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About Microsoft 70-480 Exam

The Microsoft 70-480 exam is designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills in managing program flow and events as well as data validation and data collections such as JQuery. Handling exceptions and errors, collections and arrays, and asynchronous programming are also important skills that you should possess to attempt this test. In addition, the exam measures your knowledge of different decision and iteration statements, variables, expressions, operators, prototypes, and methods. Passing this test leads to the award of the MCSA: Web Applications certification. After taking Microsoft 70-480, you should also deal with the 70-483 and/or 70-486 exams to get this certificate.


The 70-480 certification exam does not have any official prerequisites. However, you should have a good grasp of the topics before taking it. It is also recommended that the individuals have a minimum of 1 year of experience in the development of web using HTML in the object-based programming and event-driven models. They should also be able to program important business logic for different types of applications, software platforms, and hardware using JavaScript.

Exam Details

Microsoft doesn’t publish the details of its certification exams. But according to the experience of the previous test takers, Microsoft 70-480 consists of between 40 and 60 questions. The allocated time for its completion is 120 minutes. The formats of questions that you can expect include case studies, multiple choice, active screen, mark review, build list, short answer, best answer, as well as drag and drop. To take this exam, you first have to register on the Pearson VUE platform and pay the fee of $165. The passing score for the test is 700 points, and the applicants can take it in English, Japanese, Brazil Portuguese, French, German, and Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

Exam Topics

The Microsoft 70-480 exam is designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills in specific technical areas. The objectives covered in this certification test are highlighted below:

Implementing and Manipulating Document Structures and Objects (20-25%)

  • Create a document structure using HTML: the applicants must demonstrate that they know how to structure UI through the use of semantic markup, which includes a mark-up for search engine and screen readers (Article, Section, Aside, Header, and Footer). They should also be able to create the layout container within HTML.
  • Write code that interrelates with UI controls: this requires skills in programmatically adding and modifying HTML components; implementing media controls; implementing SVG graphics and HTML5 canvas.
  • Apply style to HTML components programmatically: the skills required include modifying the location of a component; hiding and showing a component; applying the transform.
  • Implement HTML5 APIs: this covers one’s skills in implementing storage APIs and Geolocation API.
  • Establish the scope of variables and objects: the students should demonstrate their ability to determine the lifetime of variables; use ‘this’ keyword to reference the specific object that fired events; keep objects from the global namespace; scope variables globally and locally.
  • Create and implement methods and objects: this encompasses skills in implementing native objects; creating custom objects and properties for native objects through the use of functions and prototypes; inheriting from objects; creating custom methods and implementing native methods are required.

Implementing Program Flow (25-30%)

  • Implement program flow: this requires skills in iterating across collections and array items; evaluating expressions; managing program decisions with switch statements, if/then, and operators.
  • Handle and raise an event: the test takers must demonstrate their skills in handling common events that are exposed by DOM; handling events with an anonymous function; handling and declaring bubbled events.
  • Implement exception handling: this entails skills in setting and responding to error codes; throwing an exception; implementing a try-catch-finally block; requesting for null checks.
  • Implementing asynchronous programming: the examinees must show that they know how to receive messages from HTML5 WebSocket APIs; utilize JQuery to make AJAX calls; implement callbacks with anonymous functions; wire up events; handle ‘this’ pointer.
  • Create the web worker process: this includes one’s abilities, such as stopping and starting the web worker; configuring intervals and timeouts on the web worker; transmitting data to the web worker; registering event listener for the web worker; understanding the limitations of the web worker.

Accessing and Securing Data (25-30%)

  • Certify user input using JavaScript: this entails the individuals’ understanding how to measure regular expressions to certify input formats; validating receiving the appropriate data type through the use of built-in functions; avoid code injection.
  • Certify user input using HTML5 elements: this requires skills to select relevant controls based on prerequisites; implement HTML input types as well as content features to gather user inputs.
  • Consume data: within this subtopic, you should be able to understand the steps in consuming XML and JSON data; get data or load data from other sources using XMLHTTPRequest; retrieve data using web services.
  • Serialize, deserialize & transmit data: the learners must demonstrate their skills in handling binary data; handling text data, including XML and JSON; implementing JQuery serialize methods; handling web forms using Form.Submit; sending data with XMLHTTPRequest; sanitizing input using URI/form encoding.

Using CSS3 in an Application (25-30%)

  • Style HTML text properties: this requires skills in applying styles to text appearance; applying styles to text fonts; applying styles to text alignments, indentation, and spacing; applying styles for text drop shadows; applying styles to text hypernation.
  • Style HTML box properties: the applicants must demonstrate their expertise in applying styles to alter attributes appearance; applying styles to modify graphic effects; applying styles to change and establish the position of elements.
  • Create flexible content layouts: the students must show that they have the ability to implement layouts with flexible box models; implement multicolumn layouts; implement layouts using grid alignment; implement layouts using position exclusions and floating; implement layouts using grouping, nesting, and regions.
  • Create an adaptive and animated UI: the candidates must be able to apply CSS transition animate objects; apply 2D and 3D transformation; disable or hide control; adjust UI according to media queries.
  • Locate elements with JQuery and CSS selectors: this covers one’s skills in selecting the appropriate selectors to reference elements; defining the style, attribute, and element selectors; locating elements using pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.
  • Structure CSS files using CSS selectors: the individuals need to understand how to appropriately reference elements; implement inheritance; style elements according to pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.

Career Opportunities

Obtaining the MCSA: Web Applications certification is a great way to boost one’s career potential. Some job titles that the certified professionals can hold include a System Administrator, an Information Technology Manager, a Senior Systems, a Web Analyst, and a Web Developer. The average salary is $62,000 but some specialists can earn as much as $100,000, depending on their years of experience and type of organization they work for.


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