lecture register for your exam. This is not the only certification that you can obtain for Covet, but it's the basic one, and it's the product visit for most of the further COBIT education or certifications you may wish to take in the future. There is currently an implementation and assessor certificate available, but both can be obtained through self-study. You must attend training classes organised by an accredited training organization. To be able to go for an implementation or an assessor training, you must hold the COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate first. In the next lectures, I will show where and how to register for the certificate and how to self-study.

2. Register for Your Exam

Let's see how to register for your exam and what the exam actually looks like. APNG offers online and paper-based exams, and they will also let you choose whether you'd like to take your exam at home or in your office using the Vapor Proctor. Or you can take the exam at one of the public exam centres located in the UK, US, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia. Here I will explain step-by-step how to take an online exam using a web proctor, which is usually the simplest and cheapest option for individuals. Web proctoring means that you take the exam either at home or your office online, whenever it's convenient for you. You need a webcam, and there will be either a person online guiding you through your exam or the session will be fully automated and recorded. Let's go over how you can take your exam. To purchase and register for your exam, go to www a Once you're on the page, in the section Quick Links, select your exams, then select Kobe Five Foundation. Go down the page and click on "Purchase the COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Select your nearest APMG location, click on Call, then select The Kobe Five Foundation. Again, in the left menu, go down to the page and click on "Book New Exam." Then on the next page, select the language in which you want to take the exam and click on "Add Online Exam to Basket." Click on "Continue," and then you fill in the details, your personal details, and at the bottom of the page, check that you agree with the terms and conditions, and after clicking "Continue," you will get the instructions on how to make the payment. Later on, you will receive an email where you have the option to select the date and time for your proctored exam. Here you can take a look at an example question that may appear in your exam. The correct answer is B, as can be found in the study material, which we will download together in the next lecture. The content of the question is not so important for now. I just wanted to show you how the questions look, so no need to dig deeper or try to understand the content of the question. APMG is providing a Sample Trial Exam, which you can download within this course. It consists of two files. COBIT 5 Foundation Sample Trial Exam Questions and COBIT 5 Foundational sample trial exams Rationale: The question file contains 50 questions, of which only one option is correct. The rational file contains correct answers and rationales for all. The options for all questions are important, as are the references at the end of each rational. Those are references to the COBIT Framework Book, which we will download within the next lecture.

3. Self-study

Let's have a look at the resources for yourself. Study for certification or just for yourself? In this lecture I will show you where to download free study materials and how to use them. The main free book, which contains the basics of COBIT, is called A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT. I will further refer to it as the COBIT Framework Book. It is downloadable for free from the Isaak website. Just type www.Sika.Org/bit, then go to the Publications section, access the directory link in the Publications section, then click on "Learn More" to obtain a print or PDF. Click on Download Now, fill your Details register, click on Submit and you will receive your free PDF. COBIT Framework Book contains all the topics covered by this course and the Official COBIT 5 Foundation course, and it is also the only material required for the certification. So if you're thinking about the exam only, you don't need to read the whole book, just some sections of it. As only some sections of this book can appear in the exam, you can find which particular sections those are in Kobe. Syllabus document. The syllabus document is downloadable within this course. In this syllabus document, starting on page six, you can find a list of sections that are required for the exam, together with page numbers and references to the COBIT Framework book. So far we have the COBIT Framework book and the Syllabus. In the COBIT Content section, I referred to the Enabling Purchases Book, which is not free but is worth considering purchasing on Isaac's website as it is really practical. There are more resources, such as COBIT assessment, the Model Book, COBIT for implementation, the Book COBIT for Risk and Security, and others, which you can also explore and buy on the Isaca website in the COBIT 5 Publication directory explore and bowed have covered the certification and self-study topics and are slowly approaching the end of the course. You've done great by keeping me until this moment, and the last thing left is to summarize what we have learned and regret the possibilities of further study, which we will cover in the next lecture.


Getting Started & Setting Up Labs

1. Course Wrap-up

Congratulations. You've completed all the lectures and hopefully gained useful information about CBT practices. We have learned that COBIT is an internationally recognised set of best practises owned by Isaca and designed to govern and manage your IT. Some of the main topics that COBIT covers are principles, processes, implementation, and assessment. Principles are the things or advice that are recommended for you. For example, to separate governance people who create rules from the management. Processes are the activities that achieve something. For example, Process Managed Changes aims to handle changes in IT infrastructure in safe and secure ways so they don't cause unnecessary disruptions. There are 37 processes covering the whole thing, and they are defined in great detail in COBIT. In a book called Enabling Processes, we've learned that COBIT contains a guide on how to implement its processes and practices, and it also contains an extensive guide on how to assess how much of it you already have in your company and also mark the capability of your processes on the scale. 00:25 To get certified, you can either attend an accredited training or you can substitute and sign up for your certification exam online through the APMG website. To get certified or to find out about the basics of Cobra, you can download a free book called A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT or attend the COBIT 5 Foundation Training. Congratulations! And thank you for completing this course. Welcome among COBIT practitioners, and I wish you success in applying and studying COBIT practices.


Isaca COBIT 5 Exam Dumps, Isaca COBIT 5 Practice Test Questions and Answers

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